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LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle review

Amongst the upcoming LEGO The Hobbit sets coming out this December, the largest one is the #79010 LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle. Huw at Brickset received one early and shared a wonderful and detailed review. Here I will show you some of the pictures from his review, then you can head over to Brickset to check out the rest. 😉

This is the front of the box of the LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle set. Huw mentions that the box is one of the more streamlined ones, following LEGO’s recent trend to cut back on box-sizes filled with lots of empty space and save some of those poor trees. (Click for larger view.)

This is the back of the box, illustrating some of the scenes and play-features of the set in more detail. (Click image for larger view.)

And here is the finished LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle set in its full glory. The Goblin King looks absolutely dreadful – as he should be – and I really like his throne! Huw shares many other pictures showing the different sections of the sets, and of course close-ups of all the minifigures from every side. You can go to the review to check those out. However there are two other pictures I wanted to show you here:

These two posters are from the back of the instructions that comes with the LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle set, and shows all the minifigures in the LEGO The Hobbit sets. (Click images for larger view.)

So far I really like the look of this set; I’m a big fan of gray and brown pieces and there are plenty of them here! I will have to see the movie to fully understand and appreciate the details and actions here, but so far it looks good. What do you think? How do you like the LEGO The Hobbit Goblin King Battle set after seeing the pictures and reading Huw’s review? And how about the minifigures? Share your thoughts and discuss below! 🙂

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