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Ninjago Epis. 26: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

by admin on November 22, 2012

in LEGO Ninjago

Here is episode twenty-six of the LEGO NINJAGO story, which is the continuation of the previous episodes of LEGO NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes. This episode is called “THE ULTIMATE SPINJITZU MASTER”. It may also be referred to as NINJAGO Season 3 – Episode 13, or NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 26 (the official title), or NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes Episode 26, or NINJAGO Darkness Shall Rise – Episode 13. Whichever you prefer. ;)

You can see the first trailer for this season’s episodes here: LEGO NINJAGO – Season 3 Trailer. And the second, extended trailer with episode-summaries here: LEGO NINJAGO Season 3 – New Trailer!

This is the final episode of the Ninjago saga. Will darkness take over Ninjago forever, or will the ninja able to bring back balance between light and darkness? Watch the final outcome! :)

LEGO NINJAGO Episode 26 – Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

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Purple Ninja Girl of Power August 26, 2014 at 4:44 PM

Check this out. Its so funny, I just found it.


admin August 26, 2014 at 4:48 PM

Yeah, it is! I was planning to post both new ones. Just waiting to the behind-the-scenes video. I have seen it already as Kevin sent it to me, but it is not public yet. ;)


Zanelover September 19, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Hi i’m Zanelover. I have read previous stories and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE NINJAGO (Did i mention I LOVE ninjago) Anyways I have read almost all the stories! They are cool and i decided i would like to write some! I want to be a writer when i grow up soooooooo THIS WOULD BE AWSOME! Anyways just introducing myself! By the way if anyone wants to know my Bio its actually more then one. You see these people work in a group (Together forever as one of them says) Here they are

Marina Waters: Name representing the water and a place for rich people to park there boats.
Color: Teal
Element: Water (Can control it)
Weapon: A gold triton.
Hair: Brown hair worn in a ponytail and on RARE occasions it is put up with curls up top. which is really pretty.
Eyes: Dark brown eyes.
Interesting fact: She enjoys picking on Clark but doesn’t show a smile.
Personality: Prefer to work alone until she became part of a group of ninja (Who later meets the normal ninja Kai, Jay, Zane, Lloyd, and Cole.)
Anyways she is very quiet and doesn’t talk much. She never really smiles except for SUPER SUPER RARE occasions. She has ITSY BITSY MINOR SUPER SMALL crush on Kai. And Kai has a ITSY BITSY MINOR crush on her. She doesn’t talk much. Doesn’t like to talk about her past. SHE NEVER LAUGHS. Unless you find a way to make her laugh WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE! Doesn’t join in “Games” or anything fun for that matter. (It makes Sonny annoyed at times.) Her motto is “You fight till you die and you die while fighting.”
Backstory: She was daughter of a rich rich man. She couldn’t swim and one day her and her brother was playing by the ocean (By the marina her fathers boats were parked at) She fell into the water. Her brother went to get there parents or the butler or something. She sank and gave up breath when she woke up she was back on land by her fathers boat. She looked back and saw a dolphin and seal. She laughed. They became her friend. On her tenth birthday she saw her father and his men dumping oil into the sea. She confronted her father and he said “Darling Money is money. There just animals. She ran away crying and never looked back. She cried herself to sleep bye the ocean far away from her home. “I don’t like crying. I hate it. Thats it. I’ll never cry again!” She told herself wiped her eyes and moved on. She has never cried again. She became very strong willed. And regrets leaving but she moves on when she thinks about it.

