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An extended LEGO Ninjago trailer was shown at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. It is a bit longer than the previous Ninjago Season 3 trailer with more details about the upcoming episodes. Check it out! :)

Also, I thought to update you on what we know about the new Ninjago episodes so far. Strangely, the titles match of what was shared some time back on IMDB’s website, but the descriptions are totally different. However we do indeed get pirates! 😎

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 14: Darkness Shall Rise

The ninja are helping in fixing Ninjago City after the Great Devourer was defeated. Nya informs them that she has found a real-estate agent named Patty Keys who will help them find a place to live. Nya and Sensei Wu than leave to find parts for the Ultra Sonic Raider. Sensei also reminds the ninja that there new mission is to train Lloyd. Meanwhile, Skales along with the other snake-tribe generals attempt to regain the trust of the Serpentine after Pythor’s defeat. However, Lord Garmadon persuades the Serpentine to follow him, and recreates the remains of Destiny’s Bounty into a ship he names “The Black Bounty”. In the meantime, Patty Keys finds an apartment for the ninja called the “Hero Suite” with a training-room suitable to train Lloyd.  The apartment is expensive, so the ninja decide to get jobs to pay for the rent. This goes well in the beginning, but then turns out not so favorable. Lord Garmadon and the serpentine fly to the Golden Peaks – birthplace of the golden weapons – and fuses the Golden Weapons together into a Mega Weapon. He plans to use it to destroy Sensei and the ninja so they will never be able to train Lloyd, then the prophecy will never be fulfilled…

Watch Episode 14 here:  NINJAGO Episode 14 – Darkness Shall Rise

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 15: Pirates vs. Ninja

The Episode begins a few centuries ago, with the pirate crew of the Destiny’s Bounty captained by Captain Soto looking for the Dark Island. The crew leaves No-Eyed-Pete to steer the ship when the captain wasn’t noticing, but due to his lack of sight the ship crashes. In the present time, the ninja are training Lloyd in their smaller and more affordable apartment, but looking for a better place to train. On the Black Bounty Lord Garmadon is discussing the Mega Weapon with the snake-generals, and he tries to use it to destroy the Ultra Dragon, who happens to be flying by. He is outraged when he is unable to destroy the dragon, but discovers Captain Soto’s journal in the ship’s cabin and accidentally resurrects the pirate-crew using the Mega Weapon. Meanwhile, the ninja find “Grand Sensei Dareth’s Mojo Dojo”. Dareth agrees to let them use his dojo if they defeat him in a battle. Of course they do, and Dareth allows them to use his dojo. In the meantime Lord Garmadon realizes that the Mega Weapon does not have the power to destroy, only to create, and it also drains his strength every time he uses it, so he needs time to recover. The pirates lock up Garmadon and the snakes. The ninja start training Lloyd at the dojo, where he demonstrates his extraordinary talents. The Pirates then attack Ninjago City, taking all the money they can get. Sensei Dareth, dressed as the Brown Ninja, jumps on ship but gets captured by the pirates. The ninja go to his rescue, and while battling the pirate captain, Lloyd unlocks his Spinjitzu the first time. The pirates are later arrested, and Lord Garmadon takes back the Black Bounty…

Watch Episode 15 here: NINJAGO Episode 15 – Pirates vs. Ninja

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 16: Double Trouble

On board the Black Bounty, Garmadon brainstorms ideas to destroy the ninja. He creates four evil versions of the ninja, and sends them to destroy the real ones. In the meantime while the ninja continue to train Lloyd, they get an invitation to a ceremony at Lloyd’s old school to give Lloyd an honorary degree. This turns out to be a trap, as the boys kidnap the ninja and try to turn Lloyd back to their side. The ninja escape along with the teachers, but are confronted by Garmadon’s evil creations. Lloyd convinces the boys to be good, and they make ninja-suits and attack the evil ninja. After destroying Garmadon’s creations, the teachers decide to celebrate. The ninja drive back to Ninjago city in the Ultra Sonic Raider, and receive a message from Lord Garmadon saying that he will be back… 

Watch Episode 16 here: NINJAGO Episode 16 – Double Trouble

➡ Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 17: NinjaBall Run

When the ninja learn that Dareth’s Mojo Dojo is going to be demolished and Dareth doesn’t have the money to save it, the ninja enter the annual NinjaBall Run to win the cash-prize in order to save the dojo. They use both the Ultra Sonic Raider and the Ultra Dragon to enter the race. Their opposition includes the serpentine bus, the Black Bounty, the Skull Truck with the skeletons, the Royal Blacksmiths, Ed & Edna (Jay’s parents), the boarding-school students, the mailman with a turbo-boosted bike, and a van full of pirates. The ninja fight through many challenges and attacks but ultimately turn out victorious and win the trophy as well as the prize-money. They also reclaim the Destiny’s Bounty. Garmadon escapes with the serpentine before the police can arrest him…

