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Ninjago Epis. 26: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

by admin on November 22, 2012

in LEGO Ninjago

Here is episode twenty-six of the LEGO NINJAGO story, which is the continuation of the previous episodes of LEGO NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes. This episode is called “THE ULTIMATE SPINJITZU MASTER”. It may also be referred to as NINJAGO Season 3 – Episode 13, or NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 26 (the official title), or NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes Episode 26, or NINJAGO Darkness Shall Rise – Episode 13. Whichever you prefer. ;)

You can see the first trailer for this season’s episodes here: LEGO NINJAGO – Season 3 Trailer. And the second, extended trailer with episode-summaries here: LEGO NINJAGO Season 3 – New Trailer!

This is the final episode of the Ninjago saga. Will darkness take over Ninjago forever, or will the ninja able to bring back balance between light and darkness? Watch the final outcome! :)

LEGO NINJAGO Episode 26 – Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

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Zanelover September 30, 2014 at 7:17 PM

Previously on ninjago.
Ghostly: Storms been taken.
Marina: I know your there!
Voice: Hello…..Old friend….
Voice: I should ask you the same thing. *Shadow circles Marina very fast*
Marina: Where are you taking me?
Voice: Home…
Marina: No!

Season 2: Episode 3: What’s Happened Here?

Marina: No! Wait i’m grey?
Voice: They cannot see you……But you can see them….I want you to see what has happened when you left……This is the present…..
Marina: *Looks at huge mansion*
Man: *Walks out of mansion door on his phone* Yes yes! No! Don’t do that just fax it to me. *Hangs up* Wow.
Marina: *Gasp*
Voice: Your brother…..Am i correct?
Marina: Yes….Roger.
Roger: And back inside again….WHY DID I EVEN WALK OUT HERE?! *Facepalms and walks back inside*
Voice: Come….*Wind swooshes inside*
Marina: *Runs inside and sees boxes piled up* He…He’s….Moving… *Sees portrait of her parents on the wall.* Where are they?
Voice: They moved away years after you left……They were distraught……They loved you…..
Marina: *Crosses arms and turns head* Only my mother loved me…..
Voice: Whatever you say….*Wind swooshes up the stairs and into a room*
Marina: *Runs in the room and sees Roger picking up a box*
Roger: *Sighs* Gonna miss you buddy….*Goes to carry the box out and sees a picture of Marina as a little girl on table* And I still miss you…..*Walks out with box*
Marina: Roger! *Roger walks right through her*
Voice: I told you…..He can’t feel you….
Marina: *Walks toward picture*
Voice: Come i am going…..*Wind leaves room*
Marina: *Looks at picture.
The picture crashes.
Marina: *Walks out room*
Voice: *Sighs* You cracked it didn’t you……He won’t like that….
Marina: He never helped me anyways…..*Walks outside and sees Roger walk to room and hears him yell no*

To be continued….


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 1:29 AM

Previously on Ninjago.
Marina: *Looks at picture of her as a kid*
Picture shatters.
Voice: You broke it…..
Roger: No!

Ninjago song :razz:

Season 2: Episode 4: Time Herself.
Marina: *Walks outside* I want to go back….I want Storm!
Voice: As you wish…..*Shadow circles around Marina and light flashes*
They appear back at the woods just like they had left it.
Marina: No time passed…..How?
Voice: Me…I did it….
Marina: Ok. Where’s Storm?
Voice: Here…..*Storm walks out of darkness*
Storm: *Waves and smiles at Marina*
Marina: Storm. Are you ok?
Storm: *Nods yes*
Marina: Who are you? Tell me!
Voice: Me? * Hooded lady about 3 years older then Marina, walks out of shadow.* I am…….Time……
Marina: Time?
Time: Yes..*Takes off hood and brown, black, and white hair shows* And who exactly are you?
Marina: You know me! Your the one who took me to the cabin when i was kid! I’m Marina! And this Storm! And you know it! *Looks at her sternly*
Time: Ha…yes…..But i meant…..Who are…..You. *Points at Marina’s heart*
Marina: *Slaps hand away* I am who i am! Why did you drag us here?! Just to ask that?! To show me my brother?! WHY! *Looking like this :mad:*
Time: All in due time…….*Walks back into the forest*
Marina: No! Don’t leave again! COWARD!
Storm: *Grabs Marina and tugs her back to reality*
Marina: *Looks at Storm* Come on.

Back at the school.
Shy: I sure hope there alright.
Sonny: Me to doll, me to.
Clark: Come on! Marina’s tough! She’s fine….*Sees Marina walking back* SEE! THERE SHE IS!!! MARINA!!!
Sonny: Marina! Storm! *Runs and hugs them*
Marina: Yea yea. We’re fine. *Walks up to the girls room*
Ghostly: Whats with her?
Storm: *Holds her hands out meaning long and then cups hand as in book or story*
Clark: Long story. Ok.
Sonny: Your like the Storm whisperer Clark!
Clark: Its a gift! *Bows* Thank you thank you.
Ghostly: Had to get him going didn’t you. I’m going to check on Marina.
Storm: Ah! *Shakes head no and holds out hand meaning wait. Walks up to room*

In the girls room.
Storm: *Looks in and sees Marina sitting on the bed with her head on her knees. Knocks on door silently and walks in*
Marina: *Turns head* What?
Storm: *Sits on bed and pats back*
Marina: Storm….I wish you could talk, your the only one who understands me….*Looks down*
Storm: *Looks over and picks up Marina’s bag*
Marina: Hey!
Storm: *Takes out picture of Marina’s family and Marina as a little girl and holds it out to Marina*
Marina: Storm! *Takes picture* What about it?
Storm: *Points to brother and mother*
Marina: Yea yea… Its my mom and my brother! So what?
Storm: *Slowly points to her dad and stares at Marina*
Marina: What about him!?
Storm: *Points to Marina and makes a face like this :mad: Points at dad*
Marina: *Opens mouth and stutters* I..I….I….I HATE HIM! *Throws picture across room and the glass shatters everywhere*
Storm: *Gasp! Ducks and piece flies right through her hair and miraculously doesn’t cut any of it*
Marina: *Looks at Storm* HAPPY!? *Runs out room*
Storm: *Looks at broken glass and picks up piece of picture and its her and her dad. Looks out door.*
Marina: *Runs past everyone and right out the door* Ugh! Why can’t people leave me alone?! *Runs into forest*

In Forbidden Jungle.
(Its still nighttime by the way0
Rain falls.
Marina: *Running and crying* Why me?! *Trips over branch and falls in mud* Oh! *Cries in mud*
Time: Marina….Why do you cry?
Marina: What do you think?
Time: *Holds out hand* Need some help?
Marina: No. I can get up myself! *Gets up out of mud. Wipes mud off face and rain washes the rest off.*
Time: Do not be sad…….It is all for a reason….
Time: You know what your problem is Marina……You trust no one…..Worst of all…..You don’t trust…..Yourself….
Marina: *Looks up at Time* What do you mean?
Time: Look at you…..Your running….But from who? Its not your friends is it……Its you…..Your running away from yourself……
Marina: *Tears show in moonlight*
There is silence and both girls stare at each other.
Marina: I…………..
Time: Well?
Marina: *Tears fall* YES OK?! I’M RUNNING AWAY FROM MYSELF!!!! *Cries*
Time: Marina…..Trust me……Stop running….*Disappears*
Marina: NO! NOT AGAIN!! DON’T LEAVE ME!!! *Cries and falls* why?! *Pulls rubber band out of hair and throws it in mud. Takes Triton and throws it in the mud. Takes locket off neck and throws it in mud.* WHY??! *Cries and screams* TIME!! I NEED YOU!! *Lays head in mud*

Memories *Marina*
Little girl: Why?! *Cries* AHH! *Falls in mud* Oh! How can this get worse!? *Rain pours* oh come on. *Cries* why…. *Looks up and sees lady in black coat with her hand held out* Huh? Who are you? An angel?
Time: I am no angel….But come….I will lead you….*Helps up little girl*

Cabin *Memories*
Time: Here…. That is Storm….She cannot speak….Watch her….*Walks off into fog*
Little girl: Wait! Come back!!! *Looks at other little girl in the cabin* Oh…Hi……….I’m Marina….

