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LEGO Ninjago Season 3 – new trailer!

An extended LEGO Ninjago trailer was shown at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. It is a bit longer than the previous Ninjago Season 3 trailer with more details about the upcoming episodes. Check it out! 🙂

Also, I thought to update you on what we know about the new Ninjago episodes so far. Strangely, the titles match of what was shared some time back on IMDB’s website, but the descriptions are totally different. However we do indeed get pirates! 😎

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 14: Darkness Shall Rise

The ninja are helping in fixing Ninjago City after the Great Devourer was defeated. Nya informs them that she has found a real-estate agent named Patty Keys who will help them find a place to live. Nya and Sensei Wu than leave to find parts for the Ultra Sonic Raider. Sensei also reminds the ninja that there new mission is to train Lloyd. Meanwhile, Skales along with the other snake-tribe generals attempt to regain the trust of the Serpentine after Pythor’s defeat. However, Lord Garmadon persuades the Serpentine to follow him, and recreates the remains of Destiny’s Bounty into a ship he names “The Black Bounty”. In the meantime, Patty Keys finds an apartment for the ninja called the “Hero Suite” with a training-room suitable to train Lloyd.  The apartment is expensive, so the ninja decide to get jobs to pay for the rent. This goes well in the beginning, but then turns out not so favorable. Lord Garmadon and the serpentine fly to the Golden Peaks – birthplace of the golden weapons – and fuses the Golden Weapons together into a Mega Weapon. He plans to use it to destroy Sensei and the ninja so they will never be able to train Lloyd, then the prophecy will never be fulfilled…

Watch Episode 14 here:  NINJAGO Episode 14 – Darkness Shall Rise

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 15: Pirates vs. Ninja

The Episode begins a few centuries ago, with the pirate crew of the Destiny’s Bounty captained by Captain Soto looking for the Dark Island. The crew leaves No-Eyed-Pete to steer the ship when the captain wasn’t noticing, but due to his lack of sight the ship crashes. In the present time, the ninja are training Lloyd in their smaller and more affordable apartment, but looking for a better place to train. On the Black Bounty Lord Garmadon is discussing the Mega Weapon with the snake-generals, and he tries to use it to destroy the Ultra Dragon, who happens to be flying by. He is outraged when he is unable to destroy the dragon, but discovers Captain Soto’s journal in the ship’s cabin and accidentally resurrects the pirate-crew using the Mega Weapon. Meanwhile, the ninja find “Grand Sensei Dareth’s Mojo Dojo”. Dareth agrees to let them use his dojo if they defeat him in a battle. Of course they do, and Dareth allows them to use his dojo. In the meantime Lord Garmadon realizes that the Mega Weapon does not have the power to destroy, only to create, and it also drains his strength every time he uses it, so he needs time to recover. The pirates lock up Garmadon and the snakes. The ninja start training Lloyd at the dojo, where he demonstrates his extraordinary talents. The Pirates then attack Ninjago City, taking all the money they can get. Sensei Dareth, dressed as the Brown Ninja, jumps on ship but gets captured by the pirates. The ninja go to his rescue, and while battling the pirate captain, Lloyd unlocks his Spinjitzu the first time. The pirates are later arrested, and Lord Garmadon takes back the Black Bounty…

Watch Episode 15 here: NINJAGO Episode 15 – Pirates vs. Ninja

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 16: Double Trouble

On board the Black Bounty, Garmadon brainstorms ideas to destroy the ninja. He creates four evil versions of the ninja, and sends them to destroy the real ones. In the meantime while the ninja continue to train Lloyd, they get an invitation to a ceremony at Lloyd’s old school to give Lloyd an honorary degree. This turns out to be a trap, as the boys kidnap the ninja and try to turn Lloyd back to their side. The ninja escape along with the teachers, but are confronted by Garmadon’s evil creations. Lloyd convinces the boys to be good, and they make ninja-suits and attack the evil ninja. After destroying Garmadon’s creations, the teachers decide to celebrate. The ninja drive back to Ninjago city in the Ultra Sonic Raider, and receive a message from Lord Garmadon saying that he will be back… 

Watch Episode 16 here: NINJAGO Episode 16 – Double Trouble

➡ Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 17: NinjaBall Run

When the ninja learn that Dareth’s Mojo Dojo is going to be demolished and Dareth doesn’t have the money to save it, the ninja enter the annual NinjaBall Run to win the cash-prize in order to save the dojo. They use both the Ultra Sonic Raider and the Ultra Dragon to enter the race. Their opposition includes the serpentine bus, the Black Bounty, the Skull Truck with the skeletons, the Royal Blacksmiths, Ed & Edna (Jay’s parents), the boarding-school students, the mailman with a turbo-boosted bike, and a van full of pirates. The ninja fight through many challenges and attacks but ultimately turn out victorious and win the trophy as well as the prize-money. They also reclaim the Destiny’s Bounty. Garmadon escapes with the serpentine before the police can arrest him…

Watch Episode 17 here: NINJAGO Episode 17 – NinjaBall Run

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu – Episode 18: Child’s Play

When the Ninja interrupt Lord Garmadon from using his Mega Weapon to turn back the clock and bring to life the fossils of a monster, the Ninja are accidentally hit and turned into kids. They are now forced to enlist Lloyd’s help to battle the awakened monster…

Watch Episode 18 here: NINJAGO Episode 18 – Child’s Play

Ninjago – Episode 19: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

After remembering Kai revealed Lloyd to be the Green Ninja, Garmadon goes back in time to make sure Kai never becomes a Ninja, thus never making the whole team. Now the other Ninja must follow Garmadon and thwart his scheme… 

Watch Episode 19 here:  NINJAGO Episode 19 – Wrong Place, Wrong Time 

Ninjago – Episode 20: The Stone Army

Lord Garmadon comes up with a new master-plan; find the fabled Island of Darkness mentioned in the logs of the pirate captain, and use its powers for himself to become the ruler of Ninjago. He enlists the help of the serpentine, who eventually abandon him. Meanwhile, the Ninja are called to the Museum of History to confront a strange force; venom from the Great Devourer has leaked into the sewer system, bringing things to life, including an ancient stone-warrior discovered by Lloyd’s mother under the museum. While the Ninja are battling the indestructible stone-warrior, Lord Garmadon find the Island of Darkness, where he is guided by the disembodied voice of the most evil Overlord to rise the evil side of Ninjago out from the sea…

Watch Episode 20 here: NINJAGO Episode 20 – The Stone Army

Ninjago – Episode 21: The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Lloyd is continuing his training at the Mojo Dojo, while Sensei Wu and Misako (Lloyd’s mom) prepare to go over her research on the prophecy. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Skales the serpentine are preparing to annihilate the population of Ninjago City by destroying the city’s foundation. While they are planning to carry out their attack underground, they run into an ancient door, which after being opened reveals the long forgotten Stone Army. The venom of the Great Devourer seeps inside the vault, bringing the army to life. They quickly defeat the serpentine, trapping them underground, and now they are the ones who pursue destroying the city. The ninja gather the people of the city and flee on the Destiny’s Bounty. However Sensei Wu and Misako stay behind to recover her research materials. Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, Garmadon is guided to an ancient clock, designed to count down to the final battle. Garmadon dons the Helmet of Shadows, which both starts the clock and gives him command over the Stone Army…

Watch Episode 21 here: Episode 21 – The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Ninjago – Episode 22: The Last Voyage

On the Dark Island the Stone Army is preparing for their war on Ninjago. The mysterious Overlord tells Lord Garmadon about a Super-Weapon unlike anything that has ever been seen. This fills Lord Garmadon with new enthusiasm to destroy the ninja once and for all. In the meantime the ninja are working on repairing the Destiny’s Bounty and wondering about how they will be able to defeat the indestructible Stone Army. Misako tells them about the Temple of Light where the Golden Weapons were imbued with their powers. There the ninja will be able to unlock their True Potential and supercharge Lloyd, enabling him to finally defeat the Stone Army. According to legend the Temple of Light is located on the Dark Island, so the ninja set sail on the Destiny’s Bounty. However they run into a huge storm and dangerous creatures that causes the party to get ship-wrecked on a tiny island with a light-house. Here they discover Zane’s father/creator long thought to be dead, who helps them repair the Bounty so they can continue their journey to the Dark Island…

Watch Episode 22 here: NINJAGO Episode 22 – The Last Voyage

Ninjago – Episode 23: Island of Darkness

The Ninja finally arrive on the Dark Island, where the Stone Army prepares for the final battle and Garmadon mines Dark Matter, the purest of evil to build a Super-Weapon that can defeat the Ninja and turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile, the Ninja learn that the Temple of Light is where they can receive their elemental powers and where Lloyd can gain the skill of the Golden Dragon – a fighting style practiced only by the First Spinjitzu Master. The Ninja goes to locate the Temple of Light while Zane’s father and Nya build new vehicles to aid their mission. Although the Ninja tries to remain undercover, they get spotted and get into a lot of trouble, however with the aid of their new vehicles they finally make it to the Temple of Light. Inside the temple, they find murals depicting all their major victories, and also a hint of what they need to do next. The four Ninja takes their position around Lloyd, and once Lloyd strikes a giant bell called the “Instrument of Peace” the power of the temple gets activated giving the Ninja their elemental powers along with elemental swords and new outfits. Then they direct their powers towards Lloyd imbuing him with his full power. With their new powers the Ninja are able to defeat the Stone Army easily. However the Celestial Clock is still counting down, and the Overlord tells Garmadon that when it reaches zero, there will be nothing to prevent darkness winning… 