Storm Weathers: Name is a pun on the weather.
Color: A smoky blue like dark clouds except NOT grey
Element: Weather
Weapons: Shurikens of rain.
Hair: Raven black hair with strands of darkish blue. She wears it down but when she is in full potential (Or flies up) Her hair goes up and to the sides the wind is blowing it.
Eyes: Dark blue eyes (But when in full potential or upset they glow white)
Interesting fact: Came from a country that flooded very very easily (Due to poorly made sewer pipes and lots of rain)
Personality: CAN’T SPEAK!!! She is very observant. She notices everything around her (Like zane except she ISN’T a robot) She loves to dance in the rain. She likes lightning is kinda funny cause she makes Jay shoot lightning sometimes which annoys him. She is very strong and sweet. She adores Ghostly and won’t let anything happen to her.
Backstory: She was born into a country that flooded very easily. Everytime it rained (Which was a lot!! Sometimes it lasted weeks. Due to danger of flooding it was forbidden for anyone to go out while it was raining. Though her desire was to feel the rain. She watched it from her window as a kid and one day she told her brother to come out with her. He disagreed but was talked into it by her smooth talking. They went outside while there parents weren’t looking. They played and danced (Quietly) But then disaster struck. Lightning zapped Storm and she fell. Her brother screamed for there parents and ran her back inside. After the rain she was taken to the hospital. The parents thought it was her brothers fault and decided to separate them. She loved her brother dearly. She tried to tell them it was her fault but when the lightning struck her it zapped her throat and she never spoke again. She never ever saw her brother again. She leaped out a hospital window and ran in search of her brother. When she couldn’t find him she cried in rain and fell on the ground. But then looked up and saw a lady and the lady helped her up she led storm to a broken deserted home and disappeared.

Sonny Boots: Names represents the sun and cowboys and cowgirls.
Color: Yellow
Element: the Sun (Kinda like light but she can make things melt like kai)
Weapon: Nunchuks of the sun
Hair: Blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders. (Sometimes she wears a cowgirl hat)
Eyes: Light green eyes.
Interesting fact: She met Clark before he joined the group and didn’t notice until he said something.
Personality: Sweet and kind. Gets angry when someone messes with HER Clark as she likes to call him. She can really fight and is tough. She is annoyed with Marina sometimes when she doesn’t want to do anything fun or won’t answer Sonny’s many questions.
Backstory: Sonny is a PURE cowgirl. Born in a barn and proud of it. She has a pet name Bessie ( A cow) But she left it at home. One day the money was running out and her parents said they would have to sell Bessie. So Sonny left bessie to go earn money in Ninjago. She has a thick country accent. She took Bessie’s cow bell to be a remind and hugged her cow goodbye. She was running in ninjago trying to get her first day of work. She ran into a boy with light brown hair similar to the color of jay’s. He wore glasses and dropped his books. He said, “Aw cmon!” She told him sorry using her accent. She ran off after helping him up but dropped her cow bell she had brought from Bessie. The boy yelled wait but she was done gone so he ran after her. He caught up with her and was thrilled at how fast she was. He gave Sonny the bell. “Your not from around here are you? I can tell by your accent.” He had said. “Accent?” She asked. He told her that people in ninjago doesn’t have as much “Southern Hospitality” and gave her advice that she might want to try to change her accent. She left and took in the thought. She learned how to talk like “Normal” People but sometimes talks like a country girl by accident.

Clark Kentington: Name is a pun on Superman (Aka Clark Kent)
Color: Peach
Element: Wind
Weapon: Wind Spear.
Hair: Light brown similar to the color of jays
Eyes: Green
Interesting fact: He used to wear glasses but now wears contact lenses but when he loses them he has to use his NERDY glasses. Sonny is ok with it and says he is cute either way.
Personality: Bit of a scaredy cat. Not very strong or courageous but his Love makes up for that. He is really a big sweety and he has potential. And he has a HUGE crush on sonny. And sonny feels the same way except not so over the top. His saying is “Holy Butterballs!”
Backstory: Clark grew up in a poor home. with his big sister and baby sister. They would look around in trash cans for food. One day it was him and his big sisters turn. He was 5 and she was 9. “Hey Clark! Look! I found some candy! Hmm I think it says butterballs. Not sure.” His sisters had said. They couldn’t read very well cause they were poor. They lived in a torn up cabin (More like a tent) Anyways he tried some and said, “HOLY BUTTERBALLS! These things are awesome! Lets go show mummy! They ran home and showed there mom. or “Mummy” as they called her. His parents died when he was 8. They gave there baby sister to an orphanage but Clark refused to live there. They lived together but when his sister was 13 and he was 9 she was kidnapped. He was sad but got over it he finally got a job. One day he was sleeping and a tornado came by but it didn’t even wake him up. Later he ran into a country girl who turned out to be Sonny.