Marina: *Looks up and sees Time*
Time: I’m here…. *Holds out hand*
Marina: *Hugs her and cries* Time…….I trust you…
Time: Good….
Marina: *Falls asleep while hugging Time*
Time: *Moves hand and Marina floats and appears at the door of the school, asleep.* Good luck……My friend….*Disappears*

To be continued….
~Zanelover :razz:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 1:34 AM

Oops. MY FIRST MAD SIGN DIDN”T SHOW!!! :oops: And by the way the part where storm looks at the picture i meant Marina and her dad NOT Storm and her dad :oops:
~Zanelover :oops:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 1:49 PM

Is anyone on?? Just wondering i’m gonna try to make my next episode, but i’m about to go eat SOOOO….won’t be on till then and after my school. :sad: but oh well :lol:
~Zanelover :lol:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Previously on ninjago.
Marina:: *Throws her stuff in the mud* TIME!! I NEED YOU!!
Time: I’m here…..*Holds out hand*
Marina: *Hugs Time* Time…I trust you…
Time: Good…*Makes fall asleep and takes back to the school*

Ninjago theme song :cool:

Season 2: Episode 5: Trust

In the girls room at the school.
Marina: *Opening her eyes just a little*
Clark: Is she ok?
Nya: I think so.
Marina: Huh?
Sonny: Marina! Are you ok doll?
Marina: I….I….Wheres Storm?
Ghostly: I’ll go get her. *Runs out room*
Shy: We found you asleep by the doorstep….Where did you go?
Marina: Somewhere…….
Storm: *Walks in sees Marina and smiles*
Marina: Hey Storm….*Coughs*
Nya: You probably will cough a bit cause you were out in the rain almost all night!
Marina: I’m fine….*Gets up from bed and she is still wearing her clothes she wore yesterday and they still had mud on them* Well.
Sonny: You were sleeping so soundly we didn’t want to wake you and make you put on your nightclothes….Is that ok?
Marina: Fine…*Walks to restroom with new clothes*

Later in the break room.
Marina: *Walks down with her newly washed clothes on*
Kai: Finally! You take longer then Nya!
Nya: You know i’m sitting right here.
Kai: Hehe. Oops.
Jay: I think your perfect Nya..*Looks at her dazedly*
Nya: Aww thanks Jay!
Marina: *Sits at table*
Sonny: Not in a very talkative mood?
Marina: *Eats politely*
Shy: Apparently not….
Lloyd walks in the room.
Lloyd: Hey guys!
Cole: Where have you been?
Lloyd: Fighting bad guys. There were like four robberies today!
Zane: Here eat. *Gives waffle*
Lloyd: *Sits at table* mm! Zane’s waffles!!
Zane: Actually Sonny cooked them today.
Lloyd: Really? Hmm. *Tries piece* Mm! This is delicious!
Sonny: Thanks.
Clark: You haven’t seen anything yet! She can make almost anything! She made us a cake out of berries and water…..Mmmm…..
Storm: *Nods yes and smiles. Looks at Marina eating*
Marina: *Gets up and walks back to room*
Storm: *Looks around and follows her*
Everyone else: *Watches Storm walk up there*
Kai: Aren’t you gonna go get them?
Ghostly: no. They like being alone sometimes.
Shy: Yes they do.
Sonny: I don’t understand it. Who would want to be alone?
Clark: Thats just Marina and Storm for you. Some questions are probably better not answered.

Girls room.
Marina: What is it?
Storm: *Walks to her and stares at her*
Marina: What?
Storm: *Grabs watch and points at it*
Marina: Huh? Wait……Time?
Storm: *Nods yes and points to Marina and then to the watch*
Marina: I…..
Storm: *Points at eyes*
Marina: I….Saw….*Looks at watch*……Time….*Nods head yes*
Storm: *Thinks* I wish I could tell her instead of doing charades.
Marina: What about it?
Storm: *Sees bottle of water. Puts finger in water and wipes water on Marina’s eyes*
Marina: What? Crying? How did you…..
Storm: *Points out window*
Marina: *Turns and sees Time looking at her* Time….
Time: Hello….Thank you Storm…..
Storm: *Nods head yes and smiles*
Marina: *Wipes water off her eyes* What do you want this time..
Time: Thank you….
Marina: For what?
Time: For trusting me……
Storm: *Looking surprised* Ah..Ah…
Marina: Yes Storm……I trust her….
Storm: *Looks at Marina very surprisedly. Looks at Time.
Time: Come….I must show you something……
Marina: Ok…
Time: You to Storm…..
Storm: *Smiles and follows them both out the window and into the Forbidden jungle*

Forbidden Jungle.
Marina: What did you want to tell us?
Time: Marina…..Its about your…..Father…
Marina: What about that heartless fool?
Time: He’s…..
Marina: He’s what?!
Time: He’s…….Dying…..
Marina: *Looks at Time* D…Dying?
Time: Yes…He wants to see you……
Marina: Why?! So he can he hurt me before he dies!
Time: No…..Listen Marina…..I met him…..He asked me to find you and bring you home……
Marina: No! This is my home!
Time: You can come back…..he needs to see you…..
Marina: Never!
Storm: *Places hand on Marina’s shoulder*
Marina: I hate him! *Looks at Storm* Look i know….Don’t give me those eyes!
Storm: *Looks at Marina like she was looking right through her*
Marina: *Sighs* Ok i trust you….I’ll see him….Only if Storm comes with me….
Time: Of course. *Shadow circles around both and light flashes*

To be continued…..
~ Zanelover :razz:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 5:59 PM

My last one is awaiting moderation but anyways.
Last time on Ninjago.
Time: You’r father’s dying…
Marina: Dying?
Time: He wants to see you!
Marina: So he can hurt me before he dies?!
Storm: *Looks at Marina*
Marina: Ok I trust you…..Only if Storm can come with me….
Time: Of course….*Shadow circles both girls*

Ninjago theme song :lol:

Season 2: Episode 6: Death Bed.
Marina, Storm, and Time appear in the living room of a crystal mansion.
Marina: So this is where he lives huh?
Time: He missed you….
Marina: Whatever.
Storm: *Looks down*
Time: He’s in there….*Points to door*
Marina: Come on….
Time: No…Only you….
Storm: *Nods in agreement*
Marina: Fine. *Walks in room*

In room.
Marina: *Walks to bed slowly*
Father: *Old voice* Marina? Is it really you?
Marina: Yea…*Crosses arms and turns head8
Father: Marina….Please listen….
Marina: Why should i?
Father: I’m so…..Sorry….I wish I was there for you more…..Please Marina…Forgive me….
Marina: Kinda hard to…
Father: Marina…..Listen to me…..I….Love….You….*Lifts up hand weakly and grabs Marina’s hand* Please believe me….
Marina: *Tears falls*
The room is silent.
Marina: Daddy! *Hugs him* I’m sorry to! I shouldn’t have ran away!
Father: Its alright my dear…..I love you…
Marina: I….I….I love you to daddy……
Father: *Smiles* Thank you…..*Dies*
Marina: *Tears fall* DADDY! *Hugs him and looks over* Huh? *Sees note and reads it aloud* Dear Marina, If you’r reading this then our father has passed….I have been waiting for you…..Please come back to me…..Yours truly, Roger……

Outside of room.
Marina: *Wipes eyes and walks out of room and right past Storm and Time* He’s gone…..
Storm: *Holds her mouth and goes with Marina*
Marina: I want to go home….
Time: Which home?
Marina: *Looks at note* MY home…
Time: Ok….*Shadows surrounds both girls and light flashes.

Marina’s old mansion.
Marina: Home….*Looks at boxes* Let him see me.
Time: Of course….*Snaps and Marina turns normal color along with Storm*
Marina: Roger….
Roger: Marina! *Runs and hugs her*

To be continued…. (Sorry if its a little short)
~Zanelover :smile:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 6:50 PM

Previously on Ninjago. (By the way Admin can you fix the moderation on episode 5?)
Marina: *Walks to her fathers bed slowly*
Father: Marina!
Marina: *Crosses arms and turns head*
Father: Forgive me…..Please..
Marina: Kinda hard to..
Father: *Grabs Marina’s hand* I love you..
Marina: Daddy.
Father: *Smiles* Thank you…*Dies*
Marina: DADDY!
Marina: *Reads note aloud* If your reading this then father has passed….Come back home…..Yours truly, Roger.
Marina: I’m going home…
Roger: Marina! *Hugs Marina*

Ninjago Theme song :mrgreen:

Season 2: Episode 7:
Roger: Marina! I knew you would come……he’s gone isn’t he?
Marina: Yes….
Roger: *Tears falls* Well….At least i see you….*Hugs Marina* Oh Marina i missed you, I was so heartbroken when you left as was mother and father! Come in!