Watch Episode 23 here: NINJAGO Episode 23 – Island of Darkness

Ninjago – Episode 24: The Last Hope

The Ninja enjoy their restored powers and are looking forward to the final battle with a boastful confidence, until Sensei Wu chastised them and reminds them to be cautious and that only Lloyd can defeat the Dark Lord. Misako reveals that there might be a way of at least delaying the battle by returning the Helmet of Shadows to its pedestal, which could stop the countdown of the Celestial Clock. Risking everything, the Ninja escort Misako into the camp, disguised as Stone Warriors. Using her past influence over Garmadon, Misako manages to get him to remove the Helmet, allowing her to steal it. But the Ninja are spotted and the enraged Garmadon uses a giant robot to attack them. After a frantic chase through the jungle, the robot is wrecked and Lloyd is given the chance to kill his father. But he is unable to do so, just as Garmadon is unable to attack his son. The Ninja get to the Celestial Clock and try desperately to find the Helmet’s pedestal with minutes to spare. As the Stone Army arrive the Ninja find the pedestal and the clock stops, but too late. The countdown has ended and the final battle is upon them. Nya is captured by the Stone Army while the Ninja, Sensei Wu and Misako fall off a cliff. They head off to prepare for the final battle, with Jay and Kai angered at Nya’s capture and Lloyd ashamed of his hesitation. Meanwhile, the Overlord shows Garmadon the finished Super Weapon completed by the energy from the clock: the mighty Garmatron… 

Watch Episode 24 here: NINJAGO Episode 24 – The Last Hope

Ninjago – Episode 25: Return of the Overlord

Lord Garmadon’s ultimate weapon is now operational and the final battle between good and evil has begun. The captured Nya is brought before Garmadon, who decides to use her as the first test-subject to try out the dark-matter mined by the Stone Warriors. Meanwhile the Ninja are ready to fight Garmadon only to find that he has already left with the Garmatron to the coast to fire missiles of darkness over to Ninjago and turn it into his own image. They also have to face Nya who has been turned into a slave of the Overlord. The Ninja finally make it to the coast and try to reason with Garmadon, but he cannot suppress the evil permeating him. He fires the missiles at Ninjago, turning people into zombies. However the Overlord betrays Garmadon and takes over his body to retake physical form in the shape of a monster-like creature. Lloyd tries to fight him, hoping that his father can still help, but he gets defeated by the Overlord. The Overlord then opens up a portal and along with the Garmatron, the entire Stone Army and Nya, head over to Ninjago City. The ninja are left stranded on the island… 

Watch Episode 25 here: NINJAGO Episode 25 – Return of the Overlord

Ninjago – Episode 25: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The epic conclusion of the Ninjago saga! After lots of twists and turns the Ninja are ready to face their enemies for the ultimate outcome!

Watch Episode 26 here: NINJAGO Episode – 26 Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

What do you think of the new Ninjago episodes in Season 3? Are you excited? How do you like the new story-development? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 😉

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  • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 7:17 PM

    Up people, I’ve been wondering. Do you wan’t me to continue my orignal stories, or start a new? If I start a new story it will include all the same charaters extept for Griff ( 🙁 sorry Sam)
    I reall ywant to know! 😯 ,;, ,;,

  • DeeDee(Purple Ninja of Plant Life) December 20, 2012, 8:22 PM

    Season 6: New Generations of Heroes
    Episode 2: The Jounrney to the Dark Island
    PS: I am basically skipping to where the ninja’s kids are going to leave to the dark Island. DUN DUN!!!! Enjoy it. 🙂
    DiDi: *Hugging Hope* You gonna be okay?
    Cole: You know you don’t have to.
    Hope: I’ll be fine guys. Really. I mean I know some of the guys here so I won’t be alone.
    Kiara: Mom? Will you and dad be okay?
    KiKi: Yeah. And I know KYLAN is gonna take good care of you.
    Kylan: *On the Bounty* I’m not making any promises.
    Kai: You’ll be okay. You have some cousins on there that will help.
    Raniel: No. I don’t dad.
    Jay: I know I know…I sound like my mom now. AGH!!
    Nya: *Kinda laughs* Oh well. It isn’t going to hurt you.
    Grace: Kitana? Will you be okay?
    Kitana: I’m ten years old. Just fine mom.
    Nate: Just be careful will ya?
    Kitana: *Nods and walks to the bounty*
    Sara: Allie be safe kay?
    Allie: Mom. I know.
    Jade: Mom? I-I-I don’t know if I can-
    Tori: Jade. You are destined for great things. You just have to step out of your comfort zone sometimes okay?
    Tori: *Nods* alright.
    Lloyd: I know you’ll be awesome okay? *rubs her head messing up her hair*
    Jade: *Kinda laughs* Alright.
    Kylan: Get done saying your goodbyes. I’m leaving soon.
    Malorn: See ya dad…mom.
    Julie: We’ll see ya when you come back Malorn.
    Brandon: We know you’ll be in one piece coming back.
    Malorn: *Gets on the ship*
    Katy: See ya mom.
    Madie: Bye Katy. Good luck on the island!
    Abigail: I’m excited Kylan.
    Kylan: I know. This should be REALLY fun.
    Alice: *Waves bye to Mel and Brian and gets on the ship*
    Nikki: See ya guys when we get back!!
    Megan: *Waves bye*
    Jake: Chase. Watch your sister.
    Chase: I will dad. We’ll see ya soon!
    Jay: Did you pack clean underwear Raniel?
    Raniel: *On board* YES, DAD!! UGH!!!!
    Jay: Oy. Again. I’m turning into my mother.
    When the ship leaves……
    GiGi: Will they be alright?
    Zane: I have a feeling they will be just fine.
    Kai: Yeah. We trained them well.
    DiDi: And with Hope, Malorn, and Kylan there, I think they’ll be safe.
    Brandon: Yeah. But look at the island. Lets hope none of them get hurt.
    Jake: Or worse.
    Cole: Come on guys. Relax. They’ll be fine.
    Sara: Well all we can do is wait.
    Lloyd: Patience is key as my uncle would say.
    Tori: Oh I just hope they know what they’re doing.
    On the Bounty at sea………
    Raniel: I spy something….blue.
    Katy: *Sighs in annoyace* For the THOUSANTHS time….THE OCEAN!?!?
    Raniel: Yeah!!!
    Katy: UGH! *Bangs head in the side of the ship*
    Hope, Malorn, and Chase: *Playing cards on deck*
    Alice: This….is boring.
    Abigail: Tag!!! *Runs*
    Kiara: *Chases her*
    Natile: Joey!? Where are you….JOEY!!!!
    Joey: *Hiding in one of the rooms kinda laughing silently*
    Kylan: *In the bridge* Hhhhmm…In a couple of days, we should be at the island. *Inahles and Exhales*
    Nikki: Jade? You okay?
    Jade: *At the front of the ship* Huh?
    Nikki: Are you okay?
    Jade: Yeah…just I don’t know if I had enough training to help you guys.
    Allie: *Overhears* Wait a minute. What elements you neep help on?
    Jade: Most of them….more like ALL of them.
    Allie: I can help with wind.
    Nikki: and I can help with light and ice.
    Jade: You would help me?
    Nikki: why not?
    Allie: It would seem fun.
    Jade: Well…thanks.
    Nikki: Anything for my parent’s friend’s daughter. Wow. Mouthful.
    Allie: I can already tell we’re gonna be friends.
    Hope: HAHA!! Won again!!!
    Malorn: What!?!? That’s the 5th time!!
    Hope: What can I say. I have luck.
    Chase: *Kinda laughs* Y-Y-Y-Yeah.
    Hope: You okay Chase? Your…stuttering again.
    Chase: Huh? OH! I’m fine.
    Malorn: Hey. I want to try again.
    Hope: You serious? I’m just going to beat you again.
    Malorn: Hey. What can I say. It’s fun.
    Chase: Good point.
    Hope: Okay. But-
    Kylan GUYS!!! Get inside now!!
    Natile: There’s a storm!!!
    Abigail: *In the bridge over the intercom* Hurry up guys!!
    Hope: *Runs inside to the bridge and takes the steering wheel*
    Chase: *Runs in with Malorn* You know how to drive this?
    Hope: Well. I’m about to!
    Malorn: What did she just say?
    Kylan: *Gets everyone inside* Hope!! Full speed ahead!!
    Hope: *Nods and makes it go faster*
    Kylan: *on deck* This isn’t an ordinary storm…
    To Be Continued………………….
    Hope you guys liked it. And sorry if I forgot your character. I know I did. Just don’t know who exactly. ANYWAYZ I know I actually skipped a lot, but I made you guys wait long enough. So hoped you enjoyed it and PEACE NINJA!!!!

    • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 20, 2012, 8:52 PM

      AMG. IM FLIPPING OUT!! You always impress me. 🙂 By the way, do you har an Instagram? Just wondering. :3

      • DeeDee(Purple Ninja of Plant Life) December 20, 2012, 8:56 PM

        Nope. I don’t have instagram sadly. But glad you liked my story. :mrgreen:

    • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 9:43 PM


      • Julianne December 20, 2012, 10:10 PM

        OMG!!!! I thought you wouldn’t be able to post it! 😆 😀

  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 20, 2012, 9:06 PM

    Still need 2 more bios for my story!!!!

    • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 9:42 PM

      I can help you their!
      Name: Andra
      Gender: Girl
      Weapon: Bow and arrow, and sword
      Elemant: Fire
      Background: She owns a blacksmith shop oustside Ninjago City owned by her Brother Khristian, Her past is somewhat unclear ,she dosen’t rember her parents or any of her family extept for her brother. She lived most of her life alone with her brother in the blacksmith shop, making weapon, which she is really good at. She made her sword, her brother’s sword and her arrows which are made of steel
      Personialty: She is somewhat shy, Very Clever ,artistic, good at smithing, and a ver good archeror, she is also good at picking locks.

