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Build a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin!

Here is a fun LEGO Halloween project that you might want to try! A LEGO Halloween pumpkin! The LEGO pumpkin only requires basic bricks and slopes, so if you have a decent LEGO collection you should have no problem building one. Mine turned out to be a bit rainbow colored as I didn’t have that many orange bricks, but building the LEGO pumpkin was still a fun challenge.

Here is a list of elements you will need to build your LEGO pumpkin, but please keep in mind that you can substitute many of them (for example instead of using a 2×8 brick you can use two 2×4 bricks or two 1×8 bricks). And again; don’t worry about the colors if you don’t have all the orange bricks needed – there is nothing wrong with an all red pumpkin or even a rainbow pumpkin! But if you do want to make your LEGO pumpkin all orange, you can pick up most of the required elements at the Online LEGO Pick-A-Brick section or at your local LEGO store’s Pick-A-Brick wall.

STEP ONE – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Although the picture doesn’t show that, I highly recommend building your pumpkin on a LEGO plate. It will be a lot easier to put it together, and if you want you can remove the plate at the end. All you need is a 10×10 plate or larger.

STEP TWO – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Now you start stacking up some standard 2×2, 2×3 and 2×4 bricks to start building up your pumpkin. Easy enough so far, right?

STEP THREE – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Now you start the next layer or bricks – please note that if you don’t have a 2×8 brick, you will do just fine with two 2×4 bricks, or some other combination.

STEP FOUR – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Here is where you will have to start paying close attention as from now on several steps will be included in each step. Notice how the side to your right has been built up before adding the next layer all around.

STEP FIVE – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: More stacking of LEGO bricks. Again; pay close attention to all sides as there are several steps included here. If you make a mistake, just take it apart to the last step and start again. Hint: the left and ride sides are identical.

STEP SIX – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: I’m not sure why black is used for the 1×2 bricks as they don’t server any special purpose, nor are they going to be visible at the end. So if you want you can go ahead and use any color. Also, if you don’t have any more of the 2×3 inverted slopes, you can also use some regular 2×3 bricks.

STEP SEVEN – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Now you are starting to build up the top of the pumpkin, and also start shaping the face. Again; if you don’t have any 2×8 bricks, two 2×4  bricks, or two 1×8 bricks will work just fine.

STEP EIGHT – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: Here you finish the nose and eyes and start building up the top. If you don’t have enough 2×2 inverted slopes, 1×2 inverted slopes work just as well. Notice that at the top you are starting to add the finishing slopes. Although you can’t see it clearly because the slopes are facing the back, the one in the middle is a 2×3 slope, and the other two are 2×2 slopes. Also notice that there is a gap at the top that will be covered in the next step.

STEP NINE – Building a LEGO Halloween Pumpkin: And there you have it! A LEGO pumpkin with a big grin! You can top it off with a green, tan, or other color stem, and if you have a LEGO light-brick you can place it inside for some great effect! Now how about building another one?

So what do you think? How did your LEGO pumpkin turn out? How about building an even bigger one? Or a tiny one? There is also an official LEGO Halloween set with a pumpkin, a bat and a ghost. It is currently sold out on LEGO’s website, but you should have no difficulty building the characters just from the picture.

You might also like to check out the LEGO Monster Fighters theme for a whole selection of Halloween-ish sets, including an awesome Haunted House. Or select from these post for some more Halloween fun:

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  • Ninjoey October 23, 2012, 4:13 PM

    awesome! the only problem is I DON’T HAVE THAT MANY ONANGE BRICKS!!!

  • cool but dont have any orange bricks 😥


    i dont have any orange bricks either but this is cool 🙁

  • legosw October 23, 2012, 9:24 PM

    I need a pollenating bee on mln. like bad!

  • Brad October 24, 2012, 2:11 AM

    That’s an old official LEGO set. I have it in my wanted list on Brickset. I hope that source isn’t claiming it as their own.

    • admin October 24, 2012, 8:49 AM

      Brad, I actually got this from LEGO’s Official Facebook page. They are the ones who are crediting Gawker for the instructions. 🙄

      It is true that there is a same or at least similar pumpkin in an old LEGO pumpkin set that allowed you to make two pumpkins. I can’t verify if this pumpkin is the same as the old LEGO one, or slightly different as I never owned that set. It is also possible that it is the same pumpkin but Gawker created different instructions. At least to me the instructions appear to be a lot harder than in any official LEGO set.

      Anyhow, the point is that this is a great pumpkin (I made two so far) and LEGO gives Gawker the credit, so what can I say? 😉

      • Brad October 24, 2012, 7:14 PM

        The instructions, with a few missing images, are available in the Wayback Machine if you search this url: http://www.lego.com/halloween/default.asp

        • admin October 24, 2012, 9:23 PM

          Brad, I’m not sure how to use the Wayback Machine. The link just brought up a blank error page for me. 😕

          • Brad October 25, 2012, 6:18 PM

            There’s more than just one link. If you scroll down to the bottom of that page you’ll see it asking “Would you like to try the previous or next date.” Whether it just has the “previous” or the “next” option depends on where you are in the list of dates. I promise you that it is there, you’ll just have to keep looking.

            • admin October 26, 2012, 9:57 AM

              Brad, all I see at the link you mentioned is an error page with the standard Webpage Cannot be Found message. There is nothing else. 😕

  • Coles Girl October 24, 2012, 11:58 AM

    Cool! I like it! 😉

  • Strider October 24, 2012, 12:31 PM

    Neat pumpkin. Might be able to build it if I substituted bricks.

  • alan November 11, 2013, 2:29 PM

    are there any plans available to build a larger pumpkin?

  • Milo Dodds September 23, 2014, 11:45 PM

    For $30.00 I just purchased the 2 sets of the Lego Pumpkin Packs (Set #3731) off eBay.

    2000 Vintage Legos
    Extremely hard-to-find, was a Lego Store exclusive
    Lots of orange bricks are in these sets
    Combine the two #3731 sets to make a 3D Jack-O-Lantern!

    I also was planning on trying to scale off the plans and build a large one, however as everyone has pointed out it’s hard to find that many orange Lego bricks these days. You would think Lego would be all over it??

    • admin September 24, 2014, 10:11 AM

      Milo, that’s a nice find! If you are looking for more orange LEGO elements they are readily available at BrickLink. 🙂

  • Voluptous Rainbows September 28, 2014, 2:07 PM

    Kids should love it.

  • Cordi October 8, 2022, 7:18 PM

    it’s good overall, but it would be easier if it showed the instructions piece-by-piece

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