Shyanne or Shy Petals: Name represents flowers and how shy she is.
Color: Purple
Element: Animal and life (As in plants and such)
Weapon: Scythe of peace
Eyes: Light blue.
Hair: Brown hair that was short with small curls at the end.
Interesting fact: Never really met other kids until she grew up.
Personality: Ultra super duper uper SHY. When she talks to stranger she first talks very softly where you can’t hear her. But when she gets used to you she talks a little louder. She can get angry but only when animals are in danger. She listens to everyone no matter how annoying and she always smiles she doesn’t really laughs just giggles.
Backstory: Grew up in a BEAUTIFUL I MEAN BREATHTAKING forest in a nice beautiful cottage. that would remind you of a hobbit hole. One day she was waiting for her dad to get home from work in ninjago. Which was far away from where she lived. She decided to go look for him so she went into the woods. She got lost and couldn’t find her back. She slumped beside a tree and cried her heart out. She was very scared and the sun was going down. She later fell asleep from exhaustion. She awoke to see deers, birds, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, and even a tiger next to her. She got scared and so did the animals. “Oh i’m sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” She giggled. She held out her hand and the animals came to her. They led her out of the forest back home. She would then later play with them. Later she ventured into ninjago and became very shy.

Ghostly Von Dracula: Name represents Dracula and ghosts.
Color: Grey
Element: Shadows and darkness.
Weapons: Shadow daggers and her fangs sometimes.
Hair: Sparkly silver white. that always sparkles in the moonlight it is worn down and straight it reaches to her shoulders.
eyes: Sometimes black sometimes white but most of the time grey.
Interesting fact: Daughter of Dracula but ran away from school and has a necklace that keeps her fangs and wings hidden.
Personality: Fun and sweet. She is NEVER shy and will speak her mind. She is not rude, and she likes to scare people. She climbs up the rafters and hangs upside down from them and goes “Boo” she is quick like that. She likes to hang from the rafters when she sleeps. If she takes off her necklace her wings and fangs appear but if she takes it off in sunlight she will burn up. HATES GARLIC! HER WORST ENEMY! (That and her father and friends from her school.)
Backstory: She grew up with her father and never knew her mother. She was never aloud to go outside. HEr father always told her, “The good is evil and the evil is good.” She believed him. When she grew older she went to Zomblings school for monsters. She met some friends there.Fangs another vampire, Raven a half man half raven guy, Boo a ghost girl, howl, a werewolf except she doesn’t need the moon to turn into a wolf. On her 116th birthday her father sent her a package by “Bat” mail and it was from her mother before she died. It was a necklace to hide her wings and fangs. Her mother knew that the good was well Good. But the father did not understand. She grew bored at her school and put on her necklace and ran away. She started wreaking havoc in a unknown area out of ninjago until the others (Sonny, Marina, Clark, Storm, and Shy) found her and told her about good. She still does not understand completely. Her motto is “Good is not worth dying for.” Lloyd has a crush on her. (LLOYD IS OLDER CAUSE OF THE EPISODE CHILD PLAY)

Well thats them! Sorry if it was long!


Zanelover September 20, 2014 at 2:04 AM

Hi me again! STORY TIME LOL!!

Season 1: Episode 1: A very “Interesting” group.

