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New from BrickForge: more printed Centaurs

A few months back I shared with you my custom LEGO Centaur with a beautifully printed and fully LEGO-compatible Centaur body from BrickForge, and armor pieces from BrickWarriors. You can check out my Centaur here: Custom LEGO Centaur.

When I bought the Centaur body from BrickForge, there was only one printed variety, and several non-printed ones. Since then BrickForge released a greater variety of Centaurs with stunningly beautiful and detailed prints. The print on the Centaurs are on both sides, and the same quality as printing done by LEGO – including metallic gold and silver colors.

The BrickForge Centaur piece lets you add any LEGO minifigure torso to create your own ancient folk-hero, who would seamlessly blend in to your LEGO world. Additional connection-points on the BrickForge Centaur body allows for equipment storage or seating for a bold equestrian.

Centaurs, according to Greek mythology, were a composite race of creatures – part human and part horse. These strange creatures had the head arms and chest of a man but the legs and lower half of a horse. Some were noble and wise, many were savage and ruthless bringing shame upon their kind. Below is a line-up of the currently available Centaur bodies from BrickForge:

THE BRICKFORGE CENTAUR COURSER: “The Courser is best known for its agility and fleet-of-foot on the battlefield. Covered in light armor the Courser swiftly sweeps in and out of the advancing lines – effectively thinning out the enemy ranks with each cut.” – This was the first BrickForge printed Centaur piece – the body is the same as the LEGO tan color and the print is beautiful with a little bit of gold detailing.

THE BRICKFORGE CENTAUR DESTRIDER: “Destriders are the accomplished champions of the tribe. Boasting brute strength and unmatched tenacity, their extensive skills with close-combat weapons make them quite the force on the battlefield.” – The body of this Centaur is black with light-armor printing on both sides. The sheath for the little dagger is really sweet, so is the leg decoration.

THE BRICKFORGE CENTAUR CHARGER: “Chargers belong to the heavily armored melee class. Their knowledge of tactics and composed discipline make them great field-captains and dedicated soldiers. Their famous ‘stampede’ formation will crush any counter-assault and press a fleeing army with hoof prints.” – The beautiful silver-armor printing on this Centaur is available on 3 body-colors: tan, dark-tan and reddish brown. If you want to build a Centaur army with a nice variety, these are the parts for you! (Click on the images for larger view.)

THE BRICKFORGE CENTAUR STORMER: “The Stormer represents the tribe’s spiritual fortitude and well-being. At times of peace their council is crucial for keeping balance between the tribes. At times of war they are often seen on the battlefield conjuring protective incantations or offensive nature-spells.” – I absolutely love this Centaur from BrickForge! The color of the printing is close to LEGO’s sand-red, and the little pouch, blue feathers, and silver & gold dagger are just super sweet! Personally I use this torso for my female Centaur. 😉

If you are a fan of the LEGO castle, or LEGO fantasy themes, I would highly recommend adding at least one of BrickForge’s Centaurs. They are beautiful, solidly designed pieces, fully compatible with LEGO in every way. All of the above Centaur pieces are available at BrickForge’s Online Shop. The un-printed Centaur bodies are $4, and the printed ones are $5. Totally worth it in my opinion. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about BrickForge, check here:

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  • Giza January 20, 2012, 10:38 AM

    These are gorgeous! I need an army of them! 😀

  • Tony January 23, 2012, 3:09 PM

    Very impressive! I will definitely try to get some of these with my next order from Armothe!

  • waverider January 31, 2012, 9:52 PM

    The printing is awesome! I already have the first one, but I need more!

    • admin February 1, 2012, 10:38 AM

      I highly recommend them! I just got some more too! 🙂

  • mollygunn August 13, 2014, 10:22 PM

    oh man! so cool!where did you get the idea anyway?

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