      Gender: Boy
      Weapon: Sword and sand (The sand is for blinding enemies)
      Elemant: Light and earth
      Background: his past is unclear much like his sisters, but however he dose rember his parents barely he only rembers his mother saying ‘You are destin for-” And then that’s it.
      Personality: He looks up to his older sister and will protect her with his life, He is smart (But not that smart), for some reason he can stand the cold, while his sister can’t.

      P.S: Kranes Elemant was Water.

      • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 9:42 PM

        Andra’a sword is double sided 😐 Frogot to say that.

        • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 9:45 PM

          And I frogot to say that Khristian is not good with Smithing 😳

    • Ninjoey (the lego block head) December 20, 2012, 9:44 PM

      here’s a bio!

      name: Nikon (in greek it means victory)
      age: 13
      weapon: celestial bronze short sword (turns into a flash light for safe keeping)
      mother: athena

      • Wolfgirl December 20, 2012, 9:46 PM

        😆 My name in Greek means “She who intangles Men.” And my last name means Fox, it’s Todd!

  • Sasuto December 21, 2012, 11:37 AM

    I need one more vote for the Storylined ” mC fUnNy” Ninjago shorts!
    4 out of 5 votes.
    People who voted: Wolfgirl,The Secret Shinobi,Chris,Lord Garmadon
    Here is a trailer.Just in case someone votes.

    LEGO Ninjago…
    Replaced By Legends of Chima…
    Nya: Of course not!
    Ninjago : Masters of Spinjitzu are coming back in 2014!!!
    Jay: Yeah,yeah…We heard that a hundred times,Sensei!
    Snsei Wu:Let me continue my story.So,not only season 4 but also hopefully mC fUnNy storylined shorts.
    Kai:Did anyone hear My little Pony new season is this week?
    Lloyd: Umm… 😕 DId you say …
    One more vote needed !!! You can be the one!

    • Sasuto December 21, 2012, 11:41 AM

      By the way the end of the world will be in 2:50 (I think

      • Julianne December 21, 2012, 12:01 PM

        Ok Sasuto I vote!

      • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 1:20 PM

        Sauto The end of the world was yesterday at 12:00 A.M 😐

        • Lord Garmadon December 22, 2012, 5:10 AM


  • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 1:23 PM

    Good Morning! Today is special its FRIDAY!!! And also there is only 3 more day intill Christmas!!!

  • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 1:26 PM

    Sasuto, I vote too even though it will be 6/5. Heh, heh. Guys, just got home but gotta leave to shop. See ya guys soon when I get back.
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO SHOPPING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 1:46 PM

    Just needed to say something before I go. You guys might hate me for saying this but I hate snow. That’s only because I have to help shovel the snow. Not Fun.
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO SHOPPING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 21, 2012, 2:33 PM

    Yay!!! Thanks guys!!!

    • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 3:25 PM

      What do you mean? Almost home by the way.
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO SHOPPING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

      • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 21, 2012, 3:41 PM

        For the bios. 😉

        • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 4:55 PM

          Okay. Your welcome! 😉 Oh, by the way, what’s your email? I can’t email you anymore.
          Still Grounded.
          TEAM LEO!
          Team Baconknights!
          GONE TO YOUTUBE LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 5:55 PM

    Oh! Forgot to say that the story was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Can’t wait for more! I’m gonna work on my Christmas Special and it might be done on Christmas or Christmas Eve. It might be a Two-Part Special too. One on the 24th and the other on the 25th. What do you guys think?
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO YOUTUBE AND STORY LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 7:06 PM

    WW4 (F.N) Part. 12
    (Sky) Katrina: Let’s hope Didi’s done. Arely what’s the plan now?” Arely: Oh, uh, hmm… Good question. (Meadow) Aulta: And so you are suggesting, I help you?” Didi: Well, yes, and no.” Aulta: Whatever but you owe me a favor.” Jackie woke up. Jackie: What happened?” Didi: You fainted when you saw the fairy of plants.” Jackie: what?” (Behind Inc.’s fort) Nathan: Ready?” Neil: I can’t believe were actually doing this.” Nathan: Attack.” Anna: What did he say!!!” (In Inc.’s fort) Gobin: WHAT WAS THAT?” Corgang: I don’t know, MABEY IF YOU SHUT UP I CAN HEAR IT!!” Corgang bonked Gobin on the head. (Behind Inc.’s fort) Nathan: Quiet! Are you trying to get us caught?!” Delvin: Just tell me when.” Nathan: NOW!” (In Inc.’s fort) Corgang: Someone here.” Gobin: OHHH PIZZA!?” Quonn: NO, wait what’s pizza?” Corgang: Grrrr.” Chalk: Oh no, stand back.” Gobin: What for?” Corgang turned into a werewolf. Corgang: ARWOOOOO! GRRRRRRR!” Neil: What was that?” Corgang in werewolf form burst through the wall of Inc.’s fort. Corgang: Norr I found you!” Corgang jumped on Nathan but was hit in the head by a pebble. Corgang: What thrr?” There was a thud behind Corgang as Aulta jumped onto the ground, slingshot in hand. Aulta: It’s been too long Corgang. Corgang: Aultrrr! Where did you come frrom!?” Aulta: You let yourself slip away haven’t you?” Corgang: Grrrr!”

    • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 7:10 PM

      😯 sorry for the shortness 😉 Hope you liked it because WW4 for Ninjago will end soon, epicly! 😀

    • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 7:51 PM

      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO MISSING IN ACTION LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 7:13 PM

    OH, heads up ,WW4 (F.N) might be ending on Christmas so that will be my present to you guys and girls! 😛 🙂 😀 :mrgreen:

  • The Pinky Ninja December 21, 2012, 7:48 PM

    Hey guys! I gotta go soon but here is a sneak peek of my Christmas Special:
    Ninjago Kids!
    Sally: It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!
    Sally and Nick jump on Mom’s and Dad’s bed.
    Mom: Huh? Oh, kids, why don’t you go downstairs and get around the Christmas tree?
    Nick: Okay! Come on Sally! It’s time to open our presents!
    The kids run downstairs as Mom and Dad slowly follow.
    Nick: Huh? What happened to our tree?
    Sally: That’s less important. More important, where’s our PRESENTS?!
    Dad: Kids, there’s a draft in the room. Did one of you open the door?
    Everyone looks around for the breeze and separate.
    Mom: AHH! Somebody he-
    Dad: Honey… Are you okay?
    Dad heads off to the dining room.
    Dad: Kids! Run aw-
    Sally: Nick, what’s happening?
    Nick: I don’t know. I’m gonna check it out. Stay-

    Okay. That’s what you get for a sneak peek. See ya guys later!
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO MISSING IN ACTION LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Wolfgirl December 21, 2012, 8:01 PM

    😥 😀 I’m almost done making WW4 (F.n) Ending so BE PREPARED for the ending, it will be toattly 😥 😆 Epic! So be prepared, and It will be on christmas most likely so MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 21, 2012, 9:15 PM

    Wolfgirl that a perfect christmas present hey did you know “the world was suppose to end today” 😆 right 🙄

  • Sasuto December 22, 2012, 5:50 AM

    Thanks for the votes!
    6 votes out of 5.People who voted:
    2.The Secret Shinobi
    4.Lord Garmadon
    6.The Pinky Ninja

    LEGO Ninjago mC fUnNy Episode 1: The wrestling champions

    Replaced By Legends of Chima…
    Nya: Of course not!
    Ninjago : Masters of Spinjitzu are coming back in 2014!!!
    Jay: Yeah,yeah…We heard that a hundred times,Sensei!
    Sensei Wu:Let me continue my story.So,not only season 4 but also hopefully mC fUnNy storylined shorts.
    Kai:Did anyone hear My little Pony new season is this week?
    Lloyd: Umm… DId you say …
    Sensei Wu: Ninja,i just found a wrestling championship advertisement and i would like to taake…pla-
    Kai:Me too!
    Zane: There is a 79% chance the two top derbies will be John Cena vs Jeff Hardy and Undertaker vs Randy Orton(Better, Don’t search up on google if youre not 16+)
    Cole: I’ve got a ticket for Cena’s match!
    Sensei Wu:No,i meant take place,not watch.
    Lloyd: Come on! I’m a big Jeff Hardy’s fan!
    Cole: John Cena is much better!
    Zane: There is a 62% chance Undertaker will win.
    Cole: But in 2006 John Cena beated him and others in less than 11 minutes!
    Sensei Wu: Enough!
    Kai:Don’t talk like the Undertaker (Possibly scariest wrestler ever.)!!!
    Lord Garmadon: The Miz should be in the top derbies!
    Lloyd:(Watching TV) Go,Jeff Hardy!
    Cole:What?It already begun? Why did i bought the tickets!
    Sensei Wu: Roaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!
    TV: We stop the wrestling match for breking news:
    Sensei Wu rocked the house!!!
    Will the ninja survive?
    If yes, will they watch the wrestling match happily?
    To Be Continued…
    Was it funny?