Inside mansion.
Marina: *Looks at boxes scatter around* So your moving?
Roger: Have to…..He didn’t leave me his inheritance……
Marina: What?
Roger: When you left mother was to heartbroken to go on and died….After that he changed his will…..Marina……He left you his inheritance……
Marina: *Is shocked* But why? I…I ran away….Why would he leave it to me?
Roger: Cause….You were the one he loved the most..Besides mom….He loved me but you were different…..Marina….You never knew this but the day you fell in the water i told the butler and he called father…..He was worried about you…..He thought the sea animals had hurt you…….Thats why he put oil in the water……He wanted to keep you safe……
Marina: *Gasp* Why did you never tell me this?!
Roger: I was going to but you ran away……I’m sorry….
Marina: Oh…..*Looks down*
Roger: *Sigh* Anyways, who is that?
Marina: Oh…This is Storm and Time…..
Roger: Oh…Anyways, Marina…Your rich!
Marina: But…I don’t need it….
Roger: What?
Marina: You can have it!
Roger: But dad…..
Marina: He gave it to me……I can do whatever i want with it……And i want you to have it….
Roger: Marina…i….I don’t what to say……Thank you…..Thats means i don’t have to move!! *Kisses Marina on cheek* Thanks sis!
Marina: *Smiles* Your welcome
Storm: *Shocked to see Marina smile. Points at Marina’s mouth*
Marina: Of course i can smile………Wait a second……I’ve never smiled with my friends have i?
Storm: *Shakes head no*
Marina: *Stops smiling* Well lets go guys….
Roger: Wait! Marina! You can stay with me! You can live in this mansion! With me!
Marina: Thanks but no thanks…..I have friends waiting for me….And they need me….*Looks at Storm and smiles*
Storm: *Smiles at her*
Roger: Ok…..Come and visit me again soon! I love you sis!
Marina: By brother.
Time: Ready?
Marina: Yes.
Roger: Wait! *Takes rubber band out of Marina’s hair* You always looked better with it down. By sis *Hugs Marina*
Marina: Bye.
Storm: *Waves bye*
Time: *Shadow circles around both girls and light flashes*

Forbidden Jungle.
Marina: Time…..What will you do now?
Time: I have unfinished business of my own…….We will meet again…..
Marina: Can’t wait…..
Time: Till next time…..*Walks back into fog*
Marina: Thank you Time!
Time: *Smiles* My pleasure…..*Disappears*
Storm: *Looks at Marina and smiles*
Marina: Come on Storm.

Back at the school.
Sun goes down
Sonny: Find them?!
Zane: No.
Kai: Hey! There they are!
Ghostly: Marina! Storm! We were worried! *Hugs both*
Clark: Marina?! Whats with your hair!? Its never down!
Marina: New look…..*Thinking* On the inside to….*Smiles and walks to room*
Shy: Did she just smile? Storm what did you do?
Storm: *Smiles*
Sensei: *Walks in with Lloyd* I see Marina is back…. She seems different…Storm?
Storm: *Nods in agreement and looks at moon and sees girl fly past moon. Smiles*
Sensei: *Sees girl fly across moon also and smiles* Come…Let us eat….

By the way season 2 is over……SORRY IF IT WAS A SHORT SEASON! :wink:
~Zanelover :razz:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 6:51 PM

:!: :shock: UGH FORGOT THE NAME AGAIN!!! :oops: Its called A New Look Inside And Out. SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!! :lol:
~Zanelover :razz:


Zanelover October 1, 2014 at 6:53 PM

:shock: whoa…..Its weird when your like the only one posting stuff and all you see are your posts….Makes you feel like your taking up space :razz: LOL! By the way is anyone on????
~Zanelover :shock:


admin October 1, 2014 at 7:38 PM

You are posting on a very old thread. Ninjago fans moved to newer, fresher treads since then. Check out the Ninjago section. ;)


Zanelover October 2, 2014 at 1:39 PM

Season 3: Episode 1:

In a room at the school.
Sensei: That is what true potential is…
Sonny: Wow.
Clark: COOL!!
Marina: *Has her hair down due to season 2* Hmm.
Sensei: Well I guess we are done here.
Everyone walks out and into there rooms.

Girls room.
Marina: True potential. Hmm.
Shy: I wonder if it hurts.
Sonny: *Putting on her cowgirl hat* Probably not.
Storm: *Brushing her hair, nods in agreement to Sonny*
Nya: Of course it doesn’t! You might feel a little tired afterwards but it doesn’t hurt.
Shy: Oh good.

Boys room.
Clark: *Sitting on bed* Oh come on! *Looks under bed*
Cole: Something wrong?
Clark: I can’t find my contacts!
Kai: You can always wear your glasses.
Clark: There annoying. And i don’t know where they are.
Marina: *Standing in door swinging glasses around finger* Looking for these? *Throws to Kai*
Kai: Whoa! *Catches glasses and gives to Clark*
Clark: *Puts on green glasses* Thanks Kai.
Marina: Why do you always put them in my bag?
Clark: Cause most of the time i can’t see when i put them up.
Marina: Ok. But one day i’m going to break them, little warning. *Walks back to girls room*
Kai: *Sarcastically* She’s just a bowl full of sunshine!
Cole: Yea right. You know you like her. *Pushes Kai*
Kai: Do not! *Pushes Cole*
Zane: Ok no fighting.
Kai and Cole: Who asked you tin head?!
Jay: Hey rude.
Kai: Blabber mouth.
Jay: Hothead!
Kai: *Pushes jay*
Cole: *Laughs*
Jay: Dirt brain!
Clark: *Stares at all of them* Umm guys? Will you stop? Hello? GUYS!!!
Everyone looks at Clark.
Clark: Will you stop fighting?
Kai: Looks who’s talking four eyes!
Clark: *Pushes Kai*

Girls room.
Shy: Do you hear yelling?
Nya: There they go.
Sonny: It sounds like the boys.
Storm: *Nods and looks out door*
Ghostly: Man there loud!
Marina: I got this.

Boys room.
Boys fighting and crashing things around.
Jay: You must have dirt in your brain!
Cole: Yea say it again zap trap! *Punches Jay*
Kai: Bucket of bolts!
Zane: Hothead!
Clark: Stop!!
All boys except Clark: SHUT UP FOUR EYES!
Marina: *Standing at doorway* Hi guys.
Boys: *Looks at her*
Kai: What do you want?!
Marina: I want you all to SHUT UP!!! *Takes out triton and narrows eyes* Got it?
Cole: You can’t boss us!
Marina: *Walks to Cole and punches him to the wall* Oh really? *Puts triton at his neck*
Cole: I stand corrected.
Marina: *Throws Cole to other wall* Anyone else?
Boys: No ma’am.
Marina: Good..And if I hear one more peep your gonna have your mouth taped for a week! *Walks out of room*
Jay: *Whispers* Hothead.
Kai* Whispers Blabber mouth.
Marina:: *Yelling from in hall* What was that?!

