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2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reviews

As we have discussed previously, we got a very strong wave of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets for 2015 that was just released this month. This is particularly nice because LEGO Super Heroes sets have been criticized in the past for only focusing on the minifigs. Looks like LEGO listened to the feedback and was able to strike a balance between unique minifigures, and sets that also look good. So let’s take a look at them in detail. 🙂

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game

#76031 LEGO SUPER HEROES THE HULK BUSTER: Topple Scarlet Witch with super-jumping Iron Man and free the mighty Hulk! Hulk has been trapped by the powers of Scarlet Witch and she is ready to fire an electrical bolt if he tries to escape! Place Iron Man in the cockpit of the humungous Hulk Buster suit and rush to the rescue. On the way you must fend off aerial attacks from the flying Ultron Prime. Adjust the Hulk Buster’s arms and legs to create fearsome battle poses and grab the villain with the powerful hands. With Ultron Prime safely in the mech’s grip, attach Iron Man to his Super Jumper. Then take out Scarlet Witch with an accurate jump and free the imprisoned Hulk! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Iron Man, Ultron Prime and Scarlet Witch, plus a Hulk figure. 248 pieces. Price: $29.99 – BUY HERE

#76031 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This is one of the most popular sets in this wave of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, indicated by the fact that it is almost perpetually in a sold out state at both local retailers and the Online LEGO Shop (you can still order it though, there may be just a bit of delay in receiving it). The popularity of course due to the inclusion of the Hulk Buster. There is not a whole lot more in this set, which is great because leaving the set small keeps the price down. The Hulk Buster turned out really excellent as you will see from the video-review below. One particularly interesting feature of the design is the LEGO Hero Factory/BIONICLE armor pieces on the upper arm, while the rest of the figure is covered in regular LEGO elements. I always liked chunky LEGO mechs with good articulation, balance and proportions, and the Hulk Buster is excels in all three. Watch the video-review by JANGBRiCKS to see all the details and fun features.

#76032 LEGO SUPER HEROES THE AVENGERS QUINJET CITY CHASE: Launch a Quinjet pursuit of Ultron to set the Vision free! Launch a high-speed pursuit of Ultimate Ultron with the Avengers in the iconic Quinjet. Place Black Widow at the controls in the cockpit and soar into the sky. Fire the stud shooters and release Captain America on his super-cool bike to take the pursuit to the streets. Iron Man MK43 is flying alongside the Quinjet using his thrusters, ready to take on Ultimate Ultron. When the time is right, make the perfect jump onto the truck to explode the sides and reveal the precious cargo. Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: Vision, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man and Ultimate Ultron. 722 pieces. Price: $79.99 – BUY HERE

#76032 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This is another great looking set in the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line, and the second version of the Quinjet – the first being in the #6869 LEGO Super Heroes Quinjet Aerial Battle released in 2012. Some people like the first version of the Quinjet, and some this second version. I would say that both have plusses and minuses, and it is up to you to decide which one you like better. I don’t think you would be disappointed with either designs though – they are both great sets with very nice shaping and playability. You can see all the details and features in the video-review below.

#76038 LEGO SUPER HEROES ATTACK ON AVENGERS TOWER: Reclaim the Loki Scepter and stop Ultron’s attack on Avengers Tower! The Heroes are having a party when suddenly Avengers Tower comes under Ultron attack from the inside! Evil Ultron Mark 1 has assembled himself in the lab and is exploding out the windows. Help Iron Man and Thor to defeat Ultron Mark 1 and the 2 Iron Legion accomplices under his control. Make plans in the JARVIS control room and treat injured Super Heroes in the sick bay. An Iron Legion is blasting out the doors and windows of the ground-floor robot bay. The other has stolen the Loki Scepter from the analysis lab so pursue him with Thor and take aim from the roof of the tower with the secret hidden drone and stud shooters. You must retrieve the Scepter and stop Ultron Mark 1! Includes 5 minifigures with a weapon and assorted accessories: Ultron Mark 1, 2 Iron Legions, Iron Man and Thor. 515 pieces. Price: $59.99 – BUY HERE

#76038 LEGO Super Heroes

The transparent blue windows and the shaping of the building are both excellent. Also, you get so many pieces that can be used for LEGO City building. Comes with good play-features too and the minifigs are great, but really the strength of this set is the building itself – which is not common for the LEGO Super Heroes line. If you get this set be careful with the large clear stickers on the windows. Use a thin blade or something similar to lift them up from the sticker-sheet and never touch them with your fingers as fingerprints leave very visible marks on clear stickers. You might just consider leaving the stickers off altogether as the building looks nice even without them. In the video-review below you can check out all the features and details of this very attractive looking set.

