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An awesome LEGO career opportunity!

A new LEGOLAND Discovery Center is scheduled to open in Atlanta, in the spring of 2012! I have been contacted by their representative to let our readers know they have an awesome LEGO career opportunity; they are looking for a LEGO Master Model Builder!  😛

I know this is a dream-job for many of you; get paid to play with LEGO bricks! If you are interested and would like to apply, here are the details: Can you build anything and everything out of LEGO bricks? If so, sign up to try out for a full-time position as the Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta!

LEGO lovers who want to try their hand at becoming Atlanta’s LEGO Master Model Builder must be skilled craftsmen with a passion for the brand. This unconventional job provides an opportunity to turn a beloved childhood pastime into a dream career, and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta looks forward to incorporating such talent and enthusiasm into its family-focused and interactive experience. The most creative candidate will be chosen as the LEGO Master Model builder to:

  • Help LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta develop new features
  • Curate special exhibitions
  • Build new models for the attraction
  • Interact with the thousands of children and families expected to visit

Candidates interested in auditioning must register in advance by visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta on Facebook and filling out the online application (applicants must be 18 years or older). The deadline to submit applications is December 30. After applications are received:

  • Job seekers undergo creative LEGO challenges for a panel of judges on January 7 at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center
  • 10 builders move on to the final stage of competition
  • The final audition on January 8 (at Phipps Plaza) culminates with the announcement of the LEGO Master Model Builder, a full-time position at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta!

Here is a short video from the LEGO Master Model Builder audition at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester. This will give you some ideas of what to expect if you are interested in this LEGO career opening.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Twenty hopefuls faced the most unusual job interview ever as they competed for the coveted position of a LEGO Master Model Builder at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester, March 2010. Contestants faced a tough panel made up of LEGO model builders as well as children. The auditionees were first asked to create an animal-model in just fifteen minutes. Then those who progressed to the second round were given an hour to create a famous face out of LEGO.

If you are interested in this position, but have some questions, let me know and I will get you in touch with the representative who contacted me. Otherwise you can just register here, and you will receive further details after the registration period closes. Good luck! 😉

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