Later at dinner.
Jay: *Sticks his tongue at Cole*
Marina: *Clears through very loud* Ahem.
Clark: *Plays with his food*
Sonny: Clark. Stop playing with your food and eat it!
Clark: Not hungry.
Ghostly: Thats a first.
Sonny: You ok?
Clark: Yea. *Pushes glasses back up*
Other boys except lloyd look at him.
Kai: Hey Clark….I’m sorry i called you four eyes.
Zane: Me to.
Cole: Me three.
Jay: Me four.
Clark: Its ok. *Plays with food*
Lloyd: *Eating* You *Chomp* Gonna eat *Smack* that? *Swallows*
Clark: *Laughs* No.
Lloyd: Good! *Takes Clarks food*
Ghostly: *Slaps Lloyds hand and takes plate* No way this is mine.
Lloyd: Hey!
Sonny: *yelling* Its none of yours! *Takes plate and gives to Clark* Eat! Now!
Clark: Ok sheesh. *Eats*
Everyone eats.
Alarm goes off.
Lloyd: Thats my cue! Hey guys want to come help?
Kai: You bet we do! NINAGOOOOO
Ninja change into there outfits and go out door.
Sensei: WAIT! Let the new ones go with you.
Ninja: Huh?!
Marina: Huh?
Sonny: What?
Shy: Umm we’re good.
Storm: *Shakes head no to sensei*
Clark: Come on guys! It’ll be cool! *Pushes glasses back up*
Sensei: I was going to wait….but this seems like a good time…*Takes out boxes and hands to each one*
Marina: *Opens box and sees Teal ninja suit* Whoa.
Sonny: *Opens box and sees yellow ninja suit* Oh cool! My favorite color! And it matches my hat!
Shy: *Takes out purple ninja suit* Oh pretty.
Storm: *Takes out navy blue and black suit and smiles*
Ghostly: *Takes out grey suit* Oh yeah!
Clark: *Takes out peach ninja suit* Peach? Cool!
Sonny: Peach is his favorite color. Though sometimes he says other whys.
Sensei: And now…..NINJAGOOO!!! *Does spinjitzu and ninja appear in there new ninja suits*
Sonny: What was that?
Kai: Its called Spinjitzu you’ll learn it soon enough.
Ghostly: What are we waiting for?! LETS GO!
Everyone runs out door except Lloyd.
Lloyd: *Looks at Ghostly*
Sensei: Is something wrong? *Smiles*
Lloyd: Uhh Nope! *Runs out embarrassedly*

Ninjago city bank.
Marina: Robbers huh? I hate those guys.
Sonny: Don’t they ever learn?
Kai: I know right?
Ghostly: Enough chit chat lets just fight!
Everyone takes out there weapons and fights the robbers.
Ghostly: Hey Sonny you want to “Wrap this up”?
Sonny: You bet. *Takes out rope* YEEEHAW! *Swings rope and ties robbers together*
Jay: Wrap it up, Ha! Thats a good one!
Marina: Hey ones getting away!
Everyone chases the robber.
Clark: Got ya! *Tackles robber* Don’t you know crime doesn’t pay?
Girl in mask: Maybe.
Clark: That voice….*Sees glimpse of hair and gasps*
Girl in mask: *Flips Clark over* Buh bye.
Clark: *Just watches her doesn’t even try to get her*
Zane: Where is she?
Lloyd: Yea Clark!
Clark: She..She got away.
Kai: Its ok. Till next time!
Ghostly: Thats right! Cause next time we’re gonna do this! *Kicks air* Hiyah! Right?
Lloyd: *Looks at her dazedly* Yea….
Everyone walks back.
Kai: You coming Lloyd?
Lloyd: Huh? Oh yea!

Back at the school in the boys room.
Cole: Hey Lloyd. You like that ghost girl don’t you?
Lloyd: DO NOT!
Kai: Yea right! We saw your face back there!
Lloyd: Oh umm. *Makes face like this :oops: *
Jay: aww little Lloyd has a girlfriend.
Lloyd: Whatever! Lets go to sleep.
Cole: Goodnight Lover boy.

To be continued….
~Zanelover :cool:


Zanelover October 2, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Could you tell me one of the new threads?? There are so many….:shock: If so thanks….Hopefully i can just paste my stories on.. :neutral: Anyways thanks! :wink:
~Zanelover :razz:


admin October 2, 2014 at 9:56 PM

Yeah, as you said there are quite a few. Maybe I should create a section just for Ninjago story writers. I will think about that…


Wolfgirl October 5, 2014 at 10:56 PM

It’d be awesome if there was a section just for Ninjago writers.
I’ve completely stopped writing my stories, but I’ve been thinking of starting a new one.


admin October 6, 2014 at 10:46 AM

OKay, I will think about that.


Zanelover October 2, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Well in the meantime i’m gonna have some fun writing! :lol:

Previously on ninjago.
The new ninja get ninja suits.
Boys talking to Clark: SHUT UP FOUR EYES! *Fighting*
Clark: *Playing with his food*
Alarm goes off.
Marina: Robbers? I hate those guys.
Marina: Ones getting away!
Clark: Got ya *tackles robber* Don’t you know crime doesn’t pay?
Girl in mask: Maybe. *Flips Clark over*
Clark: That voice.
Cole: Hey Lloyd you like that ghost girl right?
Cole: Goodnight lover boy

Ninjago Theme song. :wink:
Season 3: Episode 2: A Boring Yet Not Boring Night

Morning goes by as usual.
That night.
Boys room.
Only Clark is in the room.
Clark: *Staring out window and thinking* That voice….It was so…Familiar.
Sensei: Is something wrong Clark?
Clark: *Jumps* AHHH! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?
Sensei: It is a gift. Is something wrong?
Clark: No.
Sensei: Then hurry before the burgers are gone! *Runs downstairs*
Clark: Ok.

Break room. (Dining room)
Clark: *Eating his food*
Everyone is quiet.
Cole: *Shoves Lloyd with his elbow and looks at Ghostly*
Lloyd: *Looks like this at Cole :mad: *
Sonny: So umm. Quite some robbery last night huh Clark? *Slaps Clark on back and makes him choke on his food*
Clark: *Choking and finally swallows*
Sonny: Oops sorry.
Clark: Its ok. *Hits chest trying to make self feel better* I’m fine, I think.
Ghostly: Zane your a real good cook!
Zane: Thanks Ghostly.
Lloyd: *Takes bite of burger* So…
Kai: This is a little boring. Usually we’re yelling and talking and having fun. Whats the deal?
Sonny: I don’t know. I tried.
Shy: I guess we just aren’t in the mood.
Storm: *Points to mouth and laughs*
Nya: Haha! We know you can’t talk! *Laughs*
Clark: Yea we need some fun!
Marina: You want fun? I’ll give you fun. *Takes glasses from Clark*
Clark: Hey! I can’t see! *Trips over chair* oh come on. When i said fun this is not what i had in mind.
Marina: *Dangles glasses above Clarks head* Want them? You gotta catch them! *Throws to Storm*
Storm: *Catches glasses and sticks tongue out :razz: then throws them to Kai.*
Kai: *Catches glasses and puts them on* Look i’m Clark. *Takes off and throws to Cole*
Cole: *Catches glasses* Poor Clark.
Clark: Give them back! *Tries to take them from Cole but trips*
Cole: Sorry but no. *Throws to Ghostly*
Ghostly: Hehe. *Disappears in rafters and appears by Lloyd and hands him glasses. Then disappears in rafters and appears back by Shy.*
Lloyd: *Throws in air*
Sonny: *Grabs them while there in air* Will you guys stop? *Bends down and puts them on Clark and helps him up* You ok?
Clark: Yea.
Ghostly: *Disappears in rafters and appears by Sonny and takes her Cowgirl hat. disappears in rafters and appears by Shy again* Hey look here! I’m a cowgirl. *Puts on hat* Yeehaw.
Sonny: *Gasp and makes this face :mad: and takes Ghostly’s amulet* Oh yea vamp girl!
Ghostly: *Wings and fangs appear and eyes turn black* Oh come on! At least i only took a hat! *Throws hat to Kai*
Kai: *Catches* Someone lose a hat? *Laughs*
Sonny: *Throws amulet to Marina*
Marina: *Catches* Cool. *Waves in front of Ghostly’s eyes* Go fetch! *Throws to Cole*
Cole: *Catches* Oh yea epic! *Puts on*
Ghostly: NO!
Cole: Huh? *Amulet flies off and black smoke explodes* HEY! *coughs*
Ghostly: *Laughing head off* I love when that happens!! *Amulet flies onto Ghostly’s neck and her wings and fangs disappear and her eyes turn grey* There Who’s next?
Sensei: *Chuckles* Ok ok. Give everyone there stuff and go to bed*
Ninja: Yes Sensei…