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 7:12 AM

    *Kitana was in water not even drowning*
    Kitana : (thoughts) Where am I? What is this place? Am I dead?
    *an old man appears on the surface holds his staff and touches where she was at*
    Kitana : (thoughts) Who is this man?
    Old man : *grabs her* I am Yuki, Kitana.
    Kitana : May I ask where and who am I?
    Yuki : You are in the valley where all spirits go. You live no longer.
    Kitana : I’m dead?
    Yuki : Yes Kitana, you live no longer on the ground which you used to know.
    Kitana : Can I ever go back?
    Yuki : The elders need to decide to choose your fate.
    Kitana : A trial?
    Yuki : Yes little one. Walk with me girl I have a feeling you will see someone special before we get there.
    Kitana : Yes sir.
    *in an old village*
    Yuki : You see anyone?
    Kitana : No, just a huge crowd of strangers.
    Villager : Syaoran! Syaoran is coming!
    *crowd cheers*
    Yuki : Do you see anyone now?
    Kitana : No not….
    *A handsome warrior walking his think black hair and little beard was as dark as night, his eyes were blue as the ocean, cape whiter than snow, armor brighter than the sun*
    Kitana : Yes I see him.*tears come out* I see him!
    Yuki : Kitana wait!
    *Kitana runs to Syaoran and holds him tight*
    Kitana : *crying*
    Syaoran : *eyes wide open*
    *The soldiers pulls Kitana away from Syaoran*
    Soldier : (furiously) How dare you touch the warrior king?! *grabs whip* No one should ever touch him!
    Syaoran : *takes away whip*
    Soldier : But she–
    Syaoran : *looks at him directly at his eyes*
    Soldier : Yes sir.
    *The warriors walked away, Syaoran turned back then looked forward*
    Yuki : Kitana are you hurt?
    Kitana : I know him.
    Yuki : You should know him….he’s your father.

    • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 1:11 PM


  • Cole's Secret Admirer December 22, 2012, 7:56 AM

    Morning everyone! I’m posting my next story today!
    Amber 😆

  • ben (blue ninja of invisibility) December 22, 2012, 8:54 AM

    Guys, I’m planning on making a Christmas special on Christmas Day. It’s going to have the same plot as my comic “It’s a Ninjago Christmas!”.
    In fact, it’s going to be the same thing exept tweeked a little.

  • The Pinky Ninja December 22, 2012, 10:42 AM

    The stories were AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Can’t wait for the upcoming stories too! Guys, I’m gonna have to go shopping soon so I can’t be able to post a lot of things. How did you guys like my sneak peek of my special? Kayla, can you give me your email or email me at thepinkyninja@gmail.com Well, see ya guys later! 😉
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO SHOPPING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:
    P.S. If you guys want to watch it, it is on YouTube.

  • Cole's Secret Admirer December 22, 2012, 1:15 PM

    Season 4 episode 12: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (My twist) (Part 2)
    Recap: The ninja just got sent back in time, and someone else came along with them………….
    Ninja: *staring in the window*
    Cole: Um, now what?
    Ali: We go inside.
    Aurora: Are you nuts?!?!
    Ali: Hey, I’m trying to keep us safe! DeeDee fell into the port hole to ya know.
    Kai: OK, I’m with silver ninja here!
    Ali: Someone agrees. Any objections?
    Lloyd: Nope.
    Ali: OK, now here’s the hard part…
    Zane: What?
    Ali: Explaining to our past selves why we’re here….
    Julie: Oh, darn…..
    Ali: OK. I’m knocking.
    Ali goes around the the front door and knocks.
    Past Ali: I’ll get it!
    Past Ali runs to the door and opens it.
    Ali: Uh, this is going to be hard to explain.
    Past Ali: *shocked* Uh, just a moment.
    Past Ali slams the door.
    Jay: *giggles* I think you scared yourself.
    Ali: Ha-ha.
    In the house……
    Past Ali: I think I just saw ME outside!
    Past Cole: What are you talking about?
    Past Lloyd: Let’s go see!
    Outside the house…..
    Sasuto: I hope they let us in…
    Crystal: Why?
    Alex: Cause look who’s coming!
    They all turn to see DeeDee heading straight for them.
    At that very minute the door opens.
    Zane: Run inside! That door may never open again!
    They rush inside, and the door slams shut.
    Then, the ninja look at their past selves.
    Kai: Is that-
    Past Kai: Me?
    Ali: This is wierd.
    Jay: It’s like looking in a mirror.
    Past Jay: A handsome mirror.
    Jay: Exactly.
    Nya: *rolls eyes*
    Past Nya: Oh stop it Jay.
    Past Cole: Um, why are you here?
    Cole: Um, Garmadon sent us back in time so he can try to turn Ninjago into his own image.
    Ali: *sigh* I hate my dad.
    Ivy: Ali, we all do.
    Ali: True.
    Lloyd: How are we going to get back?
    Julie: I don’t know!
    Alex: Maybe if we try and create another port hole, we’ll be able to travel back!
    Ali: But my port holes don’t work in the past!
    Past Ali: How do you-I mean I know?
    Ali: I tries it outside. It didn’t work.
    And knife flies through the window.
    Cole: DUCK!
    Everyone ducks.
    The knife flies and hits the wall.
    Past Kai: Are we under attack?
    Kai: No, It’s DeeDee.
    Past Christie: Who’s DeeDee?
    Christie: One of dad’s new henchmen.
    Zane: And she’s from the future so you guys wouldn’t know about her yet.
    Past ninja: Oh.
    DeeDee: *jumps through the window* Hello ninja!
    Crystal: We have to fight her!
    Past Jay: This will be easy! We TOTALLY out number her!
    Jay: DeeDee’s more than meets the eye.
    DeeDee: *makes a plant grow and tie past jay to the ground.
    Past Jay: Oh, I see.
    Ali: OK guys, lets do this.
    DeeDee: If you can!

    To be continued…………………..
    Sorry it was kinda short, but I’m continuing it later tonight or tomorrow morning after church. So, hope you guys liked it!
    Amber 😆 :mrgreen:

    • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 1:54 PM

      AWSWOME! 😀 😛

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 1:19 PM


  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 22, 2012, 1:46 PM


  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 1:47 PM

    Of coarse yours!

  • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 1:47 PM

    WW4 (F.N) Part. 13
    Aulta grew sparkling Sapphire wings and charged at Corgang. Nathan: Quickly, into the fort!” Admin’s army snuck behind Gobin. Gobin: I feel that something is wrong here, but I can’t quite put my figure on it.” Neil Stepped on a twig which cracked. Gobin: WHAT WAS THAT!?” Gobin flung himself around. Neil stood still in a crouched position. Gobin: Must have been my imagination.” Neil: What the heck is wrong with these goblins?” Wraith: Well, well, well, what do we have here? An intruder, my, my for a tasty meal.” Neil: Eep!” (In Inc.’s fort) Nathan: Oh no, where’s Neil?” Delvin: LOOK OUT!” Delvin tried to shield Nathan from a dart, but the dart struck Nathan’s knee. Nathan: OW!” Delvin: NO, don’t pull it out, that dart is full of deadly poison!” Nomersa: You’ve grown talented in sensing these things, haven’t you?” Delvin: Nathan, don’t get up, this poison is very deadly.” Nomersa: Lotus extract, very fine batch too. Made by my dear friend Zang-Kal.” Delvin: ZANG-KAL! This is worse than I thought!” Nathan: You must g-go on without me; kill Queen-“ Nathan fell unconscious. Delvin: NOMERSA, this is madness!” Nomersa: Or is it? I’m done here; he’ll be dead in a matter of minutes.” Audra: There’s still time! Maybe if we act quickly we ca-“ Delvin: Audra, this is a wound that cannot heal. The poison has already seeped into his veins, he’s a goner.” Arely: Your giving up that easily!?” Dride: Nathan would never have given up on a friend!” Katrina: Where there’s a will there’s a way.” Delvin: I wish that were true Katrina, but Nathan’s heart rate is going down, he is going to die soon.” Neil: NATHAN, brother?” Delvin shook his head. (Inc.’s storage room) Nomersa appeared in the room with a puff of smoke. Andra: WHAT did you DO!!?” Nomersa: Completed a contract.” Andra: I tol-I told you not to kill him!” Nomersa: I am a litch, am I not? Litches lie.” Andra: You little, I’ll- I’LL-“ Nomersa: You’ll WHAT; kill me?”

    • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 1:50 PM

      Okay I just finnished the final episode of WW4 and be prepared for it on Christmas!

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 2:02 PM

    Ha ha foolish goblins!

    • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 2:08 PM

      Be carefull Ninjagirl the goblins will come for you 😯 😆

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 2:10 PM

    Hey ninja I feel like doing another story you know I’ll get back to my story then blah, blah, blah. Coming soon!

  • Cole's Secret Admirer December 22, 2012, 3:02 PM

    Thank you guys! I thought no one liked my stories. But, I was proved wrong! 😆
    Amber 😀

