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LEGO Lord of the Rings epic battle video

The BrotherhoodWorkshop is at it again, with another wonderful LEGO stop-motion video. In fact this is their biggest LEGO video to date, also entered at the Machinima Interactive Film Festival. Enjoy! 😛

The battle for Middle Earth has begun! All of Isengard is unleashed against the fortress of Helm’s Deep. In the midst of the chaos and carnage, one solitary elf seeks to aid his vertically challenged friend… no matter what’s the cost…

Awesome LEGO video, huh? And the punch-line is really funny! Also, how many times can you spot Chewbacca in the video? He has a habit of showing up… on BOTH sides of the conflict. What other hidden characters can you find? Share them in the comment section below! 🙄

The BrotherhoodWorkshop also posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of the creative process at their Facebook Page. It took them 3 labor-intensive weeks to film the video, then more time to add sound, visual effects, and color correcting. If you are interested in making LEGO videos, it is worth to check out those details. You might also want to watch LEGO Brickfilms Behind-the-Scenes Tips & Tricks for more ideas.

What do you think? How did you like the video? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below! 🙂

To see the BrotherhoodWorkshop’s videos check below, and you can also visit their YouTube Channel directly for more:

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