Girls room.
Sonny: *Puts up cowgirl hat* Well. Who started that anyways?
Marina: Me! But technically it was Clark he did say he wanted fun.
Storm: *Nods in agreement*
Sonny: By the way, Ghostly, do you think that Lloyd kid likes you? He always stares at you.
Ghostly: Really? I didn’t notice.
Storm: *Nods and makes heart shape with her hands*
Ghostly: *Crosses arms* Stop that.
Sonny: Come on! You must have noticed something!
Ghostly: Well….
Sonny: *Gasp* You like him don’t you!?
Ghostly: Nope.
Sonny: Come on admit it! Marina back me up!
Marina: Umm ok? *Grabs Sonny and pulls her backwards off the bed* Back enough?
Marina: I know. And I think Ghostly should decide whether she likes him or not.
Ghostly: Thank you!
Marina: *Makes heart with hands*
Storm: *Laughs*
Ghostly: Seriously Marina?
Shy: *Giggles*
Ghostly: Goodnight!
Other girls except Storm: Night lover girl!
Ghostly: SHUT UP! *Throws pillow at them all*
Other girls: *Laughs*

To be continued…..
~Zanelover :grin:


Zanelover October 3, 2014 at 11:18 PM

Previously on Ninjago.
Clark: We need some fun.
Marina: You want fun? I’ll give you fun! *Takes Clarks glasses*
Everyone starts taking things and fighting.
Sensei: *Chuckling* Ok bed time.
Everyone: Yes Sensei.
Sonny: Hey Ghostly i think that Lloyd kid likes you.
Ghostly: Well…
Sonny: *Gasp* You like him don’t you?!
Ghostly: NO! JUST GO TO BED!
Other girls except Storm: Goodnight lover girl!
Ghostly: SHUT UP! *Throws pillows at them all*

Ninjago Theme Song. :mrgreen:

Season 3: Episode 3: A Robber Reunion.

In a hidden house.
Girl in mask: Ok boys. Some of our guys have been taken to jail. And that is unacceptable! *Slams fist on table* And what are we gonna do about it?
Guy 1: Umm. Rob?
Girl: NO! We are going to get revenge! On the ninja! And then we will release our boys. GOT IT?
Boys: Yes Ma’am!
Girl: Lets get ready. *Smirks and puts down plan*

At the school.
Kai: Hmm.
Lloyd: What you thinking about?
Kai: About the robber that got away. I don’t think he’s done yet. Hey Clark!
Clark: *Looks through door* Yea?
Kai: Was there anything weird about that robber?
Clark: *Becomes silent* Well…It was a girl..
Kai and Lloyd: A GIRL?!
Cole: A girl what?
Zane: *Walks in with Cole* Do tell.
Lloyd: The robber that got away was a girl!
Cole and Zane: A GIRL?!
Lloyd and Kai: Thats what we said!
Kai: Anything else Clark?
Clark: *Is silent for a moment* Nope! *Walks out of room*
Cole: *Waits for him to walk out* There is something else.
Zane: What?
Cole: He just doesn’t want to say it.
Lloyd: But why not?
Cole: I don’t know.
Kai: Well we aren’t gonna figure it out by standing here! Lets follow him!
The boy ninja follow Clark out the door and all the way into ninjago city!

Ninjago City.
Clark: *Walks to the alley where he tackled the girl robber* Hmm. *Looks around*
Lloyd: *Hiding with other boy ninja and whispering* Whats he doing?
Kai: *Whispering* Shh. And I don’t know.
Clark: *Sees something and picks up pink hair bow* Huh? *Looks at carefully and stuffs in pocket and walks back*
Other guys: *Hide while he walks away and follows him*

Back at the school in a room.
The boys stopped following him.
Cole: He put something in his pocket. I wonder what.
Kai: One why to find out! Does anyone know how to pick pocket?
Everyone was quiet.
Jay: I do.
Everyone stared at him.
Cole: You do?
Jay: What? You don’t everything about me!
Kai: Anyways. We’ll distract him while you take whatever it was out of his pocket.

In the boys room.
Cole: Hey Clark! Can you watch this new dance move i came up with?
Clark: Umm ok?
Cole: *Does this crazy dance with Kai and Zane* Ratatata Hey! Ratatatata! Hey!
Clark: *Has a look like this :?: * Umm. Bravo?
Jay: *Secretly takes bow out of Clarks pocket and gives the guys a thumbs up then leaves*
Cole: Well thats it!
Clark: Uhh. Ok?
Cole: *Him, Kai and Zane walk out the door* That was humiliating.
Kai: I’ll say!
Jay: Got it! *Shows pink hair bow*
Cole: A bow?
Kai: Hmm weird. Lets tell Nya to scan it.

Room with lots of computers.
Nya: I have thoroughly scanned it and it has a lot of dust on it. Which means the person who wears it must be in a dusty place! Where did you get it?
Jay: Umm….
Kai: The alley! Where the girl robber got away!
Nya: Girl?
Zane: Clark said it was a girl.
Nya: Oh. Then maybe it belongs to her! That means maybe her hideout is the old Milestone Garage! No one has been in there for years!
Cole: Awesome! Thanks Nya!
Nya: Welcome. *Gives bow*
Lloyd: Lets go get some robbers!
Kai: We can’t tell Clark though so you go tell the girls!
Zane: Ok.

Later that night beside the garage.
Sonny: Why didn’t we tell Clark?
Kai: Well….
Marina: Well what?
Cole: We kinda….Took this from him when he wasn’t looking…*Shows hair bow*
Shy: I hair bow?
Zane: We think it belongs to the girl robber!
Girls: GIRL?!
Kai: Yep Clark said it was a girl! And we think this is her hideout.
Everyone takes out there weapons and burst through the garage door.
Guy robber 1: BOSS! THE NINJA! THERE HERE!!!
Girl: What?! Get them!
Everyone starts fighting and the ninja are winning.

At the school.
Clark: Hey Nya! Where is everyone?
Nya: Huh? I thought they went to stop the robbers at the Milestone Garage! They didn’t tell you? They found a hair bow.
Clark: Hair bow? Was it pink!?
Nya: I believe so.
Clark: *Checks pockets* UGH they took it from me!
Nya: What?! Oh man! You better go out there.
Clark: Runs out door.

Back at the garage.
Kai: NINJAGOOOO! *Does spinjitzu and knocks ten robbers down*
Sonny: YEEHAW! *Ropes robbers and ties them up*
Marina: Oh hey! *Punches robber in face*
Ghostly: *Disappears and appears by two robber* Boo. *Kicks both and jumps down*
Cole and Zane: *Knocks down about four robbers*
Jay: *Zaps two robbers* I think thats all of them! Except! HER!
Girl: *Takes out gun and points it at Sonny* Sorry not this time.
Clark: *Runs in with his ninja suit on* Sonny?! Oh no you don’t! *Takes out spear* Put down the gun.
Girl in mask: And why would i do that? *Points gun at Sonny*
Clark: Cause i know you. *Takes off mask*
Girl in mask: *Keeps gun pointed at Sonny, and looks shocked then turn her head* I don’t know you!
Clark: I beg to differ….Candy.
Girl in mask: How do you know my name?
Clark: Like i said i know you.
Candy: *Keeps gun at Sonny* Who are you?
Clark: Maybe this will help you remember. *Throws box of butterball candies at girl*
Candy: *Drops gun and catches candy* Clark?
Clark: *Smiles* Thats me.
Candy: Its really you?
Kai: Ok this is heart warming and all but WHO IS SHE?!
Clark: Guys..This is Candy…My sister.
Other ninja: YOUR SISTER?!?!
Candy: Yep. *Takes off mask. Very light brown hair and green eyes show.* I didn’t think i would ever see you again after i was kidnapped.
Cole: But…Doesn’t she still have to be arrested?
Clark: *Looks at him like this :sad: *
Kai: Maybe not. I believe this is yours. *Gives pink hair bow* There is one way you can not be arrested. You have to join us.
Everyone including Candy: WHAT?!
Candy: Well I don’t know…
Clark: Please??? PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!
Candy: Ok. *Smiles* You do have candy right??
Ghostly: *Laughs*
Kai: *Facepalms*
Storm: *Shoves Ghostly with her elbow and looks at Lloyd*
Ghostly: *Has face like this :mad: *

Back at the school.
Candy: Whoa. So this is where you live?
Clark: Yep. Pretty cool huh.
Candy: This beats a dumpster any day.
Kai: Dumpster?
Clark: When we were kids we would sometimes live in alleys by dumpsters.
Cole: Oh.
Lloyd: I don’t know about you guys but i’m tired.
Sensei: Good cause its bed time.
Everyone except Candy: Yes sensei.
Candy: Who is he?
Zane: Sensei Wu.
Sensei: Hello nice to meet you.
Candy: Hi i’m Clarks sister Candy!
Sensei: You must be tired. You may sleep with Nya.
Marina: You can have my bed.
Candy: Nah. I like sleeping outside. I’m used to it i guess. *Takes stuff outside and lays down on grass*
Sonny: She is a little umm weird.
Clark: Nah. She’s just Candy.
Everyone goes to bed.

