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Quiver by Sidan Toys

As I mention in the review about the LEGO minifig compatible vest made by Sidan Toys, the vest has two small holes on the back to attach the Sidan Toys quiver. (You can read more about Sidan Toys here: Sidan Toys – Overview) In this review I will tell you more about this handy little piece!

First of all this is a very small part, but as you will see it has many uses. It also comes in several colors (3 of the available colors shown below) to mix and match with your other LEGO minifig accessories.

The quiver has a tiny pin to fit in the hole at the back of the vest. On Sidan figures the pin goes right in, however because of the different anatomy of LEGO figs, the pin cannot go all the way in when the vest is worn by LEGO minifigs. The quiver stick out a bit too much and it doesn’t stay in the hole well.

My solution is to snip off the tip of the pin to get it more flush with the vest. This also keeps the quiver in the hole more stable. However for best results, I would suggest using a tiny bit of glue to secure the quiver to the vest. You can use some simple crafts glue – this way you can remove the quiver quite easily – or you can use Superglue to crate a more permanent attachment.

The Sidan quiver has 3 clips. The two smaller ones on the sides are for attaching arrows. Arrows are available from Sidan Toys, and from other LEGO compatible brands like BrickTW and OXFORD. They all fit in the clips with no problems. (Read my Guide to LEGO-Compatible Arrows.)

The middle clip is for attaching a bow. Sidan Toys offers a nice bow, and you can also use bows by other customizers. (See Guide to Bows.) Above I have attached the Sidan Toys bow (black) and the longbow (brown) and recurve bow (gray) from BrickForge. They fit very nicely!

In fact, you can attach pretty much any minifig weapon, tool or accessory in the middle clip! If a minifig can hold it, it will fit! 😀

Also, since the Sidan Toys’ vest has two holes, you could actually attach two quivers at the same time! (They have to be in a little bit of an angle from each other to fit.) Yep, your minifig can carry all of his/her tools or weapons at once!

The quiver has some downside too though; because the piece is so small, and the plastic is quite thin, the pressure of snapping minifig accessories in and out of the clips can break them fairly easily. So, I would suggest picking up several at a time, and being gentle with them. They are not for rough play.

Other than the above issue I really like this piece! Together with the Sidan Toys vest it offers a lot of options for customizing your minifig samurai, ninjas, elves, knights, or residents of your own fantasy world! 😀

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  • legofan May 9, 2011, 2:58 PM

    these are so cool! i don’t like that figs always have to hold their weapons in their hands or have to use rubberbands to keep them on!

  • JasonK June 7, 2011, 8:29 PM

    These are awesome! I like the bows and arrows too!

  • wendy June 4, 2013, 12:32 PM

    where can u get it

    • admin June 4, 2013, 1:42 PM

      Wendy, just go to the overview section of Sidan Toys and the link to their Bricklink store is there. 😉

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