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by admin on December 18, 2012

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(Written by Geneva – gid617)

With Lord Garmadon good once again, and the Overlord beaten, it seemed there was nothing left for the ninja to do. But is that really true? A moderator on the official LEGO Message Boards, Keighlian, posted An Important Ninjago Announcement“. Read it below! 😛

“Calling all Ninjago fans!

Gather round! Beckon all of your friends to gather round, too! We have important and exciting news! Not just any news. Not news about the weather or cats stuck up trees or the price of milk! No, this is news about Ninjago!

“But, what news? What news could be so important? Isn’t Ninjago being discontinued in 2013?!”, we hear you exclaim! Ah yes, young ninja, we sense you are eager to learn more and so shall the news be revealed…

Because our message boards fans are so awesome and because we know you love Ninjago more than anyone else in the entire world, nay universe, we are giving you guys this information first and exclusively! Check the Internet; see if anyone else is mentioning this! They won’t be right now because you’re hearing this from us first and you’re the first to know!

…Ninjago will continue into 2014!”

But even more interesting is the attached poster! It may seem like it is just Zane after his “brush” with the Great Devourer, but, if you look closely into his eyes, there seems to be something else lurking in the shadows! 🙄

What do you think this could mean? Could Ninjago really be returning? Will the ninja fight robots next? Is Zane’s father actually going to play a bigger part in a future series? Do you think there will be more sets? Or could this just mean we might get a few mini-movies? Can Ninjago co-exist with Chima? So much to think about! So many questions! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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