To be continued….
~Zanelover :mrgreen:


Wolfgirl October 5, 2014 at 10:53 PM

Cool. I just finished reading all of your stories, and I think they are interesting. I really like the story line, can’t wait to find out what happens next. :)


Zanelover October 7, 2014 at 12:18 PM

Oh my gosh just saw your post Wolfgirl thank you so much! that makes me really happy! :lol:
~Zanelover :grin:


Zanelover October 11, 2014 at 9:18 PM

OH MY GOSH!!! I just looked at episode 3 and its super long LOL :lol:
Anyways……….What time is it???? STORY TIME LOL. I’m going to do a new way to do the Previously on Ninjago cause its not working. So here goes nothing!

Kai: Previously on Ninjago. An alarm went off in the school. A couple of robbers were robbing a bank. Me and the other 3 ninja were heading out when Sensei Wu said to take the other 6 with them. He gave them new ninja costumes. Clark, Peach. Marina, Teal. Ghostly, Grey. Storm, Smoky Blue. Shy, Purple. Sonny, Yellow. We went out but one was about to get away. Clark chased her but let her get away. A few days later me and the other 3 ninja follow Clark and steals a bow he had picked up from him. We took everyone with us. (Except Nya, Sensei, and Clark) And went to stop the robbers. Clark found out and followed them. It turned out the leader Robber was Clarks Sister, Candy. She joined us and hopefully her teammates won’t return. Hmm. But who was she working for?

Ninjago Theme Song. :grin:

Season 3: Episode 4: Candy Has An Element??

The next morning.
Marina: *leaning over Clark and yells in his ear* WAKE UP!
Clark: *Jumps up* THE ANSWER IS 24!!!! *Everyone stared at him* Umm. Never mind.
Kai: Your gonna miss the food.
Clark: Five more minutes. *Covers head with pillow*
Everyone walks out the door except Marina.
Marina: Oh yea. Sonny’s cooking today. *Walks out door smirking*
Clark: *Jumps up* HEY WAIT FOR ME! *Rushes clothes on and runs downstairs.

Downstairs in Break room (Dining room as well)
Sonny: Ok guys. I made Blueberry, Cherry, or Peach, waffles. With Orange juice, Milk, or Soda. Oh yea. And a Peach Cobbler for dessert.
Clark: Mm. I love her…..Umm Peach cobbler. *Eats food fast trying to change subject*
Marina: Ok. Sonny you did great!
Zane: Yes. Almost better then my cooking!
Lloyd, Kai, and Cole: AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH! *Eating really fast*
Storm: *Looks at Clark her face looked confused like this :?: *
Clark: Your right. Where is Candy?
Shy: Oops. I forgot to wake her up. *Walks out door slowly*
Everyone could hear Candy from outside.
Candy: Five more minutes! *Rolls over on grass*
Shy: *Looks through door and shrugs her arms not knowing what to do*
Clark: *Yells* THERE’S CANDY!!!!
Candy: *Zoomed in so fast it felt like time had stopped* WHERE!?!?
Clark: *Looks around and grabs Lloyds bowl of candy* Here. *Gives bowl to Candy*
Lloyd: HEY!! THATS MINE!!!
Candy: To bad! Win some you lose some! *Stuffs mouth with candy*
Marina: Umm. I would ask her if she wants some breakfast….But i’m afraid she might bite my finger off.
Everyone laughed.
Candy: What? *Looks up with chocolate all over her*

Sensei Wu’s room.
Sensei: Hmm. She has an element. I feel it. But its not and element i have seen before. What is it. Hmm.
Kai: Hey Sensei! Could you help us Speed up the computer. Its going Slow again.
Sensei: *Snapping out of concentration* Oh what? Oh yes yes of course. Later.
Kai: Yes sensei. *Walks out of room*
Sensei: *Back in concentration* Wait. *Black smoke from bowl rises* Hmm.

Black Smoke Picture.
At the robbery (Before they found Candy)
Clark: Don’t you know crime doesn’t pay?
Girl in mask: Maybe. *Flips Clark over super fast and zooms away*
Kai: Whoa! She is gone!
Clark: She…She got away.
Cole: That fast?!

Today (Black smoke)
Clark: THERE IS CANDY!!!! (the real candy not the girl :lol: )
Candy: *Zooms in so fast seems like time stops* Where?
Black smoke stops.

Sensei’s room.
Sensei: Of course. Her element is nothing we…..I have ever seen. Her element. Is Speed.
Candy: *Zooms in* Hey Sensei! We really need your help with the computer!
Sensei: Yes of course. *Walks in computer room*

Computer Room.
Sensei: Put that there. And i will get this, Nya tighten that bolt please. Jay, Your good with machines fix those wires. Ok we have it! And now. I have news…..Good news.
Everyone gathered around Sensei.
Sensei: I have discovered Candy’s element.
Candy: Element?
Clark: We all have elements….Well except maybe Nya.
Nya: *Glares at Clark* Yea all the Ninja have elements.
Candy: Whoa whoa! I am not a ninja!
Sensei: Actually. You are. If you were not. Then you would not have an element.
Candy: Ok. So what is it.
Sensei: It is unlike any element i have seen. It is Speed.
Everyone: SPEED?!
Kai: Speed?
Cole: Thats an element?!
Zane: She is a ninja?!
Jay: Is there a color for that?!
Everyone stares at Jay.
Sonny: Thats your question?
Marina: Out of all the questions in the world. You ask about the color?
Jay: Well sorry!
Sensei: Ok i shall answer them all in order. Yes, Yes, Yes, and Orange.
Everyone was surprised, especially Candy and Clark.
Clark: Cool!
Candy: Umm. Yea. Cool?
Clark: Yea! Being a ninja is awesome!
Candy: Well….Ok. *Pushes piece of hair out of face*

To be continued.
Sorry if the Previously On Ninjago is to long. There is a lot to say though LOL.
~Zanelover :grin:


Zanelover October 11, 2014 at 9:21 PM

Ok By the way Wolfgirl? Admin? Someone? Is anyone on? Mr. Nobody?
Ok nevermind. I’m starting a new thing. Wolfgirl i read the post about R.A.N.D.O.M NEWS and i’m making something similar. Except its called.
I will make it very soon. (Like right now) yea very soon. :cool:
~No sign cause I don’t feel like it


Wolfgirl October 16, 2014 at 12:49 AM

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about The Great Ninjago Parody.
I’ll have to start writing that sometime. :lol:


Zanelover October 11, 2014 at 9:34 PM

Clark: *Interrupts* HEY! I thought i got to do the intro!
Nya: Kai! Let Clark do the intro!
Kai: Fine.
Clark: HI! AND WELCOME TO NINJAGO RANDOMNESS!!! I’m Super Man and this is my sidekick……kai.
Kai: *Facepalms* Anyways! Today we have learned that a giant tomato is attacking ninjago. Cole! Report.
Cole: Yes! A giant tomato is attacking ninjag0 and turning people into tomatoes! WE NEED THE NINJA!!!
Kai: *Epic facepalm* Cole. We are the ninja.
Cole: *Embarrassed face like this :shock: * Oh ummm NOW ZANE WITH THE WEATHER!!
Zane: Yes. Today we have a slight chance of….Milk, Potatoes, Cookies, Candy, and waffles.
Kai Cole and Clark: What?!
Zane: Its what the script says!!! *Waves paper around*
Sonny: Oops sorry thats my shopping list! Here is the real weather! *Takes shopping list and hands weather paper*
Zane: Thank you. Now today’s weather is…..*Drumrolls* Sunny. *Lightning crashes. Zane looks outside and face palms*
Everyone: GHOSTLY!!
Ghostly: *Typing on typewriter.* WHAT?! You try typing on something a hundred years old! WHY CAN”T WE GET A COMPUTER?!|
Nya: We don’t have the budget!!!
Shy: *Soft voice* Oops.
Everyone starts fighting.
Clark: Umm Well thats all for today folks! Tune in next time! *Whispers* Or not. *Looks at fighting*
Jay: HEY I DIDN”T GET MY CLOSE UP!!!! WAIT!!!! *Everything goes black* Guys? Hello?? Is anyone there??
Sensei: Yes.