6 People ran in the woods.
Boy: Ugh we have been for hours!
Girl: (Southern Accent) Clark! Stop complaining!
Clark: Accent Sonny remember!
Sonny: (normal Ninjago talk) Sorry Clark. Marina where are we going?
Marina: Wherever the moon takes us.
Clark: Oh man! Yea thats real nice! Tell me when we get somewhere!
Marina glared at Clark
Clark: Fine. Storm you sure are quiet. Pun intended
Storm and Marina stared at him.
Clark: What?! I know she can’t talk just trying to lighten the mood.
Sonny facepalmed.
Girl: (Kinda soft and quiet) Hey ghostly can’t you fly since its nighttime?
Ghostly: Your right Shy! *She took off her necklace and stuffed it in her pocket then her wings and fangs appeared and her eyes turned black she flew a little bit ahead of them* Hey guys! I see something! It looks like……A school.
Clark: A school!? OUT HERE?! IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?! You have to be kidding!
Ghostly: Nope! Come on lets go check it out! *She put on her necklace and her wings and fangs disappeared*
Marina: Wait. It could be dangerous.
Clark: *Walking backwards inside the already open school door* Yea right what could be dangerous about a school?
Everyone was pointing behind Clark. He turned around and saw a lot of little ninja in black uniforms and 5 normal ninjas wearing blue, green with gold), white, black, and red ninja suits. along with a girl wearing red.
Clark: *Gulp* Uhh……. Sonny? Marina? *He ran back outside behind Sonny* Umm who are they?
Marina: Told you. *She pulled out her triton with sharp ends.* Now who’s first?
Sonny: (Southern accent) WHOA WHOA WHOA! (Like ninjago people) Ooops accent. anyways Maybe there friendly. Hi! I’m Sonny! Umm you can put down the weapons! Sorry for intruding we have been running in the forests for a couple of days and was tired. My friend here. *Glares at Clark who is still hiding behind here* Didn’t listen to our warning and walked in. We’re sorry.
Suddenly a sensei looked out the door and walked to them.
Seneis Wu: Hello. I am Sensei Wu. And this is our school for future ninjas.
Sonny: Oh. We’re really sorry for intruding! Isn’t that right Clark.
She pushed Clark towards the ninja inside.
Clark: Oh umm yea! Real sorry!
Sensei wu: It is fine. Please come in.
They walked inside. Marina still wasn’t fully trusting the ninja. They walked to a break room.
Sensei Wu: Children your parents are here to pick you up!
The kids in black ninja suits ran outside.
Sensei wu: Please sit. *Everyone sat down except Marina who stood glaring at all of them* This is Kai, Jay, Zane, Lloyd, Cole, and Nya.
Sonny: Oh hi! I’m Sonny, This is Clark, Shy, Storm, Ghostly And the one standing is Marina.
Marina was still glaring at them all.
Sensei wu: *Looked at her* You may sit.
She slowly sat at the table and turned her head. Kai looked at her.
Kai: (Thinking rude) Anyways. Where will you be going.
They were all silent.
Marina: Why would you like to know?
Sensei wu: Because you can stay with us!
Sonny: That would be great! Please Marina!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?!?!
Marina: Ugh fine just stop doing that.
Clark: FINALLY! ACTUAL FOOD! We have been eating fruit nonstop! NO CANDY!!! ITS HORRIBLE!
Lloyd: See i’m not the only one!
Cole facepalmed.
Sonny: Do you have room?
Sensei Wu: You girls can sleep with Nya and Clark can sleep with the others.
Clark: At least they aren’t Gir…………
Marina: Aren’t what.
She glared at him along with storm and Sonny.
Clark: Nothing.
They walked to the rooms.

Girls room….

Sonny: Uhh. Ghostly. Where are our bags?
Ghostly: Uhh. I thought Shy had them.
Shy: (In squeaky and soft voice) I thought storm had them.
Sonny: Remember we can’t hear you when you talk like that.
Storm held out there bags and threw them to there owners.
Sonny: Umm Marina. That Sensei offered us to stay for a couple more days.
Marina: No. We must get going tomorrow.
Sonny: Come on Marina we aren’t going anywhere anyways! And its a ninja place! You know we are. Umm. Kinda ninja.
Nya: Wait! Your ninja?!
Ghostly: Not completely but we have these. *She pulled out her daggers*
Marina pulled out her sharp gold triton. Sonny pulled out her nunchuks. Shy pulled out her scythe. Storm pulled out her shurikens. Nya’s mouth hung open.

Boys room….

Clark was quiet.
Jay: So you travel with them? Is that all of them?
Clark: Yep. Hey don’t tell them i said this but it gets annoying traveling with all girls. But if i say anything about that in front of them they will punch me and shred me into pieces.
Zane: It is 50% impossible to shred someone to pieces.
Clark looked at him.
Clark: What does mean? I’m terrible at math…..and english, and spelling, and reading, and history, and pretty much everything except for this. *He pulled his wind spear out of his bag* Tada! At least i know how to use this!
Kai: So your a ninja?
Clark: Well….Kinda. We don’t have a sensei but we were in ninjago but moved away later. We stopped a few bad guys but not much. We decided to come back thats when we found this place.
Cole: So you guys just go wherever the wind takes you huh?
Clark: I guess. It gets annoying especially when i’m the only guy. Marina likes to say we go wherever the moon takes us. I don’t get it but i guess thats the perks of living with Marina.

Girls room….
Marina: Oh man. Clark put his glasses in my bag by accident. I’ll go give them to him.

