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LEGO Lord of the Rings – cranky Cave Troll

We always hear the Lord of the Rings saga from the side of the “good-guys”, but what about looking at it from the perspective of some of the baddies? Previously I shared with you the excellent LEGO stop-motion video from the perspective of the Orcs: LEGO Lord of the Rings The Orcs Story. Now here is another great LEGO video from the BrotherhoodWorkshop.

This time you will find out what really happened when Pippin knocked a skeleton down the well, while at the Mines of Moria. Next thing you knew a Cave Troll smashed down the doors and attacked the Fellowship. You may have thought it was an overreaction from the side of the Cave Troll, but that’s because you never saw what actually transpired. Until now. 🙄

See? Poor Cave Troll! Now you understand why he was so upset! It was totally justified! Wouldn’t you be upset too? Oh, and did you see Gollum lurking in the shadows? And can you spot the Star Wars cameo? How about the two Easter eggs? 😉

Also notice the excellent work on the floor, using modeling-clay. There are other fun LEGO videos at the BrotherhoodWorkshop’s YouTube Channel, and behind-the-scenes details at their FaceBook Page. Check them out both for more insights about LEGO stop-motion video production! 🙂

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