Well thats it!!! Tune in next time on The horror of a sensei…..WAIT A SECOND. THIS IS THE WRONG SCRIPT I MEANT!!! NINJAGO RANDOMNESS!!!
~No sign cause i’m trying to fix the script :lol:


Zanelover October 12, 2014 at 11:42 PM

Ok Have you ever wondered what Sensei Wu does AFTER The battles have been fought? Well. If so, this is what he does. By the way this is the only one that will be made so far. This will be added into the story WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY LATER like 4 or 3 seasons later :mrgreen:
The Secrets Of Sensei’s

School, 2:00 O’clock in the morning.
Sensei: Hmm. *Looks at moon and looks around* Its Time. *Jumps out window and runs*
Ninago city, 2:34 O’Clock in the morning.
Sensei: Hmm. *Sees person standing at lamppost wearing a Brown overcoat and a black hat with her brown hair in a bun, with black glasses and a briefcase.* There she is.
Girl: Sensei. *Bows head*
Sensei: Do you have it?
Girl: Yes. *Looks around and gives black briefcase.* Here. It tells you where to find him. I have to go. Till we meet again. *Smiles*
Sensei: of course. *Walks away*

Cafe, 2:56 O’Clock in the morning.
Sensei: Hmm. *Opens briefcase and looks at paper.* Aha! *Whispers to self* The place, the first ninja master was ever seen, the place where the first ninja ever trained, the place where the first villains were defeated, the place where the time first stopped. Hmm. Of course. The Ruins Of Time. *Walks out*

Tea shop, 3:21 in the morning.
Sensei: Hello again. I need Time Tea.
Old lady: We don’t have that here.
Sensei: *Lays down coins* As i said I would like some Time Tea.
Old lady: *Glares at and walks to back and pours tea.* Here.

Time Ruins, 3: 56 O’Clock in the morning.
Sensei: Hello! I know you are here. Come out.
Very old man: *Walks in with cane* Ahh. Sensei Wu. I was not expecting your visit.
Sensei: *Smiles* Oh yes you were. You can see the future can’t you?
Old man: Yes. What has brought you here.
Sensei: You know that as well. But ok. I have come to talk.
Old man: About the guardians.
Sensei: Yes. And the ninja. They are still protected am i correct?
Old man: Yes. They are. *Moves cane to side and black smoke appears and makes picture.* This is Zane’s guardian. Someone he would never suspect.
The smoke shows a small dalmation puppy with a blue collar that says Domino. Picture changes* As you know….Cole and Kai’s guardian is Deceased. But Domino, Zane’s guardian has taken over as Cole’s guardian also. Kai’s guardian was taken over by Jay’s guardian. *Picture appears of a lady about 66 or something like that with brown hair worn down* Jay and Kai’s guardian, Melissa. Also known as Jay’s aunt. Anymore questions?
Sensei: Yes. The dark guardians.
Old man: Ahh yes. The dark guardians. They are still alive! But as long as one guardian is alive the dark guardians will not try anything….Hopefully. That is all correct?
Sensei: Correct.
Old man: Remember the ninja do not know and will not know until the time is right. Now you may leave. *Walks back into temple*
Sensei: Of course. *Walks back to school*

School, 4: 45 O’Clock in the morning.
Sensei: *Yawns* Well my time to sleep. *Goes to sleep on bed*

Till next time!


Wolfgirl October 16, 2014 at 12:11 AM

Awesome stories Zanelover. I have a busy schedule and am not on much but I take the time to come on here and read peoples stories and posts.


Wolfgirl October 16, 2014 at 8:26 PM

So I’ve decided to write a special Ninjago story for Halloween.
I’m just calling it NZ for now but I might change the name later, anyway enjoy the first part(Which is really just a teaser)

It was like any other day in Ninjago, the streets were packed with busy people, and there was a calm north wind. Nya and Jay were browsing a nearby shop; Zane was looking at a store while talking to Cole who was leaning against a street lamp, Kai was beside Cole, and Sensei Wu was back at the bounty. It was such a beautiful day, and we totally deserved the day off, but even after all I’ve been through I would’ve have expected what happened next…
(To Be Continued…)


Wolfgirl October 19, 2014 at 3:14 AM

I’m now calling it NZ Apocalypse (Ninjago Zombie Apocalypse)
NZ- The day it began-
“I just don’t see the point in coming all the way out here.” Kai said, obviously irritated by something.
“Just because some people don’t like it here in the middle of Ninjago City, doesn’t mean all of us don’t.” Cole replied, crossing his arms and leaning more against the streetlamp.
“I don’t mind being here; it’s just too crowded.”
“What would you expect; this is Ninjago’s biggest and most populated city.” Zane said turning halfway around to look Kai in the eye.
“I know that.” Kai said as a scowl spread out across his face.
I laughed. “Kai, are you getting claustrophobic all of a sudden?”
“No, I just don’t like all this waiting around.”
“Patience, Kai.” Zane replied.
“Yeah, just relax. This is our first real day off in a while.” Cole spoke up.
“Says the only guy whose tense.”
“I’m not tense.” Cole retorted.
“I think Kai’s right; you need to learn how to relax more.” Zane said.
“Maybe you should take a lesson from Jay.” I snickered.
“I can relax.” Cole huffed.
“Right…” Kai rolled his eyes. “…That’s why you look so chill right now.”
Cole decided to give up; he already knew Kai was going to bug him if he continued on with the conversation.
“So Zane, what are you doing?” I asked.
“Well… I was about to enter this store; seeing that we needed a few more supplies for the week…”
“…It’d be a lot easier and less expensive if we just went to a regular grocery store.” Kai butted in.
“It’s actually a lot easier to find what you need in stores like this one and in regards to expenses I am aware there will only be a small increase in price but you would get better quality items.” Zane said matter-of-factly.
“It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic.” Cole sighed.
“It would only take 4.1 minutes, unless I get held up at the cash register or blocked in an aisle…” Zane placed a finger on his chin, deep in thought.
Cole looked up, his eyes slowly met mine. “Lloyd, do you mind going with Zane?”
“Not at all.” I replied.
“Ok, I’ll stay out here with Kai, you two can handle things on your own.”
“-But Cole, if Lloyd also accompanies me it will take an even longer time grocery shopping than if I went alone.”
Cole blinked a few times before speaking. “…And you where the one to tell me I needed to relax…” He uncrossed his arms and ran a hand through his slick black hair. “…just take Lloyd with you.”
With those last words Zane and I silently walked into the store. For a store this size I was surprised to only see a few people walking around, Zane walked into an aisle and began browsing the shelves.
“Is there anything in particular we’re looking for?” I asked Zane.
“We’re running low on bread, and we also need a few more ingredients for tonight’s meal.”
“Right…” How could I forget it was Zane’s night to cook?
“Alright, this is everything. Nothing needs to be refrigerated so we can walk around the city some more, as long as the bread doesn’t get smashed.” Zane said, walking up to the cash register and paying for the groceries.
We left the store and found Cole and Kai waiting for us. Kai eyed us intently, and then he turned his head and crossed his arms.
“I guess I was wrong, we got out in 3 minutes.” Zane said.
“Did you get everything you needed?” Cole asked.
“Don’t even bother asking them, of course they got everything.” Kai spoke, still looking the other way.
“Someone’s real friendly today.” Jay laughed, walking up to us with Nya by his side.
“We’re done looking around.” Nya said.
“Ok, finally. Can we leave now?” Kai asked.
“No way, we just got here!” Jay exclaimed.
“Can you stomach five more minutes? There’s someplace I want to go.” Cole said.
“I also wish to go somewhere.” Zane replied.
“Oh, me too; I forgot they have a sale today!” Jay shouted excitedly.
“It’d be nice if I could find a quiet café around here.” Nya nodded in agreement.
“Alright, everyone pretty much has someplace they want to go.” Cole declared.
“Let us meet up in this spot approximately an hour from now.” Zane told everyone.
Everyone left, Jay went with Nya, and Zane headed in the direction Cole was going. Kai and I were the only ones still standing around.
Kai turned to me. “You want to go somewhere?”
“Nowhere in particular.” I said.
“Me either.”
“I suppose we could head to that new place that opened recently.” I suggested.
“I guess that beats just standing around here doing nothing. Lead the way.”
Just then the ground started to shake and people around us started to panic, the air filled with horrified screams as people started running away. I didn’t have time to look at what they were running from, Kai shoved me to the ground and everything around me turned pitch black.
(To Be Continued…)