Boys room…
Zane: Tell us about your friends.
Clark: Oh. Well Marina doesn’t like to talk about her past but it goes like this…….*He turned around and saw Marina standing by the door holding his glasses.
Marina: I could break these right now.
Clark: Please don’t. I think i forgot my contacts anyways. So please don’t.
Marina threw them to Clark and Cole caught them.
Marina: If i hear one more peep from you about us, your going to find out why i’m called the girl of steel. Ok?
Clark nodded slowly.
She walked back to the girls room.
Clark passed out and fell on his bed.
Cole: I can see what he meant by shred him in pieces.
Zane: Maybe it is more then 50% possible.

The next morning….
At the dining table.
Sonny: Uhh wheres Clark?
Jay: After he passed out last night he wouldn’t wake up.
Sonny: You scared him again didn’t you.
Marina: I got this. *She walked upstairs*
Kai: Soooo.
Sonny: 1…..2…..3.
Clark: *Screams and runs downstairs and sits at table immediately.*
Sonny: *Hands him bread* What did she do this time?
Clark: *Took bite of bread and shows her his arm with a cut on it from Marina’s triton.* That answer your question.
S0nny: Your gonna scar him for life one of these days Marina
Marina: And I don’t care.
She smiled half way for a mere quick second.
Shy: *Whispering to Ghostly* (Soft voice) Umm none of this had garlic in it right?
Zane: The soup does.
Ghostly spit out her soup on Jay and left the table.
everyone was silent. Sensei wu got up and followed Ghostly to Nya’s room. She sat on the bed.
Sensei Wu: Is something wrong?
Ghostly: Oh! You scared me! Thats a first! No one scares me!
Sensei Wu: Something is wrong. You did not spit out that soup just to joke. And your eyes. I can tell these things believe me.
Ghostly turned around and looked at him. Her necklace shined.
Sensei Wu: That necklace. I have never seen one like it. A bat. What does it mean.
Ghostly: Oh. Well. Its a long story. *She looked down*
Sensei wu: I have time.
She looked at him and smiled. She took a deep breath and took it off. Black shimmered around her. Black fangs appeared and pitch black wings showed. Sensei Wu opened his mouth.
Sonny: *Walking in the room* Hey ghostly! The bread doesn’t have garlic in……*Gasp* Ghostly! You you showed him?
Ghostly: I felt safe! I i thought i could.
Sonny: You know what Marina said!!!
Marina: *Walks in* Said what. *She looks at Ghostly* Ghostly! I told you not to show them!
Ghostly: I felt safe here! I i……
Shy: (Soft voice) Wait she felt safe! There not bad! Marina! You have to trust them! There letting us stay here.
Storm stepped in front of her and glared at her.
Marina looked at Ghostly.
Marina: FIne. Just don’t hurt Ghostly.
Sensei Wu: I would not think of it.

Later that night outside by a campfire……..

Cole: Jays right! I mean we should get to know them! They are staying with us for a while!
Clark: Uhhh….
Zane: He means if you don’t mind to tell us your backstory. You know like where your from.
Clark looked at Sonny and Sonny looked at Shy and Shy looked at Ghostly and Ghostly looked at Storm and Storm looked at Marina and Marina looked back at Cole.
Marina: I won’t tell them mine. But you can choose what you do.
Sonny: I’ll tell them mine! I got nothing to hide. *She looked at Clark* Can i use my accent?

To be continued……. Hope you liked it! ~Zanelover!


Zanelover September 20, 2014 at 2:24 AM

Me again!

Season 1: Episode 2: Backstory Time! (Sonny)

