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Explained with LEGO Bricks – video series

The LEGO Group recently launched a new educational fun-fact series on its STEM-focused YouTube channel for kids, called LEGO Discover. The aim of the channel is to provide a world-class and inspiring STEM program for boys and girls, through LEGO bricks and play. You will find cool LEGO robot builds, videos on fun challenges that you have to use your brain to solve, and your life questions answered with LEGO bricks. Below is a bit more information about this initiative as well as the first two videos. 🙂

How far is it to the moon? What are rainbows? Which was the first animal to go into space? Those are exactly the questions the new “Explained with LEGO Bricks” series is aiming to answer with both educational facts through live-action, and also humorous LEGO stop-motion sections and cut-scenes. The show’s purpose is to use the fun of the LEGO brick to draw kids in a topic they would be naturally curious about, and prompt them to know more. All episodes will aim to do this with various topics about science, nature, and technology as part of the larger effort to get more kids interested into STEM related topics.

The first couple of videos in the series were published at the beginning of November, with lots of cool facts and figures explained through LEGO stop-motion animation and some live demonstrations. I have included both episodes in the video-player below.

It seems like that the team behind the LEGO Discover channel is planning to release a new video every week. If you are interested in fun educational videos for your family, I recommend subscribing to the channel to make sure you get updates. The channel also includes some tutorials and other videos for LEGO BOOST, so if you have the #17101 LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox robotic kit, you may want to watch those as well. And, if you don’t have it already, the set is available at the Online LEGO Shop.

Besides starting a new educational series on the LEGO Discover YouTube channel, LEGO is also doing some major rebranding for their LEGO Education branch to make parents and schools more aware of what LEGO Education offers. If you would like more information visit the LEGO Education website, or follow LEGO Education on social media. They are especially active on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think? How do you like these LEGO educational videos? Did you enjoy them? Do you think they are useful learning tools for children? What other topics would you like them to cover? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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