Watch Episode 17 here: NINJAGO Episode 17 – NinjaBall Run

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 18: Child’s Play

When the Ninja interrupt Lord Garmadon from using his Mega Weapon to turn back the clock and bring to life the fossils of a monster, the Ninja are accidentally hit and turned into kids. They are now forced to enlist Lloyd’s help to battle the awakened monster…

Watch Episode 18 here: NINJAGO Episode 18 – Child’s Play

Ninjago – Episode 19: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

After remembering Kai revealed Lloyd to be the Green Ninja, Garmadon goes back in time to make sure Kai never becomes a Ninja, thus never making the whole team. Now the other Ninja must follow Garmadon and thwart his scheme… 

Watch Episode 19 here:  NINJAGO Episode 19 – Wrong Place, Wrong Time 

Ninjago – Episode 20: The Stone Army

Lord Garmadon comes up with a new master-plan; find the fabled Island of Darkness mentioned in the logs of the pirate captain, and use its powers for himself to become the ruler of Ninjago. He enlists the help of the serpentine, who eventually abandon him. Meanwhile, the Ninja are called to the Museum of History to confront a strange force; venom from the Great Devourer has leaked into the sewer system, bringing things to life, including an ancient stone-warrior discovered by Lloyd’s mother under the museum. While the Ninja are battling the indestructible stone-warrior, Lord Garmadon find the Island of Darkness, where he is guided by the disembodied voice of the most evil Overlord to rise the evil side of Ninjago out from the sea…

Watch Episode 20 here: NINJAGO Episode 20 – The Stone Army

Ninjago – Episode 21: The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Lloyd is continuing his training at the Mojo Dojo, while Sensei Wu and Misako (Lloyd’s mom) prepare to go over her research on the prophecy. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Skales the serpentine are preparing to annihilate the population of Ninjago City by destroying the city’s foundation. While they are planning to carry out their attack underground, they run into an ancient door, which after being opened reveals the long forgotten Stone Army. The venom of the Great Devourer seeps inside the vault, bringing the army to life. They quickly defeat the serpentine, trapping them underground, and now they are the ones who pursue destroying the city. The ninja gather the people of the city and flee on the Destiny’s Bounty. However Sensei Wu and Misako stay behind to recover her research materials. Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, Garmadon is guided to an ancient clock, designed to count down to the final battle. Garmadon dons the Helmet of Shadows, which both starts the clock and gives him command over the Stone Army…

Watch Episode 21 here: Episode 21 – The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Ninjago – Episode 22: The Last Voyage

On the Dark Island the Stone Army is preparing for their war on Ninjago. The mysterious Overlord tells Lord Garmadon about a Super-Weapon unlike anything that has ever been seen. This fills Lord Garmadon with new enthusiasm to destroy the ninja once and for all. In the meantime the ninja are working on repairing the Destiny’s Bounty and wondering about how they will be able to defeat the indestructible Stone Army. Misako tells them about the Temple of Light where the Golden Weapons were imbued with their powers. There the ninja will be able to unlock their True Potential and supercharge Lloyd, enabling him to finally defeat the Stone Army. According to legend the Temple of Light is located on the Dark Island, so the ninja set sail on the Destiny’s Bounty. However they run into a huge storm and dangerous creatures that causes the party to get ship-wrecked on a tiny island with a light-house. Here they discover Zane’s father/creator long thought to be dead, who helps them repair the Bounty so they can continue their journey to the Dark Island…

Watch Episode 22 here: NINJAGO Episode 22 – The Last Voyage

Ninjago – Episode 23: Island of Darkness

The Ninja finally arrive on the Dark Island, where the Stone Army prepares for the final battle and Garmadon mines Dark Matter, the purest of evil to build a Super-Weapon that can defeat the Ninja and turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile, the Ninja learn that the Temple of Light is where they can receive their elemental powers and where Lloyd can gain the skill of the Golden Dragon – a fighting style practiced only by the First Spinjitzu Master. The Ninja goes to locate the Temple of Light while Zane’s father and Nya build new vehicles to aid their mission. Although the Ninja tries to remain undercover, they get spotted and get into a lot of trouble, however with the aid of their new vehicles they finally make it to the Temple of Light. Inside the temple, they find murals depicting all their major victories, and also a hint of what they need to do next. The four Ninja takes their position around Lloyd, and once Lloyd strikes a giant bell called the “Instrument of Peace” the power of the temple gets activated giving the Ninja their elemental powers along with elemental swords and new outfits. Then they direct their powers towards Lloyd imbuing him with his full power. With their new powers the Ninja are able to defeat the Stone Army easily. However the Celestial Clock is still counting down, and the Overlord tells Garmadon that when it reaches zero, there will be nothing to prevent darkness winning… 