Sonny: Can i use my accent?
Clark: Sure.
Sonny: (Country accent) Ok well i was born on a farm and i love it. Anyways. When i was a kid my parents my parents gave me a present one christmas. We didn’t have much money so usually it was a doll sewn by my Ma. This time was different. Ma and Pa led me outside and i saw the cutest baby calf thats a baby cow. They told me it was mine. I named her Bessie. I grew up with her and she was my best friend. I didn’t have much schooling except for what my Pa and Ma taught me. Thats why i cook so good. One day i heard they were gonna have to sell Bessie. I couldn’t part with her. So i decided to go to ninjago and earn money. My first day of the job was horrible. First i had to fly the night before. Woke up at 8 o’clock, couldn’t find my left boot blah blah. I was really rushing. Anyways i was running threw ninjago when i bumped into someone. A guy with light brown hair and glasses carrying books. He dropped them and i helped him up and ran on my way. Later i saw him again and apparently i had dropped Bessie’s cow bell i took from her neck to keep with me as a reminder. We talked and he told me i should probably change my accent if i didn’t want to be picked on. So i thought of it and did it. But sometimes i still talk like a country girl. That guy i ran into was actually Clark. But i never knew it until later. Later on i got fired and had to earn more money. Its hard for a country girl to find a job soo i decided to go climb a mountain. Wearing my cowgirl hat and looking at the sun always calmed me down. So i looked at the sun and to my surprise it didn’t hurt my eyes. i turn my head and theres Marina and Storm. My mouth was wide open. They talked me into joining them. I didn’t know if it would make money but it sounded fun. PLus they still help me earn a little money which i send to my parents. Anyways back to the story. We camped out one night in the alley of a nearby town and heard news from a tv inside the gas station. Some guy had slept though a whole entire tornado! We got a good look at him and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up to the sound of the dumpster outside. We looked over and saw some guy digging through the trash. He screamed and fell down when he saw us. We helped him up and looked at him. It was the guy who had slept through the tornado. Marina asked him if he wanted to join. He said no 3 times. Then i got up and walked over there. He looked at me and said yes like 5 times. Marina and Storm shrugged. He asked if he knew me and i realized it was the one i ran into except he wasn’t wearing his glasses. We ran out of that town and slept in a forest. We woke up again to a sound. But it was different it was crying. We followed the noise and saw a girl crying. And petting some deer and a tiger! She looked at us and i wiped her eyes. It was actually Shyanne or Shy as we call her. She joined us. Later we ran on and on and on. And suddenly found a town and a girl wreaking havoc. We stopped her. And Marina was about to hit her one more time but then Storm stepped in front of her and shook her head. Well of course Marina put down her weapon. Storm bent down to the girl Who was really Ghostly. She grabbed Clark and he understood her face expression. He asked Ghostly why she did it and she told us cause the good was evil. Well we explained it wasn’t and later on she joined. Anyways we stopped a few bad guys and decided to return to ninjago and well here we are. Anyways thats my story. (Ninjago talk) Who’s next??
Everyone was silent.
Clark: I guess me????

To be continued…….~Zanelover!! (;


Zanelover September 20, 2014 at 1:24 PM

Imma here lol. I don’t know if anyone is reading these but there fun to make lol.

Season 1: Episode 3: Backstory Time (Clark)

Sonny: (Normal voice) Who’s next?
Everyone was silent.
Clark: I guess me??
Sonny: Ok go ahead!
Clark: Well…I grew up in a broken abandoned cabin which was more like a tent. Anyways me and my big sister had to look through the dumpsters for food. One day she found some candy. Well she can’t really read and neither can I. She thought they said butterballs so we tried some. And i said HOLY BUTTERBALLS these are good. And thats why i always say Holy butterballs. Sometimes she would play with me and she would say butterballs while i said holy. Well when i was 8 our parents died and we had to give my baby sister to an orphanage but i refused to go. another year later i was 9 and my sisters was 13 well she was kidnapped. just poof disappeared! Well i decided to go to ninjago but when i got here no such luck. When you can’t read or write or do math its a little hard. So i decided to practice reading so i looked in a trashcan and found a old book one day. Well i had to wear my glasses then cause i lost my contacts my parents bought me with there “Special money” when i was a kid. Anyways i ran into this southern girl yada yada. You know that part. Sonny can run fast! Anyways after that i decided to go home. Well a week later i was sleeping and when i woke up i saw these millions of people bye me. Apparently i had slept through a tornado but i didn’t notice and i didn’t care. I was digging through a dumpster when some girl yelled HEY! And i fell.
Marina: You screamed like a girl THEN fell.
Clark: Yea yea whatever. I fell. I told them i didn’t want to join . Well i changed my mind and yada yada you know Sonny was the one i ran into. Anyways. They tried to teach me how to read and stuff it was umm……….interesting. Lets just say they didn’t ask they MADE ME. Anyways thats pretty much it.
Marina: Oh hey i forgot! *Throws book at Clarks gut* Go read two of those lines.
CLark: Oh can’t it wait?!
Marina: FIne. Someone get this over with.
Everyone was quiet. Storm got up and grabbed Clark. He nodded like he understood her face.
Clark: Sonny remember when storm wrote her story a piece of paper and you read it to us. Well she wants me to tell it.
Storm smiled.