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 3:47 PM

    Yang’s sister

    *Ming-Ling playing her evil painful game*
    Ming-Ling : Run ducky. Run ducky.
    *throws oranges at Jay*
    Julie : I hate it when An-Yi goes on vacation and leaves Ming-Ling in charge.
    Yang : We should do something. No one hurt–
    Julie : Too late!
    Jay : *dies*
    Ming-Ling : Get up you big faker!*throws orange* Jay? Jay? Uh-oh! I’m late for fishing.*runs screaming*
    Yang : Jay?
    Jay : Ha! The big dummy fell for it!
    Yang : Jay you alive!
    Jay : Of coarse I just play possum.
    *meteorite goes towards the 3*
    Jay and Julie : *screams then plays possum*
    Yang : *flies up*
    KA-BLAM!!!*Yang destroys meteor*
    Julie : Whoa! Where did that come from?!
    Yang : That was no accident that was thrown.
    Julie : But who would do that?
    Yin : I Yin throws rock destroy sister. For I will be only Cyborg for humanity.
    Jay : *plays possum*
    Julie : Well someone ate crazy flakes.
    Yin : I not crazy! Now finish off sister!
    *trying to destroy Yang*
    Yin : Now prepare to–
    Yin : Wait one moment.*gets phone* Hello? Yes dear. No dear. I’m in a meeting! No dear. Yes dear. I’M NOT SHOUTIIIIIIIIING!!! Yes dear. No dear. Yes. Yes I know. Muah! Boot.*hangs up* I finish you off later.*leaves*
    Jay : *faces in mud* (muffled) Is she gone?
    Autobody shop
    Nya : Looks like it only messed her rocket boosters. Not really damaged though. She’ll be fixed in 1 hour.
    Julie : 1 hour?! Yin could attack any moment!
    Jay : *turns on TV*
    Reporter : And we are live! A female Cyborg is attacking a cruise ship far north from Ninjago city.
    Jay : Hey guys check this out this is banging!
    Julie : An-Yi is on that ship!
    Jay : OK maybe banging wasn’t the right word.
    Yang : I’ll go fight.
    Nya : But you’re not fixed.
    Yang : I don’t care!
    Julie : I’ll go with you.
    Jay : OK see you on the news!*looks at TV*
    Nya : Ahem!*looks at him*
    Jay : Hey guys wait up!
    Cruise ship
    Yin : I now attack people!*carries cruise ship* And destroy big boat!
    *Yang flying uneasily*
    Yang : I’ll drop you off on the cruise.
    Jay : What?! You’re crazy! It’s about to get demolished!
    Yang : Try to save as many as you can! I’m gonna let go!
    Julie : Yang?
    Yang : 1! 2! 3! *lets go*
    Both : YANG!!!
    Yang : Whoops! I let go far to the right.
    Yin : Sister come here to save humans?
    Yang : Yes.
    Wham! *Yang punches Yin*
    Yang : *carries cruise ship* Oh my gosh! This is heavy! *moves boat for Jay and Julie to land safely*
    *Jay and Julie lands on chairs*
    Jay : When I get on a cruise I get the snooze.*snores*
    Julie : Oh brother.
    Yin : You made big mistake sister!
    Yang : Ugh! Can’t you see my hands are full?!
    Yin : You have 2 choose. Friend or boat.
    Yang : I don’t know what to do.
    Yin : I destroy human.*flies up*
    Yang : *drops cruise*
    *people panicking*
    *Jay fighting with an old man for a life jacket*
    Jay : Give me that you punk! I’m only a kid I need to live!
    *Jay gets life jacket and jumps of cruise, starts swimming then runs into shark*
    Jay : *plays possum* Not buying it,huh?
    *shark shows teeth*
    Jay : Wait here I think I left something on that cruise and…*swims fast*
    *shark goes after him*
    Yin : I give you Mega punch!
    Yang : *falls in water*
    Julie : Yang!
    Yin : Pest gone. Me destroy everyone!
    Yang : *takes out Yin’s circuits* No you won’t.
    Julie : Yang!
    Yang : What did you know I can play possum.
    Fishing boat
    Ming-Ling : *humming* I got one!*gets shark*
    *shark coughs out Jay*
    Jay : Ah!*plays possum*
    Ming-Ling : *screams and swims away*

    • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 5:27 PM

      😆 Man how come this gets funnier every time!!!! 😀 ??? 😕 :p

  • ninjagirl December 22, 2012, 7:06 PM

    I feel like writing another story.

  • Wolfgirl December 22, 2012, 7:38 PM

    Three days untill Christmas! I hope you guys are ready for WW4’s ending, I do however need some more people to like somone, here are a few who do not like anyone yet…
    Angela: a friend
    Neil: ME!
    Delvin: also ME!
    Dride: I frogot 😕
    Eleanor: a Ninjago watcher
    Wiz Khalifa: I frogot too 😕
    Audra: Shes a grownup 😕
    Liz: another Friend

  • Sasuto December 23, 2012, 2:26 AM

    Did anyone read the first mC fUnNy? 🙁 🙁 🙁
    It’s on the previous page.

    • The Pinky Ninja December 23, 2012, 11:50 AM

      I read it! It was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Can’t wait for more! 😉
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO MISSING IN ACTION LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • ninjagirl December 23, 2012, 8:23 AM

    I did!

  • ben (blue ninja of invisibility) December 23, 2012, 12:36 PM

    A day and a half left! We can make it!

  • flame and geo December 23, 2012, 12:41 PM

    Hi yall long time no type

    • flame and geo December 23, 2012, 12:43 PM

      or read for that matter
      any way whats happened

      • flame and geo December 23, 2012, 12:51 PM

        well i know it has been a long time but I am going to start a brand new story

        • Julianne December 23, 2012, 1:10 PM

          Hey Flame and Geo! Can’t wait to hear or read your new story!

  • flame and geo December 23, 2012, 1:39 PM

    ok I may be a little rusty but here goes
    PS sorry there is a serpentine I know that they are underground but I ran dry on ideas

    Kai:Go on now and run home.
    some serpentine slither into a side cave in the large ominious cavern.
    Nya:(over earpiece)Did you get the stolen money?
    Nya: mission complete then but i recomend getting back soon cause Zane made dinner and it will be gone soon.
    kai:thanks 5 minutes bye.
    beep beep beep
    kai walked through one of dark caverens into an underground valley thing.
    ???:WHOS THERE!!!!!!
    kai:uuuuummmmm,my name is kai.
    ??:friend or foe?and what are you
    kai:A ninja and idk it depends.
    ???:A ninja,I’ve heard of you and if you speak the truth then I am a friend.
    kai:Now who are you?
    Terra:I am Terra,a shadow.
    kai:what do you mean and where are you?
    Terra:I’m a shadow,how can I make that any more clear!Speaking of wich I am.
    kai:oh so I cant see you.
    Terra:NAH!!!!!!and I can visualize so you can see me..
    kai:Do it.
    a shaft of light came and a pretty blonde in all black clothes stood out.
    and a low rumble and the cave collapsed.

  • ninjagirl December 23, 2012, 1:49 PM

    Awesome! 😀

    • Julianne December 23, 2012, 2:09 PM

      Love your new story!

  • ben (blue ninja of invisibility) December 23, 2012, 2:00 PM

    Here’s a sneak peak of my Christmas special

    The sliegh lands on a house.
    Lloyd sqeezes himself down the chimney and lays presents under the tree.
    Lloyd: “Guys, this might take a while.”
    Cole: “Then lets find something that could speed us up.”
    When Lloyd gets onto the sliegh, Cole pushes a button labeled “WARP SPEED”.
    Zane: “HOLD ON TIGHT!”
    Cole: “Look it’s us!”
    Kai: “We went back in time.”
    Zane: “Must be the warp speed.”
    Lloyd: “Let’s deliver those presents!”

    5 trillion houses later . . . .

    Kai: “Okay guys, last house.”
    Cole: “Being Santa is a lot of work.”
    Jay: “Guys, I dont think evil ever sleeps.”

    To Be Continued . . . .

    Tune in Christmas Day for the whole episode.

  • ninjagirl December 23, 2012, 2:14 PM

    Woo Hoo Hoo awesome!

  • Wolfgirl December 23, 2012, 6:43 PM

    In order for my WW4 ending to be on Xmas I will have to skip today so hang in there! Also you’s stories were awsome! And I am going to finnish WW4 now. Happy Holidays and a Ho ho ho, and all that :mrgreen: Also…, Secret Santa brought me an early Christmas gift, it was a drawing pad. 😀 I lovvve Secret Santa! 😉
    ,;, ,;,

  • The Pinky Ninja December 24, 2012, 10:33 AM

    Hey guys! It’s Christmas Eve! And welcome back flame and geo! Great news! I’m gonna post Part One of my Christmas Special today and Part Two will be posted tomorrow. Bad news. Tomorrow, I won’t have a lot of time to post it since I’m gonna be with family. The stories were AMAZINGLY AWESOME! My special will be in a little while cause I have to do some errands first. Bye guys!
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO ERRANDS LAND! 😀 😛 😉 🙁 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • ben (blue ninja of invisibility) December 24, 2012, 10:41 AM

    Guys, you’d really want to read my Christmas special. My comic (which was pretty much the same thing) was PRETTY awesome.

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 11:47 AM

    *Margaret sneaking around in the dragons’ hideout*
    Viper : What are you doing?
    Margaret : Something to sharpen my swords.
    Viper : For what?
    Margaret : Getting rid of someone.
    Viper : Hope you’re not going to try to get rid of me.
    Margaret : (lying) I would never!
    Viper : Your as pathetic as your sister, Margaret, Weak!
    Margaret : *points swords*
    Viper : Do it. I dare you.
    Margaret : You’re waisting my time.
    Viper : I was right. Pathetic!
    Margaret : *storms off*


    *Abby and Megan watching something on TV*
    Abby : *laughing* That bird can’t carry the shoe!
    Megan : *doesn’t laugh*
    Abby : Megan you haven’t been eating or talking for 2 days. *grabs a sandwich* Eat please or at least say a word.
    Megan : *opens mouth*
    Abby : *smiles*
    Megan : It was my fault.
    Abby : *smile fades*
    Megan : I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next.*cries*
    Abby : Megan don’t cry please.
    Megan : Kitana I’m sorry! *crying*
    Abby : I miss her too. All we could do is think of what could happen next.

    Spirit Village (trial)

    *commotion going on*
    Judge : Order! Order! We are here for this girl to judge weather she could be allowed back to the mortal world.
    Yuki : She saved many lives.
    Ty : But how much do we know about this girl? She could be doing something evil secretly.
    Yuki : She’s a hero she risked her life for children.
    Ty : She is also related to the dead master, ACONDA!
    Syaoran : That’s enough! She not like her brother, she’s my daughter! Give her another chance.
    Judge : I will warrior king but only because you have been good to us Kitana you will train to battle against your brother. Then you will go back to the mortal world, Syaoran will be your guide.
    Kitana : Thank…*everyone disappeared* …you?
    Syaoran : We have no time to waist.

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 12:37 PM

      AWSOME!!!!! 😀

      • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 12:39 PM

        😯 Wait a minute, Margret would never take an insult like that! *evil laugh* She’ll be back! right? o.O

      • Julianne December 24, 2012, 12:43 PM

        Good Morning! Happy Christmas Eve! And Great story Ninjagirl!

  • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 12:42 PM

    WW4 (F.N) Part.14
    Andra: I-“ Nomersa: Even when being evil you still love him! Don’t you?” Andra: Evil… that wasn’t my CHOICE!!!” Nomersa: Oops, I guess the Queen will have to deal with you now; and I thought you were weak, HA! What a card.” Nomersa disappeared. Andra: No-NATHAN!” (Inc.’s throne room) Queen INC.: THAT FOOL! She broke the waters spell!” Great Sar: Love. Only love can break that spell. Queen INC. you have failed to see her love for that boy.” Queen INC.: Are you saying I’m-“ Great Sar: She left the storage room.” Queen INC.: DON’T JUST STAND THERE!” (Outside Inc.’s fort) Aulta stood over Corgang’s dead body, with a sapphire sword in hand. Gobin: Uhh…” Aulta: Would you like an example?” Gobin: NOPE! I’m fine.” (In Inc.’s fort) Andra: GUYS!” Neil: Andra, you’re alive!” Andra: YES, of course I’m alive. Listen you need to kill Queen INC. I-I’ll stay here; with Nathan. Delvin: Come, we must hurry; before INC. gets away.” Audra, Silver, Katrina, Neil, Arely, Delvin, Dride, Sasuto, and Luke all headed to INC.’S throne room. Andra: Oh, Nathan; this is all my fault.” Andra started to cry. (Inc.’s hallway) Maul: I GOT-“ Kayla wacked Maul on the head. Kayla: Finished, now can we continue?” Neil: FOR NINJAGO!” (In Inc.’s fort) Andra’s tears rolled down her check and onto Nathan. Andra: I’m so sorry.” Nathan: … Its not your fault, its not mine either.” Andra: NATHAN! You-Your still alive.” Nathan: I wouldn’t want to miss my girl before I die.” Andra: Your so horrible.” Nathan: Why thank you.” (Inc.’s throne room) Queen INC.: Good, now everything is going according to plan.”

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 12:45 PM

      Sorry for this being very VERY short, but in order to have an awsome ending I had to cut this one a little short, oh BTW later today I’m posting a R-a-n-d-o-m Funny Ninjago Christmas. It should have at least 3 or four parts 😉

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 1:26 PM

    O.O that’s Awesome!

  • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 24, 2012, 1:40 PM

    Ha ha lovebreaking spell good thinking great part 14 im looking forward for the rest
    Happy Christmas eve

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 2:49 PM

      🙁 it wasn’t a lovebreaking spell 😎 well, maybe.

  • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 2:48 PM

    get ready for R-a-n-d-o-m Christmas Special!!!

  • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 2:50 PM

    R-a-n-d-o-m Funny Films present, A Wolfgirl 3773 creation… Ninjago, a Christmas special!
    Part. 1 Kai’s Christmas Carol
    Jay: IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Cole: Eve.” Jay: Yeah, Christmas Eve!” Kai: Okay, Jay what do you want?” Jay: Uhh, you kinda promised me that on Christmas Eve, you would let me take Nya on a-“ Kai: A date? Knock yourself out.” Jay: 😯 really?” Kai: yeah, go ahead. Consider it my Christmas present to you.” Jay: YAY! *falls on floor asleep*” Nya: Um, has anyone seen a green wrapped box?” Kai: Ummmm, *Lying* No.” Nya: KAI!” Kai: YES! I-I’LL NEVER GIVE IT TO YOU!!!! *Grabs box and jumps out a window* Nya: KAI, wear a jacket at least! Oh I’m gonna kill him!” Cole: When and if you find him that is.” Nya: Oh, I’m gonna find him. 😯 Why is Jay on the floor?” Cole: I think he passed out, or something.” Nya: Oh, well when he wakes up tell him I’m looking for Kai.” Cole: No problem, I’m probably gonna stay here anyway.” Nya: Um, why? Aren’t you a little hungry?” Cole: Well, yeah but I can’t go anywhere, I’m still stuck to this chair.” Nya: Why don’t you just take off your pants?” Cole: I can’t, your in here.” Nya: Right, bye.” *Outside* Kai: *freezing* I should have taken a jacket!” Voice: Kaaaaii, Kaaaaii, Kaaaaii!” Kai: Kai’s not here!” Voice: Kaaaaii, KAAAII, I knoww you’re here. Green Box: Shh, It’s the Christmas ghost.” Kai: The Chris- AHHH, TALKING BOX!!!! Ghost: BOOO! I’m the Christmas ghost, here to haunt little boys and girls who steals presents.” Kai: 🙁 I’m not little.” Ghost: You are little compared to me.” Kai: Fine then, but I’m not stealing this. This box belongs to me.” Ghost: So do those shoes above me, but I’m not complaining.” Kai: o.O What?” Ghost: The point is that it is not Christmas yet, and yoooooouoou, Sorry I’m still a little rusty at this ghost voice, anyway. You will be haunted by three ghosts until you return that present.” Kai: NEVER!!! *Runs away*” Ghost: WWwwwait! BY THE THIRD YOU’LL DIE!!!” Kai: What a creepy dude dressed in white.” Ghost of the past: Am I creepy?” Kai: 😯 No, no you’re not :p.” Ghost of past: Oh good, I thought these robes made me look big. Anyways, blah blah blah, I am the ghost of Christmas past. Take my hand. Kai: 😮 anything you say. *Takes Ghost’s hand*” Ghost of past: See that? Just a year ago a little boy like you-“ Kai: 😥 I’m not a little boy!” Ghost of past: FINE, a big boy like you stole a present!” Kai: :p much better.” Ghost of past: Good, now as I was saying; he stole his present too.” Kai: What happened to him?” Ghost of past: 👿 I’M GETTING THERE!!!!!” Kai: 😯 !” Ghost of past: Now he stole his present and he meet the next ghost.” Kai: Who is-“ Ghost of past: For the last TIME, I’M GETTING THERE!!! Now as I was saying ,the next ghost, the most horrible, fearsome, agonizing, terrible, ferocious, of them ALL!” Kai: W-who is he?” Ghost of a present: IT’S ME!” Kai: AHHerr I mean 😆 HA! You’re a present!” Ghost of a present: YEAH, I’m the ghost of a Christmas present. GOT A PROBLEM!!!??” Kai: Yeah ,the next ghost is-“ Ghost of a present: Who’s the ghost here, me, or you!?” Kai: Uhh, you?” Ghost: right. Now I’m here to show you what’s happening to all the other kiddies out there.” Kai: Okay.” Ghost of a present: Now, touch my wrapping.” Kai: Um n-“ Ghost of a present: Just touch it!” Kai: 😮 Fine!” Ghost of a present: Now, see that it’s what is waiting ahead of you, if you don’t turn back now.” Kai: Is that a coffin?” Ghost of a present: NO, it’s a pony 🙄 . OH COURSE IT’S A COFFIN!!” Kai: So-“ Ghost of a present: oh, your times up; now it’s coffee break.” Kai: Christmas ghost? 🙁 anyone?” Ghost of the future: I am the ghost of the Christmas future. Beep bop.” Kai: o.O you’re a robot.” Ghost of the future: Beep bop. I know. Bop Beep. This is what will happen if you don’t turn back now.” Kai: What I’m going to turn into a robot!?” Ghost of the future: No. Beep bop. It’s worse. Beep bop. You are going to die. Beep bop.” Kai: Okay…? Can I go now?” Ghost of the future: You can. Beep bop. But I warned you. Beep bop boo.” Kai: Bye. *walks past robot Ghost then falls in a coffin*” Ghost’s: We warned you.” Kai: Yeah, thanks for the warning!”

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 2:58 PM

      I have to decorate christmas cookies, when I get back be prepared for Part. 2 😀 😆 Even I’m laughing at this! 😕

      • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:19 PM

        Part. 2 Cole’s Christmas miracle
        Cole: Well, that was embarrassing. Now that I lost my dignity and my pants, and don’t think I could lose much more.” Jay: Uhh what happened? Um, Cole why do you have no pants?” Cole: And I’m wrong again. Nya said she went to look for Kai.” Jay: 😯 Where’s Kai!?” Cole: The forest. I think.” Jay: *running* Kai, NYA!!?” Cole: 😯 JAY WAIT!!! Great, now I have no one to help me and no one to give me some pants! How could this get ANY worse!?” Kitten: MERRR!!!” Cole: And the cat has to show, just great.” Kitten: RARR! *jumps on Cole and starts to rip out his hair* Cole: NO, NOT MY HAIR!” Kitten: *Bites Cole’s neck* Cole: IT’S… It tickles! 😯 😆 ! 😆 He heh, it tickles 🙂 ! ZANE! Come over here and HELP ME!!!” Zane: Actually I have somewhere to be, and why do you not have pants on?” Cole: Long story, now can you help me?” Zane: I can. *Pulls off cat and throws it out the window* Now, Cole do me a favor and put on some pants.” Cole: ACTUALLY-“ Zane: *Shuts door*” Cole: I’m stuck. 🙁 Hey, my drums! Now at least I have something to do. *Drum crumbles to pieces* Aww, That was a gift from Grandma. Now I have nothing to do and NO PANTS! This is the worst Christmas Eve, EVER!!!” Ho ho ho! Cole: What the-“ *A Jolly red-suited mad appears* Cole: 😯 Uhh *drooling* hamina hamina hamina hamina.” Santa: Ho ho ho, Hello Cole.” Cole: Uhhh? *Faints* “ * Maybe three hours later..* Cole: Uhh, were am I? Huh, were did these cookies and milk come from, 😯 WHAT, WHY DO I HAVE PANTS ON!? Am I in heaven?” Santa: No ho ho, your in a nice comfy new lounge chair merry Christmas!!!” Cole: Uhhh? *faints*

        • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:24 PM

          Now I said there was a Part. 3 so hold on to your seats, it get better!

        • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 3:32 PM

          So hilarious! Cole with no pants then Kai is the Scrooge!

          • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:37 PM

            Well not exactually, but yes that’s basicaly whats happened. 😉

        • The Pinky Ninja December 24, 2012, 3:43 PM

          AMAZINGLY AWESOME as usual Wolfgirl! Can’t wait to see the next part! 😉 Not gonna do my sign cause it takes too much time.

    • The Pinky Ninja December 24, 2012, 3:25 PM

      Kai DIED?! What did you do to him?! Can’t wait to see what happens to Angry Nya, Pasted Out Jay, Stuck To A Chair Cole and Dead Kai. I’m gonna post my story in a little bit or a while. Heh, heh. See ya guys soon!
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO WRITING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

      • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:27 PM

        Kai didn’t die, he’s in a coffin, Jay’s no longer Passed out. cole is no longer stuck to a chair ,but Nya is angry 😉 Well going to post the end now!

        • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:29 PM

          Part. 3 Zane’s and Jay’s Christmas Eve
          Zane: Oh, I’m so late; Cole just made me even later than before! Ugh this is horrible. *Gets knocked over by Jay*” Jay: Uhhh, so sorry Zane. *Rubs head* Am I bleeding?” Zane: No but you do have a bruise and dirt on you. *gets up*” Jay: Ow.” Zane: What were you doing out here anyway Jay? *Helps Jay up*” Jay: Maybe I should ask you the same question.” Zane: Well, if you have to know, I’m out looking for the Christmas stranger.” Jay: HA, that’s just a myth to teach little kids to be nice to strangers.” Zane: Okay then, why were you out here?” Jay: I was looking for Kai, and Nya.” Zane: How about we look together?” Jay: For who, Kai and Nya, or the Christmas stranger?” Zane: Both.” Jay: Okay, fine by me.” (So they head out into the woods to look for Kai, Nya, and the Christmas Stranger.) Jay: This is dumb. Maybe we should turn back.” Zane: NO, do you hear that?” Hearrrrlp! Hearrrrlp! Hearrrrlp Mar! Jay: What was that!?” Hearrrrlp Mar semorrne! Anrrrone! Zane: The Christmas stranger?” Jay: KAI? NYA?” Irr ormone arrree!” Jay: HELO!?” orrerr herrr! Jay: I-Is th-that a co-coffin!?” Zane: Yes that is!” Hearrrrlp mar!” Jay: ZOMBIE!!!” Nya: Where?” Jay: NYA! Your alive?” Nya: Of course I am.” Hearrrrlp mar! Jay: OH no! I’ve seen this before, attack of the Christmas zombies!” Nya: Jay, you watch too much TV.” Jay: I do not!” Nya: *Opens Coffin*” Kai: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It stunk like dead people in there!” Nya: It’s a coffin; it’s supposed to do that.” Kai: Here’s that present.” Nya: Thank you, now I can put the nametag on. *Put’s Jay’s name on*” Jay: It’s for me?” Kai: It’s for him!?” Nya: Yeah, don’t worry Kai, Santa will bring you something nice 😆 .” (So come Christmas day and they all rushed down to get there Christmas presents. Nya got a box of chocolates from Jay and a spoon from someone named Max. Jay got a box of half melted chocolates from Nya, and baseball from someone named Conan the barbarian, ha also finally got a kiss from Nya when he moved the mistletoe. Zane got what he always wanted a Christmas stranger, someone named Bob. Cole was still unconscious that morning so he didn’t get anything. And as for Kai, he got a stocking full of coal and a toy zebra from someone named Sam.)
          The End.

          • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:31 PM

            My R-a-n-d-o-m story is under Moderation!

          • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 4:58 PM

            Haha funny! 😀

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 3:21 PM

    Syaoran : Ready to train?
    Kitana : I’ve been doing this my whole life so… 😐
    Kitana : Where did you go?
    Syaoran : *sidekick*
    Kitana : Ouch!
    Syaoran : *knock down*
    Kitana : Hey!
    Slap! *Kitana gets slapped in the rear*
    Kitana : Owie! Owie! Owie! Owie!
    Syaoran : So you weren’t ready.
    Kitana : That hurt!
    Syaoran : It’s training. Maybe we should try weapon training.
    Kitana : Forget it. I don’t have elemental powers to defeat my brother.
    Syaoran : You must expect the unexpected.
    Kitana : Are you going all Japanese on me?
    Syaoran : Chinese actually.
    Kitana : Dad. Do you think I’m, well, uh, I’m useless without my powers?
    Smack! *Kitana gets slapped in the face*
    Kitana : What was that for?!
    Syaoran : You’re not useless.
    Kitana : You could’ve said no!
    Syaoran : Keep training Kitana.
    Kitana : Ouch.*rubs face*
    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
    Kitana : *grabs darts*
    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
    Kitana : *kicks darts*
    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
    Kitana : *grabs sword and slices darts in pieces*
    Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!
    Kitana : *backflips*
    Syaoran : *smiles* You are now ready to face me.
    Kitana : Bring it.
    *Syaoran made the first move*
    Syaoran : *makes ring of fire*
    Kitana : Like I’ve never seen this move before.
    Syaoran : *pokes rib*
    Kitana : Eek! OK didn’t see that coming.
    Syaoran : Give up?
    Kitana : NINJA-GO!!!
    Syaoran : *gets knocked down* I say you’re ready.
    Kitana : Thank you dad.
    Syaoran : You really proven that you are the warrior princess.

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 3:26 PM

      😀 AWSOME!!!

    • The Pinky Ninja December 24, 2012, 3:47 PM

      HaHaHa! AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Now, will Kitana defeat Aconda by poking his ribs? Heh, heh. 😉 Not gonna do my sign cause it takes too much time.

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 4:53 PM

    ACONDA : What a day to destroy the entire world and the entire universe. Margaret sent the troops and search the ninja make sure they’re captured and put to death.
    Margaret : Yes my friend.*smiles wickedly at Viper*
    Viper : We should get rid of her.
    ACONDA : What?! Why?!
    Viper : I don’t like her!
    ACONDA : She accomplished more than our soldiers.
    Viper : Grrrrrr! You conceded snake! *stomping away*
    *dragons and stones laugh at her*
    Margaret : *smiles*
    Viper : You! I will get rid of you!
    Margaret : ♪She has anger issues♪
    Viper : Grrrrr! *storms off*
    ACONDA : You are leader of my army now Margaret.*gives staff*
    Margaret : (thoughts) My first rule is getting rid of Viper.

    Spirit Village

    Syaoran : Just jump off here and you’ll go back to your friends and family.
    Kitana : I guess this is goodbye, dad.
    Syaoran : I will be watching you guiding you everyday.
    Kitana : We will see each other, right?
    Syaoran : Yes, someday.
    Kitana : I just wish I now when.
    Syaoran : *hugs her* No more tears. Kitana I know you’ll be protected An-Yi.
    Kitana : *jumps of cliff*
    Syaoran : Goodbye my daughter.

    Ninjago city *present*

    Reporter 1 : Live from Ninjago, A swarm of dragons are attacking Ninjago!
    *channel changes*
    Reporter 2 : ACONDA has struck again destroying every building 5 by 5
    *channel changes*
    Reporter 3 : Ninjago’s army has been defeated by the dragons. Will the ninja be our only hope?
    *channel changes*
    Reporter 4 : We are all doomed there is no one to stop this madness the ninja are no where to be seen. They’re are probably captured or ran off because it was to big of an army.
    ACONDA : Excellent Margaret. We can step further to the plan.
    Margaret : Yes ACONDA.
    ACONDA : Today Ninjago. Then tomorrow the world!*evil laugh*
    Garmadon : You did it! You taken over!
    ACONDA : Of coarse I did! Without one ninja there is no team.
    Dragon 1 : You realize we still don’t have the ninja, right?
    Dragon 2 : Shush!
    ACONDA : *snaps fingers*
    Dragon 1 : Wait! I won’t say anything! No!*gets dragged away*
    ACONDA : Any other wise comments?
    *No answer*
    ACONDA : Good! Fine the ninja!
    *army stays*
    ACONDA : NNNNNNNNOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!*places moved*
    *dragons in a hurry out of room*
    Viper : Well now I can get my army to–
    ACONDA : Margaret is in charge of the army now.
    Viper : W-what?!
    ACONDA : She’s in charge of my army.
    Viper : What am I supposed to do now?!
    ACONDA : Eh, you’ll be guard or whatever.
    ACONDA : Why don’t you go paint your nails or something.?
    Viper : Grrrrr!

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 5:24 PM

      😆 Funny and AWSOME!!! :p

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 5:32 PM

    Margret will be like “who’s pathetic now, Viper?”

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 6:25 PM

      😆 yeah.

  • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 6:36 PM

    Here’s something for all ninjago fans,
    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even the ninja. The stockings were hung over the chimeny with care, in hopes that a some candy soon would be there. Jay dreamt of misletoe and started to kiss his pillow. Kai dreamt of the glorious food. Cole dreamt of the presents under the tree. And Zane couldn’t dream cause he was a robot. When OUT of the stocking came a man and eight tiny reindeer came. And lightened the tree with fake plastic glee, then he wiggled his toes and pulled his ears twice: and there under the tree was some rice. Now that Jolly man dgu into his nose and pulled out some candy then the placed in the stocking. A tiny voice came from behind; it was Nya with with a nasty face on, she asked, “WHO THE HACK ARE YOU!?”
    And that was the night before Christmas.

