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Which LEGO Quinjet version is better?

If you are a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes fan you likely know already that there are two versions of the Quinjet. One was released in the #6869 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle set in 2012, and the other in the #76032 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Avengers Age of Ultron Quinjet City Chase in 2015. I really liked the 2012 Quinjet, but then I also like the 2015 version, even though they are quite different in several ways. I have been trying to make up my mind which one is better, but couldn’t, so I was very happy to find the following helpful video from the BrickShow, where Stephen compares the two Quinjets side-by-side. I’m probably not the only one who contemplated the question of which of the two Quinjets is better, so I thought to share this comparison with you. 🙂

LEGO Quinjet Comparison

As mentioned above, the #6869 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle was released in 2012. Here is the official description: Defeat Loki and his forces with the super fast Quinjet! Loki is up to no good and is planning to destroy the earth! As he flies into battle on board his chariot, help the Avenger’s defeat their nemesis using the supersonic Quinjet! Fire the missiles, release the mini-jet and imprison Loki in the prison pod! With the high-tech Quinjet, the Avengers can’t fail! Includes Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier minifigures. 735 pieces. Original Price: $69.99. While this set is no longer available directly from LEGO, you can still find it on the secondary market for around $60-$90. See listings here: Quinjet on eBay and Quinjet on Amazon.

LEGO Super Heroes #6869

The #76032 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Avengers Age of Ultron Quinjet City Chase was just released this year, along with other LEGO Age of Ultron sets (see: 2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sets Reviews). Here is the official description: Launch a Quinjet pursuit of Ultron to set the Vision free! Launch a high-speed pursuit of Ultimate Ultron with the Avengers in the iconic Quinjet. Place Black Widow at the controls in the cockpit and soar into the sky. Fire the stud shooters and release Captain America on his super-cool bike to take the pursuit to the streets. Iron Man MK43 is flying alongside the Quinjet using his thrusters, ready to take on Ultimate Ultron. When the time is right, make the perfect jump onto the truck to explode the sides and reveal the precious cargo. Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: Vision, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man and Ultimate Ultron. 722 pieces. Price: $79.99. This set is currently available at the Online LEGO Shop.

#76032 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The most obvious difference you will notice about the two Quinjets is the different color-scheme. The 2012 version is dark-gray and dark-blue with black tinted windshields, while the 2015 version is white and dark-blue, with transparent blue windshields. I think the dark-gray makes the first version look heavier and more menacing, while the new version looks lighter and faster. The 2012 version of the Quinjet is definitely larger, especially because of the much larger engines at the back. The shaping on the top and the engines is in fact the feature I like most about the 2012 Quinjet. The 2015 version has a very flat and streamlined look on top with some beautiful sculpting. Talking about sculpting, at least in my opinion, the 2015 Quinjet looks much better at the bottom, and the release function for the motorcycle (or whatever else you want to place into that bay) is a great feature. In the video-review below Stephen will show you all the other differences not just on the Quinjets themselves, but also the minifigs and other included accessories.

As you can see, both Quinjets have great designs and well thought out and executed features. Personally I like the color-scheme and the top section of the 2012 Quinjet and the back section and bottom area of the 2015 version. If I get really adventurous one day I may try to combine the two to make my own version of the ultimate Quinjet. 🙄

Shop 2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

What about you? Which one of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Quinjets do you like better, and why? Do you have either or both sets? Would love to hear your opinion and analysis on them, so feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Håkan March 26, 2015, 10:22 AM

    There are actually four versions of the Quinjet. You forgot these two.



    • admin March 26, 2015, 10:27 AM

      Hakan, I didn’t forget them, but those are micro-sets, not so relevant to this discussion. But they are nonetheless sweet little sets for collectors. 😉

    • LegoGeek March 26, 2015, 11:20 AM

      Plus those just micros of these larger ones so it is still the same controversy. 🙄

      • admin March 26, 2015, 11:58 AM

        LOL! Yeah, basically! 😛

  • Strider March 26, 2015, 10:52 AM

    I prefer the 2012 model. Looks sleeker, has nice engine booster things on the back, two areas with windshields, and the wings look better to me. But I was really expecting it to have a more prominent part in the Avengers film.

  • Darth Weevil March 26, 2015, 4:28 PM

    Have the 2012 version. I really like the way it looks, but the rotatable wing tips are constantly falling off, as are the engines at the back. Granted, my daughter actually plays with it, instead of leaves it sitting on a shelf (where it stays together pretty well), but this is a set meant for playing.

    The other big issue I have with it is that the mini-plane release mechanism has never worked. Like, the release button on the top literally does nothing. Not sure if I slightly messed up the build (so that the technic pieces don’t quite connect, etc.) or if it’s just a poor design. Don’t really use the mini-plane much, though, so it’s not a huge deal.

    • admin March 26, 2015, 4:47 PM

      Hm… I haven’t heard about any issues with releasing the mini plane. As you said; it may be a connection problem. But in general I also really like the look of the 2012 version. The BrickShow guys have another, time-lapse video of building three of them at the same time. One looks sweet, but three of them together look even sweeter! 😀

  • David Tennant Lover March 26, 2015, 6:30 PM

    I just bought the Lego Quinjet last night! This set was really cool. I loved how you could drop the characters holding the rope, shoot the guns, open the back, and I like that Cap. America can fit in the middle of the ship. The past set was cool also, I didn’t get it because I wasn’t a big Marvel fan back then (we do not speak of those dark times).
    I like the new one better because it has more color and detail on the outside. I loved the figures in this one because it is the only one with Vision and Ultimate Ultra!
    Next up? I’m looking forward to get the Hulkbuster set and the one with Quicksilver, because Quicksilver is awesome (but better in the X-men films, if I may say)!

    • David Tennant Lover March 26, 2015, 6:34 PM

      *Ultimate Ultron! Autocorrect 😛

    • admin March 27, 2015, 10:24 AM

      Thanks for sharing your review! Have fun with your Quinjet! 😛

  • BLProductions March 26, 2015, 8:31 PM

    I’m not a huge fan of Quinjets, in fact my favorite are the minis from the Helicarrier (even though I don’t have those). But to be honest, if they had made the 76032 Quinjet in the color scheme of the 6869 Quinjet (Dark Grey with brown-clear windshields), and given it bigger spoilers in the back, I think it would look better. But it depends on how the Quinjets look in the Age of Ultron movie; without that it is hard to judge the set’s accuracy.
    Off-topic, my dad built his #75908 458 Italia GT2, and I must say he did very well. Given, though, he’s an good at models, and this isn’t his first time with LEGO. He missed only one piece, which he placed in the wrong spot, and a few of his stickers were crooked. But it looks good. 🙂

    • admin March 27, 2015, 10:26 AM

      My dad is also into Technic. In fact he was the one who introduced me to LEGO. He uses LEGO for work. 😉

      • BLProductions March 27, 2015, 12:26 PM

        Technic is awesome. Hands-down. I don’t think my dad fully understands what Technic is, though he does look at the larger sets during visits to the LEGO Store. He also introduced me to LEGO: he got me two Dino Attack sets, but I think it was more for the dinosaurs than the set itself. 😐 Speed Champions seems to be the first LEGO theme he’s fully interested in, and therefore the first set he got for himself was in that theme. 🙂

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