To be continued……~Zanelover


Zanelover September 20, 2014 at 1:45 PM

Story TIME I for one can’t wait to tell Storm’s backstory.

Season 1: Episode 4: Backstory Time (Storm)

Clark: Well Storm can’t talk so she wrote her story on a piece of paper and Sonny read it to us. Anyways i’m like the only one who can understand her face expressions. Anyways her story starts in a town that flooded easily due to poorly made sewage pipes and lots of rain. Sometimes the rain would last for a week. nonstop. Due to danger it was forbidden to go outside during the rain. But Storm wanted to feel the rain and she was getting bored being inside. Well her brother who was 15 (She was 9 by the way) She talked to him about going outside well first he disagreed. But she won him with her smooth talking or thats what storm called it. or wrote it. Anyways, they played outside and danced in the rain. But then lightning struck and hit Storm. HEr brother ran her back inside. After the storm with miraculously stopped minutes after she was struck. She was taken to the hospital. The parents thought her brother talked her into going outside. Well she tried to tell them it was her fault but when the lightning hit her it struck her throat. The brother didn’t want her to get in trouble so he listened to the parents. Well the parents took them away from each other so it wouldn’t happen again. That night Storm jumped out the hospital window and ran around looking for her brother. Well she couldn’t find him and cried. Then she met a hooded lady who led her to an abandoned house and disappeared. She heard a little girl say something like “You to?” Well Storm nodded. IT was Marina. They became friends and decided to go do there own things. When they grew up Storm wanted to climb a mountain. Well they did and when they got up there, a girl was already there. It was Sonny. So she joined them. And then she slept in an alley and saw me. blah blah. Anyways a few days later Storm woke everyone up. Cause she heard crying. It was Shy. She joined us to. And then we walked on and made it to a town and saw a girl wreaking havoc. Well we stopped her. And before Marina could hit her Storm stepped in front of her. And well Sonny told you it was Ghostly. And the end!
Jay: So your throat was struck by lightning? Man i’m a bit scared now.
Cole: Jay! It hasn’t struck you yet! and it never will!
Zane: Well there is a 60% chance he could.
Clark: Does that guy always do that?
Kai: Well he’s kinda a robot.
Kai: You don’t think its weird.
Clark: No cause we have a…..*He looked at Ghostly and Ghostly nodded* We have a vampire.
Ghostly disappeared in the bushes and appeared out of them by Jay.
Ghostly: Right here. Boo.
Jay: AHHHHHHH! *He jumped*
Cole: Anyways whats your story? *Pointed to Shy*
Shy: (Soft voice) Oh… Its nothing important….
Sonny: Its ok doll. You can tell them. MArina won’t punch you. She only does that to Clark.
Clark: Wow thanks for the pep talk!
Shy: (Less soft) Well ok….

To be continued………………


Zanelover September 20, 2014 at 4:39 PM

Season 1: Episode 5: Backstory Time (Shyanne)

Shy: (Sorta soft voice) Well I lived in a cottage covered with leaves and flowers in the middle of a forest. Well my dad worked in ninjago which was very far away. He had to take a plane 3 days before his work and then take a plane back. So i waited for him. Mom said he would be here any second. So i decided to go out into the woods and look for him. So i did when my mother wasn’t looking. I got lost and couldn’t find my way back. So i slumped by a tree and cried. I fell asleep as the sun was going down. When i woke up i saw these animals, deer, squirrels, frogs, raccoons, birds, even a tiger sitting beside me. I got scared and accidentally scared them. So i told them i was sorry and didn’t mean to scare them. So i became there friend and they led me back home. When i got home my dad was already looking for me. Later when i grew up we moved to ninjago so we would be closer to dad. I went to a school for girls and all the girls there had long hair. So they made fun of my short hair. So I ran into a forest. Then i saw Storm and the others come out of the bushes. Sonny wiped my eyes and tried to cheer me up. She asked if i wanted to join there little group so i said yes and told my parents. My dad gave me this. *She pulls a glowing purple flower out of a box* I keep in here for safe keeping. And then you know what happened after that. So thats me…………Ghostly its your turn.
Ghostly: *Disappearing in bushes and appearing out of them beside Clark.
Ghostly: Boo. And ok.
Ghostly: So it starts like this……

To be continued…….. ~Zanelover (;


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