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Other LEGO News & Updates

LEGO FORMA backer feedback survey

As we discussed last month, LEGO is currently running its first Indiegogo campaign to test out a new marketing strategy, as well as new product concept called LEGO FORMA. You can read all the details of the campaign here: LEGO FORMA – LEGO Teams Up with Indiegogo! The campaign is doing well with around 5,000 […] Read more


LEGO FORMA – LEGO teams up with Indiegogo!

LEGO made a very interesting announcement today. They are teaming up with Indiegogo to test out a new marketing strategy, as well as new product concept called LEGO FORMA. Below is the full press-release, pictures, and other details. Read though it and let’s discuss! :) September 27, Billund – Rather than concealing its new innovations […] Read more


Newsweek special edition dedicated to LEGO

LEGO has been getting a lot of coverage this year, due to the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick, the 40th anniversary of the minifigure, and the 50th anniversary of LEGOLAND parks. Articles, books, and documentaries have been covering all aspects of the LEGO company and the LEGO hobby, and LEGO themselves released a number […] Read more


A new look for LEGO Ideas, contests & more!

There has been some interesting developments at the LEGO Ideas platform, including a brand new look and new features for the website. The LEGO Ideas team has been working hard in the past couple of years to make the LEGO Ideas platform not just a place to share ideas for future LEGO sets, but also […] Read more


LEGO and IKEA Collaboration Coming!

LEGO and IKEA Collaboration Coming! thumbnail

I haven’t had room to fit this news in last week when it was originally announced, but as it could have interesting implications for LEGO fans, I still wanted to make sure we have a chance to discuss. Last week, LEGO announced that they are collaborating with IKEA, to enable more play and creativity. Below […] Read more


LEGO Mosaic Maker coming to New York!

LEGO Mosaic Maker coming to New York! thumbnail

A couple of years ago, LEGO introduced the LEGO Mosaic Maker at the Leicester Square LEGO store in London. The LEGO Mosaic Maker is basically a photo booth where your picture gets turned into a LEGO mosaic. Once you get your picture taken, you get printed instructions for building your mosaic, as well as the […] Read more


LEGO Overwatch building sets coming!

A very surprising piece of news that came out earlier this week is that LEGO will be making construction sets based on the Overwatch video game by Activision Blizzard. There are several reasons why this news is such a big deal, so let’s discuss. :) First of all, here is the excerpt related to the new […] Read more


More 2018 LEGO summer sets coming!

There has been a lot of new LEGO set reveals this past week, so I thought to write up a summary on what we can expect for our discussions. Knowing what LEGO sets are scheduled for release can be very helpful with preparing for new building projects and budgeting ahead of time. So, let’s take […] Read more


List of LEGO 2018 summer sets & more!

Within the past few days, a great number of LEGO sets scheduled for this summer were revealed and have been added to the Brickset database. Below, I have included a summary of all the new sets that we know about so far, along with links to Brickset to see additional pictures we don’t have room […] Read more


Revolutionary LEGO brick sorting vacuum

For April Fools’ Day this year, LEGO posted a photo of a “revolutionary brick sorting vacuum”, called VacuSort. This handsome little machine supposed to be able to sort LEGO pieces by shape and color, and even separate out dust. The VacuSort was meant to be a funny joke in response to parents always complaining about […] Read more