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LEGO Super Heroes contest!

Getting geared up for the LEGO Super Heroes line scheduled to be released next year, FBTB (the Star Wars LEGO forum known for its great LEGO contests) is running another fun competition with a great challenge and great prizes. Check it out! 😉

THE CHALLENGE:  There are two categories to choose from:

  • Category 1 – Build an original Batmobileand by original, they mean one that has never been seen before. Models based off of Batmobiles that have already appeared in TV shows, movies, comic books, published works, or other forms of media will not be accepted. Make it black or prepare to lose!
  • Category 2 – Build an original GreenLanternmobile – What would Hal Jordan think of when he thinks of a cool set of wheels to zip around town in to attract all the ladies? What would he think of making to chase down the bad guys? Make it green or prepare to lose!

THE DEADLINE: November 30th, so do not tally on this one!

THE PRIZES: LEGO is providing the prizes for this contest with a set of the Batman and Green Lantern minifigs that were given away at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year. Winner in  Category 1 will receive the Batman promotional minifig. Winner in Category 2 will receive the Green Lantern promotional minifig.

THE RULES: A Batmobile or GreenLanternmobile is considered a vehicle with no more and no less than four wheels. No tanks or hovercrafts. There must be a driver’s seat; no autopilots. Simply post 1 photo of your entry to the contest thread. You may enter once per category with one post per entry. After the submission-window is closed, two separate voting polls will be set; one for each category. Detailed rules here: Wheels of Justice Contest Rules.

💡 FYI: FBTB highly suggests that you take the MOC you build for this contest and submit it to the LEGO Super Heroes website to enter their monthly contest as well. The prize-packages are pretty awesome so you’d be silly not to.

If you are interested to enter you may also want to read: Tips for Winning a LEGO Contest. And if you feel like this contest is not for you, here is a list of other LEGO contests going on right now. You will surely find something that’s just right for you! ;)

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  • Quad November 7, 2011, 3:58 PM

    Sonds cool, but where’s the link to the contest?

    • admin November 7, 2011, 5:03 PM

      Quad, you can click on the contest image (the one with the red star) or on the contest rules link. Either of them will take you to the contest page. 😉

  • Tony November 10, 2011, 11:13 AM

    Looks like there is a new contest every week! I wish I could do this full time!

    • admin November 10, 2011, 11:56 AM

      LOL! You mean entering contests full-time? Yeah, that would be a full-time job! 😆

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