#76041 LEGO SUPER HEROES THE HYDRA FORTRESS SMASH: Battle into the Hydra Fortress with the Avengers and free the Loki Scepter! Join forces with the Avengers on a daring mission to recover the Loki Scepter from the Hydra Fortress! Face down the dangerous Hydra tank with Hulk, dodging its rotating cannonball shooter. Jump onto the tank to activate the roof explode function and send its cannon flying. Smash through the gates but beware of Baron Von Strucker’s gun and shots from the tower’s double stud shooter. Send super-jumping Captain America flying through the air to disable this powerful rooftop weapon, and then free the scepter with a perfect jump! Includes 4 minifigures with assorted accessories: Captain America, Hydra Henchman, Quicksilver and Baron Von Strucker with a weapon, plus a Hulk figure. 405 pieces. Price: $49.99 – BUY HERE

#76041 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This set is kind of weak in my opinion, with not a whole lot going for it besides the minifigs. Especially since Quicksilver only appears in this set. If you collect the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes minifigs it might be worth to look at just getting the unique minifigs on the secondary market instead of paying $50 for the whole set. But that’s just my take on it. You can watch the video-review below to decide if this set is for you or not.

Besides the sets we talked about above, there are a couple of other smaller ones that you might want to take a look at, including the #76029 LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man vs. Ultron set, which is basically a battle-pack (link to minifigs review at the end of this post), and the #76030 LEGO Super Heroes Avengers Hydra Showdown. And don’t forget about the #76042 LEGO Super Heroes Avengers SHIELD Helicarrier, which is the biggest Ultimate Collector Series set for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes fans (link to full review at the end of this post). You can find all 2015 LEGO Marvel sets under the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes section of the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop 2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

So what do you think? How do you like the 2015 LEGO Marvel sets? Did you get any of them already? Or are you planning to? Which one is your favorite? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • LegoGeek March 22, 2015, 11:03 AM

    first, already bought a few but my fav is the quinjet

    • admin March 22, 2015, 11:53 AM

      Yeah, the Quinjet is awesome. So are the others – especially the Hulkbuster set! 😛

  • David Tennant Lover March 22, 2015, 11:27 AM

    This is simple: just buy everything. I know I will. Be honest, we know everyone is going to get an Age of Ultra set for the movie! 😀

    • admin March 22, 2015, 11:53 AM

      Yeah… 😀

    • LegoGeek March 22, 2015, 1:02 PM

      I will to as I mentioned in an earlier post.

  • Strider March 22, 2015, 8:32 PM

    These are sweet sets. The Avengers Tower is an awesome HQ type building, and the architectural detail on the side is super. Also the Hulk looks great, much closer to the movie version than the previous Lego Hulk. A few other things that are better than the last Avengers wave; Natasha’s hair, Hawkeye’s hair, and Nick Fury’s hair. (Jk on the last one.) The castle tower set is my least favorite, I don’t particulary like the vehicle, Hulk off sets the price per piece ratio, (if I get the Hulkbuster Smash I’ll already have a Hulk) and the building is only good for the tower panels.

    • Strider March 22, 2015, 8:35 PM

      By, “architectural detail on the side,” I meant the curves.

  • Strider March 22, 2015, 8:39 PM

    BTW Scarlet Witch’s outfit and hair are perfect for a Lego Clara Oswin Oswald 😀 .

    • Håkan March 23, 2015, 9:47 AM

      Clara Oswin Oswald?

    • admin March 23, 2015, 10:06 AM

      If she is going to be included in the upcoming Doctor Who set, it is very likely this is going to be the hairpiece LEGO uses. That would be sweet! 😛

      • Strider March 23, 2015, 10:14 AM

        Hakan she is a character from Doctor Who, it’s a weird name I know 🙂 .

        • Håkan March 23, 2015, 11:33 AM

          Yeah, I suspected it could be something like that…

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