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Interesting LEGO Ideas Projects Roundup

I was recently browsing the LEGO Ideas platform and found some interesting projects that I thought you might like. You can vote for your favorites so LEGO will consider them for production, or you can use them for inspiration.

Overture of Blossoms: Journey to Freedom by Jiwoo was built for the recent Create Your Own Exhibition Challenge. The creator of this beautiful project shares the following: “This work represents my life’s journey in a different color with the light of flowers. Yellow represents the energy of the sun, red represents the combination of light and space, blue represents the inner side, and white represents space and time gone by. The colors harmonize with each other to express that my steps in the past become nutrients.” I know many of our readers like the LEGO Art and LEGO Botanical sets, so you find this project inspirational. You can find more pictures at this LEGO Ideas page.

The Circus by Goannas89 was inspired by classic traveling circus tents, used since the 19th century. It features both traditional performances like juggling and contemporary circus acts. The roof of the tent can be removed making the interior completely accessible. The central stage with the two support poles of the tent can be removed to position the various artists with their equipment (trapeze, circle, swing, etc.), so you can easily alternate between different performances. Eleven minifigures allow you to create numerous stories and performances: a ringmaster, six artists, and four spectators. However, other minifigures can also be accommodated, there is room for everyone in the stands and the circus is always looking for new artists and performances! This would be such a great model to add to a LEGO city diorama! You can find more pictures and details and also vote for this project at this LEGO Ideas page.

I always liked LEGO city dioramas with multiple levels as they make cities multi-dimensional and a lot more interesting. Sewer Heroes by MOCingbird and Overpass Park by terauma are two excellent examples. You can follow the links to learn more about these projects and give them your support.

If you’re a fan of LEGO Classic Space, I think you will like Mech Combat Bay by topogigio3647. features a command center, mech repair bay, mech, a small space fighter, a refueling vehicle, and a radar station. It’s all in the colors of LEGO Classic Space but with modern building techniques and fresh concepts. You can find more pictures and support this project at this LEGO Ideas page.

A lovely build with lively colors is the Italian Riviera by LEGOParadise. From the orange terracotta roofs to the brightly painted walls, this colorful coastal village includes all of the most iconic parts of Italy’s most famous seaside towns. It was inspired by the designer’s visit to Cinque Terre, a beautiful part of Italy known for its five villages that stretch along a coastline of rocky cliffs and steep terraces. There are so many delightful little details to see here, so make sure you visit this LEGO Ideas page.

Another project that caught my eye is this pair of brick-built statues of lion cubs Simba and Nala from The Lion King by teljesnegyzet. This would be a fun and challenging project for fans of the Disney film. The lions are 12 inches high! For more info and to vote for this project, visit this LEGO Ideas page.

Speaking of film-inspired projects, take a look at this one based on King Kong by Water Leaper. It includes the fabled lost spider pit scene deleted sequence that was removed from the film before it was released. The famous log sequence and of course Kong himself, the characters as minifigures and a part of the jungle as well as the rest of the ravine. For more info and to vote for this project, visit this LEGO Ideas page.

And of course, if you would like to see the currently available LEGO sets originally designed by LEGO fans, visit the LEGO Ideas section of the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? How do you like these LEGO Ideas creations? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below!

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  • Randy March 14, 2024, 2:04 PM

    That fits one with the flowers is incredible! I didn’t even think it was Lego!

  • Master Builder March 14, 2024, 2:12 PM

    I’m surprised LEGO never released a circus set. I like that project a lot. Thanks for highlighting it here. I voted.

    • Håkan March 14, 2024, 8:50 PM

      Animal molds are expensive. Circuses might also be somewhat controversial among the animal activism community, although they might perhaps not be among Lego’s biggest markets…

  • Håkan March 14, 2024, 8:52 PM

    I think I like the street art vibes of Overture of Blossoms, and The Overpass the most.

    Not likely to buy anything, due to my current limited space and fundings, but I like them…

  • brickmaster March 14, 2024, 10:36 PM

    Sewer heroes and the classic space setup are my two favorites. I prefer sets with minifigs and playability. I don’t play like I used to as a kid, but I do pose my minifigs, It reminds me of my childhood and fills me with joy.

  • The Other Mark March 15, 2024, 1:50 PM

    Haha! My kids would love that King Kong set! But it wouldn’t last long. Everything would be destroyed in five minutes as the giant ape tramples them to pieces.

  • Mark Avery March 15, 2024, 4:48 PM

    I like all the city related sets — but the circus one is the best.
    My usual questions;
    How much will it cost?
    Where would I put it?

    Circus can be the basis for a Su theme.
    Performers, side show, food stands, extra animals, a truck , a clown car, and even a circus train, ( I would take down my farm and replaced it with a circus,

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