Watch Episode 23 here: NINJAGO Episode 23 – Island of Darkness

Ninjago – Episode 24: The Last Hope

The Ninja enjoy their restored powers and are looking forward to the final battle with a boastful confidence, until Sensei Wu chastised them and reminds them to be cautious and that only Lloyd can defeat the Dark Lord. Misako reveals that there might be a way of at least delaying the battle by returning the Helmet of Shadows to its pedestal, which could stop the countdown of the Celestial Clock. Risking everything, the Ninja escort Misako into the camp, disguised as Stone Warriors. Using her past influence over Garmadon, Misako manages to get him to remove the Helmet, allowing her to steal it. But the Ninja are spotted and the enraged Garmadon uses a giant robot to attack them. After a frantic chase through the jungle, the robot is wrecked and Lloyd is given the chance to kill his father. But he is unable to do so, just as Garmadon is unable to attack his son. The Ninja get to the Celestial Clock and try desperately to find the Helmet’s pedestal with minutes to spare. As the Stone Army arrive the Ninja find the pedestal and the clock stops, but too late. The countdown has ended and the final battle is upon them. Nya is captured by the Stone Army while the Ninja, Sensei Wu and Misako fall off a cliff. They head off to prepare for the final battle, with Jay and Kai angered at Nya’s capture and Lloyd ashamed of his hesitation. Meanwhile, the Overlord shows Garmadon the finished Super Weapon completed by the energy from the clock: the mighty Garmatron… 

Watch Episode 24 here: NINJAGO Episode 24 – The Last Hope

Ninjago – Episode 25: Return of the Overlord

Lord Garmadon’s ultimate weapon is now operational and the final battle between good and evil has begun. The captured Nya is brought before Garmadon, who decides to use her as the first test-subject to try out the dark-matter mined by the Stone Warriors. Meanwhile the Ninja are ready to fight Garmadon only to find that he has already left with the Garmatron to the coast to fire missiles of darkness over to Ninjago and turn it into his own image. They also have to face Nya who has been turned into a slave of the Overlord. The Ninja finally make it to the coast and try to reason with Garmadon, but he cannot suppress the evil permeating him. He fires the missiles at Ninjago, turning people into zombies. However the Overlord betrays Garmadon and takes over his body to retake physical form in the shape of a monster-like creature. Lloyd tries to fight him, hoping that his father can still help, but he gets defeated by the Overlord. The Overlord then opens up a portal and along with the Garmatron, the entire Stone Army and Nya, head over to Ninjago City. The ninja are left stranded on the island… 

Watch Episode 25 here: NINJAGO Episode 25 – Return of the Overlord

Ninjago – Episode 25: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The epic conclusion of the Ninjago saga! After lots of twists and turns the Ninja are ready to face their enemies for the ultimate outcome!

Watch Episode 26 here: NINJAGO Episode – 26 Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

What do you think of the new Ninjago episodes in Season 3? Are you excited? How do you like the new story-development? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 😉

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season 4 episode 10: savior
Jake: DAD!!
Jay: yes
Jake: could you come over here?
Jay walked over and saw that no one was in the room. There was a long ladder leading to the ground.
Jay: What the…
Note: Dear dad, sorry but there were some reports of my friend of school dissapearing. I had to get him. You understand
Jay: NYA!
Mell: both of are kids are taken by garmadon.
In the underworld
Ali: daddy!!
Garmadon: hahaha now Jake will come.
Jake: let her go!
Josh: well well well Jake, Jay is extremely worried.
Jake: Josh, I had to come for Ali I
Jason: di du du du duhhhh ME
didi: yeah what evs.
they spun at garmadon and threw him to the ground.
Garmadon: NOOOO!
falling on the ground he turne this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me….
BOOM! garmadon got blasted through the chest and fell on the ground.
Virus started to fade away…
Garmadon: NOOOO I……
they disappeared.
To dark shadowy forms arouse.
Both: you will fall at our wrath. They ran through all the ninja and the ninja fell on the ground.

To be continued

Suspenseful, and the evil guys “die”


Did you like it.


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look at this they said there will be new sets

Kai’s Fire Robot

Samurai Bike

Cole’s Power Drill

Golden Dragon


Temple of Light


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Hey! I’ve got news about me about Sasuto and a question about Ninjago:
About me: Season 1 EPisode 5 Tomorrow
About Sasuto: He will get good soon so he will be able to write his story
Question About NInjago: Still No preview for episode 20? And when will the epsiode premiere?


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