Zanelover October 20, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Oh my gosh just saw your story Wolfgirl it is epic! Sorry i haven’t been on lately i have been watching Teen titans and ninja turtles :lol: But anyways I’m in the mood to write some more. By the way Do you like the new “Previous on Ninjago”? I think it works much better then the old way. I’ll Start writing after I eat. :grin:
~Zanelover :mrgreen:


Wolfgirl October 21, 2014 at 1:06 PM

Yeah, if you’re like me who always seems to forget things; saying what previously happened is a helpful reminder.


Zanelover October 20, 2014 at 3:36 PM

Ok umm remember when i said i was gonna add the Sensei’s secret story in with these stories way way way later? Well change of plans!

Clark: Previously On Ninjago. Ok so I finally found my lost sister Candy who was kidnapped as a kid! I am so excited to see her and now it turns out she has an element! Speed. I know, cool, right? But she doesn’t seem to be happy about it. I wonder whats wrong.

Ninjago Theme Song.

Season 3: Episode 5: Cole and Candy sitting in a tree.

Candy: *Walking with Clark out of training room* So.
Clark: Candy! Aren’t you excited? You have an element! So your a ninja! Like me!
Candy: Yea. A ninja.
Clark: *Stops walking* You don’t seem very happy about it.
Candy: I guess. It just takes getting used to. *Walks outside*
Clark: Well ok. *Walks back inside training room to see everyone training*
Marina: Hey where’s Candy?
Clark: Outside. I don’t think she wants to train right now.
Sonny: Why? Is she not happy?
Shy: Maybe she is sick.
Kai: Or maybe she doesn’t appreciate ninja! *Kicks dummy hanging on wall*
Cole: What makes you say that? *Jumping over obstacles*
Kai: I mean, she was a robber! Robbers don’t like Ninja.
Cole: *Walks up to Kai* Well maybe she’s different!
Kai: Bad guys don’t change!
Cole: First of all, she is a girl! Second of all, They can. What Lord Garmadon? He is a sensei!
Kai: Yea but he didn’t have a choice! She wanted to be evil!
Cole: You don’t know that! *Pushes Kai*
Kai: Why do you care?! *Pushes Cole*
Cole: Cause everyone deserves a chance! *Tackles kai*
A fight between Cole and Kai broke out as the others watched.
Ghostly: Should we stop them?
Marina: No. Let them get it out of there system. Come on lets go eat.
Clark: Hey guys! You better come eat lunch!
Cole: *Stops fighting* We can finish this later.
Kai: Agreed. *Walks out*

Break room/Dining room.
Everyone was silent.
Clark: So where is Candy?
Shy: Outside still.
Everything went silent again.
Sensei Wu: Did something happen? *Looks at everyone*
Cole: Yea. Kai started talking bad about Candy.
Kai: No! I just think its not right to have a Robber living with us! And now she is a ninja?! That doesn’t work!
Cole: Yea it does!
Kai: She is a criminal! And Criminals don’t change!
Everyone mouths opened wide except Kai and Cole’s
Cole: What?
Marina: *Pointing to the door*
Candy stood in the doorway with wood in her hands for the fireplace. She looked as if she was about to cry.
Cole: Candy.. He didn’t mean any of that!
Candy put the wood down and ran back outside.
Clark: Candy!
Cole: Now look what you did Bozo! *Gets up and walks back outside* Candy!
Candy: *Stands on porch and leans on post* What?
Cole: Look he didn’t mean it!
Candy: Yes he did. And he’s right. I’m a criminal, and its all I ever will be. *Looks down as her light brown hair covered one of her Ocean blue eyes.*
Cole: Listen you can be more then a robber.
Candy: How?
Cole: I’m….not sure.
Candy: See its hopeless.
Cole: *Thinks for a moment* Candy. Do you love your brother?
Candy: Of course.
Cole: Then you are already good.
Candy: Really? *Looked up at Cole with her blue eyes*
Cole: Really. *Smiles*
Candy: Thanks Cole. *Hugs*
Cole: *Blinks a few times and looks like this :shock: and then smiles again* Your welcome.

Later that night in the boys room.
Jay: How did you get Candy to come back in?
Cole: I just told her she was already good.
Zane: That is very nice of you Cole.
Kai: Yea yea yada yada.
Cole: *Glares at Kai sternly* And She is.
Clark: Yea Kai! And by the way don’t forget you were the reason she ran out in the first place.
Kai: FIne. Maybe she is a little good.
Cole: Thank you.
Lloyd: You know you spent quite a few minutes out there with Candy. Is she your girlfriend? *He said sort of sly and smirked* Now I know why you guys do that to me!
Cole: Yea its fun to say, and no.
Kai: Well you were interested in stopping me for calling her a villain.
Jay: And you have been staring at her a lot.
Zane: I do agree.
Cole: SHUT UP!!! Clark help me out on this!
Clark: I don’t know…..You do seem to like my sister.

Girls room.
Sonny: You ok Candy?
Candy: Yea i’m fine. Cole made me feel better.
Ghostly: *Hangs upside down on rafter* Boo. By the way what did he say anyways?
Candy: He said I was good.
Marina: Thats all? There must have been more. Even Shy wouldn’t come in if that was the only thing he said.
Shy: She has a point….
Nya: Oh yea and i’m so sorry about my brother. He can be a pain sometimes.
Marina: *Laughs quietly*
Everyone stared at her with faces like this :shock:
Sonny: Did….did……did you just laugh?
Shy: You….You never laugh.
Ghostly: *Jumps down and walks to Marina* Ok! What have you done with Marina?!
Marina: Guys its me.
Storm: *Examines her and nods that she is*
Sonny: Oh man. I think we should go to bed before she laughs again.
Marina: *Laughs*
Ghostly: *Screams* She did it again! Something is wrong with her! Hurry lets go to sleep before aliens take over our minds to!

Next morning in training room.
Everyone is training.
Sonny: Hey Clark! You won’t believe what Marina did last night!
Clark: What?
Ghostly: She laughed! Two times!!! I’m telling you its an alien invasion.
Clark: REALLY?! SHE REALLY LAUGHED? *Gets knocked in the head by a mechanical dummy* Oof. I’m ok.
Candy: Oh Clark.
Marina: *Laughs*
Clark: *Jumps up*
Nya: She did it again!! *Screams!!* Aliens are here run!!!!
Cole: Ahh!!!
Kai: *Runs around jokingly and laughs*
Marina: Stay in character! If your going to be scared you can’t laugh! *Puts hands up like zombie* Roar ugh. *Chases everyone.*
Candy: AHHHH!
Cole: I’ll save you Candy! *Light shines in background*
Nya: Whoa…..How did you get the money to do that?
Cole: *Grabs Candy and runs from Marina*
Marina: *Grabs Kai* Roar ugh! Now your a zombie to.
Kai: AHHH NOOOOOO!!!! *Puts hands up and walks around dazedly* Roar!
Everyone runs around screaming.
Ghostly: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
Lloyd: Of course you do! Your a vampire!
Sensei Wu: Ahem. What are you doing? Stop.
Everyone: Yes sensei.
Sensei Wu: So i can play also! *Runs around with others*
Candy: *Still in Cole’s arms* Does he always do that?
Cole: You get used to it.

To be continued….Aww so much love we’re getting into the DATING PARTS! YAY!!! :lol:


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