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 6:45 PM

      Woops sorry it cut me off here’s how it really went…

      Here’s something for all ninjago fans,
      Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even the ninja. The stockings were hung over the chimney with care, in hopes that some candy soon would be there. Jay dreamt of mistletoe and started to kiss his pillow. Kai dreamt of the glorious food. Cole dreamt of the presents under the tree. And Zane couldn’t dream because he was a robot. When OUT of the stocking came a man and eight tiny reindeer came. And lightened the tree with fake plastic glee, then he wiggled his toes and pulled his ears twice: and there under the tree was some rice. Now that Jolly man dug into his nose and pulled out some candy then the placed in the stocking. A tiny voice came from behind; it was Nya with a nasty face on, she asked, “WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?” The jolly man smiled and gave a Ho ho ho, then he disappeared with a twitch of his nose.
      And that was the night before Christmas.

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 6:50 PM

    Whoa! Jay is a pillow kisser? :LOL:

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 6:54 PM

      Yeah haven’t you whatched the Ninjago rise of the snakes!? I think it was episode four when Jay’s parents came over and Jays mom said “Oh, if you liked that then you’ll love to hear the time I caught Jay kissing his pillow.”

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 6:59 PM

    Ha ha! Jay’s really embarrassed!

    • Wolfgirl December 24, 2012, 7:07 PM

      o.O He was asleep at the time he couldn’t be embarrassed. unless you your talking abou Jay’s Mom saying that ,then yes he was embarrassed. 😐

      • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 24, 2012, 7:57 PM

        😆 jay kissing a pillow hahaha

  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 24, 2012, 7:40 PM

    Merry Christmas, my fellow ninjas! Hopefully the Skeletons haven’t found me yet- *window breaks* 😐 Oh well…!

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 7:48 PM

    Jay : Got any 3’s?
    Cole : Go fish. Got any 5’s?
    Jay : Go fish.
    Megan : Are you guys serious?! You’re playing cards while Ninjago is in trouble with innocent lives in danger?!
    Cole : Megan, ACONDA is ruler now and has a huge army and your sister is in charge of that army.
    Kai : If Kitana was here she would say C’mon let’s fight!
    Julie : Kitana’s not here. 🙁
    Kai : Still! We should do what Kitana would’ve wanted. We should stop hiding and start fighting!
    Jay : You think it’s that easy?!
    Kai : I’m not saying it’s easy. Think about it innocent lives what if one of us was captured and slaved there?
    Cole : I would hate it if that happened to Ming-Ling.
    Silver : I want Julie to be free from them.
    Zane : Robots don’t do good with slavery.
    Jay : I would kick everyone’s butt if Nya was there.
    Lloyd : What’s the plan?
    Kai : *smiles*

    Ninjago city

    *Huge wall that would lead to ACONDA*
    Kai : OK you guys create a distraction while I’ll sneak inside.
    Cole : OK Jay you will create a diversion while I’ll help Kai.
    Jay : OK Zane you be the bait while I’ll go and hide.
    Zane : 😐
    *dragons and stone chatting*
    Zane : (girly voice) *imitating Margaret* You guys better get me a sandwich and make it snappy from subway!
    Jay : *smacks forhead*
    Dragons and Stone : (?)
    Zane : Hurry up!
    *dragons and stone hurry to get sandwich*
    Jay : I can’t believe they bought that.
    Dragon 1 : Ahem!
    *both look back*
    Dragon 1 : Dra–
    Pow! Blam! Wack! Boom! Crash! Smash!
    Zane : That knocked him out.
    *Kai and Cole*
    Cole : Caw-Caw! Caw-Caw! Caw-Ca–
    Kai : Who are you trying to signal?! We’re the only one’s here!
    Cole : No one, I have allergies.
    Kai : Well, keep it down.
    *ninja walks further*

  • The Pinky Ninja December 24, 2012, 7:48 PM

    Guys, I gotta go but enjoy Part One.
    Ninjago Kids!
    Christmas Special: Part One
    Sally: It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!
    Sally and Nick jump on Mom’s and Dad’s bed.
    Mom: Huh? Oh, kids, why don’t you go downstairs and get around the Christmas tree?
    Nick: Okay! Come on Sally! It’s time to open our presents!
    The kids run downstairs as Mom and Dad slowly follow.
    Nick: Huh? What happened to our tree?
    Sally: That’s less important. More important, where’s our PRESENTS?!
    Dad: Kids, there’s a draft in the room. Did one of you open the door?
    Everyone looks around for the breeze and separate.
    Mom: AHH! Somebody he-
    Dad: Honey… Are you okay?
    Dad heads off to the dining room.
    Dad: Kids! Run aw-
    Sally: Nick, what’s happening?
    Nick: I don’t know. I’m gonna check it out. Stay-
    Sally: Wait! I wanna come with you. I don’t wanna be left alone.
    Nick: Come on.
    Nick and Sally went into the dining room and saw something.
    Sally: Is that a…a…a… SERPENTINE!
    Nick: No! It’s a…a…a… GROUP OF SERPENTINES!
    Scales: Hello kiddiesss.
    Nick and Sally: AHHH!
    Nick and Sally run away upstairs to Nick’s room and lock the door.
    Sally: What was that?!
    Nick: Those are Serpentines! Where are the ninjas when you need them?
    On the Bounty…
    Lloyd: Come on! Give me your best shot!
    The ninjas fight Lloyd just to see him fail once more.
    Back at the house…
    Scales: Come out, come out from where ever you are.
    Nick: Don’t make a single sound.
    Scales hit the door with his staff.
    Sally: Ahh!
    Scales open the door.
    Scales: Hello my sssecret weaponsss.
    Sally: Um, what does he mean?
    Nick: Remember Thanksgiving and the robbers?
    Sally: Ohh…
    Scales grab the kids and bring them downstairs.
    Scales: Load them on the helicopter.
    Constrictai General: Hello little onesss. Time for the fight of your life.
    Nick: Ninja-
    Constrictai General whacks Nick with his staff.
    Constrictai General: Quiet punk.
    Sally: Wait! Where’s Mom and Dad?
    Scales: Don’t worry. When you defeat the ninja, we’ll release them.
    Sally: Ninjago!
    Sally beats up Scales as Nick uses the distraction to beat up the Constrictai General.
    Part Two shall come tomorrow and it might be finished on the 26th.
    See ya guys tomorrow.
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO WISHING FOR PRESENTS LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 8:03 PM


    • Julianne December 24, 2012, 8:39 PM

      Hi! Can’t wait for tomorrow! Anyways I won’t be on for the rest of night,but I might sneak on here. Merry Christmas Eve!

  • DeeDee(Purple Ninja of Life) December 24, 2012, 9:42 PM

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE GUYS!!!!!!. :mrgreen: I am gonna make a simple, quick Christmas special in say…10-20 minutes. Spund good? Well PEACE NINJA!!!!!

  • DeeDee(Purple Ninja of Life) December 24, 2012, 10:26 PM

    Ninjago Christmas Special
    (PS: I’m doing this ASAP so I’m only gonna use characters that I know from the top of my head. So sorry if your not in it. And this is when Hope and Malorn were just kids so ENJOY!!!)
    Hope: Mom? Mom? Mom? How much longer?
    DiDi: *kinda laughs* Soon Hope. Just- *looks at watch* 5 hours till it’s Christmas Day.
    Cole: And yout gonna be asleep by then.
    Hope: Aaaawww.
    KiKi: *knocks on the door* Anyone here? I know you guys are here
    Cole: It’s open.
    Kai: *comes in* Hey guys.
    Hope: Uncle Kai! *hugs him*
    Kai: *laughs* Hey Hope.
    KiKi: Have the others come?
    Cole: No your the first one’s here.
    Jay: *comes in* Ah shoot!! I wanted to be first.
    Nya: *laughs* Hi guys.
    Kai: Hey sis.
    KiKi: I still see the mouth of lightning is still speedy.
    Jay: Well you know with my new invention, Christmas Decorating, getting the gifts for you guys, oh and-
    Cole and Kai: Okay!
    DiDi: Still a chatter box.
    GiGi: *comes in* Hello.
    Hope: Auntie GiGi! Where’s Uncle Zane?
    Zane: I’m right here.
    Hope: Yaaaay!!!!!!
    Jay: *smells* Wait…Zane dix you bring…COOKIES!?!?
    Zane: Yes? Why wouldn’t I?
    Kai: Can we have them now!?
    Zane: Maybe later. For now, lets eait for the others.
    Lloyd: Sup guys!!!
    Kai,Jay,Zane,and Cole: Lloyd!!!!
    Lloyd: Yes. That’s my name.
    Tori: *laughs* Merry Christmas Eve!!
    Hope: Merry Christmas!!!
    DiDi: Well-wait….where’s Brandon and Julie? I thought they said they were coming soon.
    Cole: They should be here-
    Brandon: Did you start without me!?
    Cole: Now.
    Julie: Hey guys!
    Malorn: Hello.
    Kai: Hi Brandon. Hi Julie.
    KiKi: NOW are we all here? *lays down on the couch* This is getting boring.
    GiGi: According to my calculations we can.
    Jay: Then lets get this started!!!
    That night………
    *Everyone is asleep downstairs and the fireplace is crackling*
    Hope: *yawns* Hm?
    Malorn: Hope? You awake?
    Hope: *nods her head* Yes? What are you doing?
    Malorn: Trying to spot santa before he notices we’re awake.
    Hope: Can I help?
    Malorn: Oh course. *looking out the window*
    Hope: *yawns and about to doze in a sleep*
    Malorn: Hope wakr up. *shakes her*
    Hope; Oh. Thanks. *notices its starting to snow*
    Malorn: Look its snowing.
    Hope: What? But it never snows here.
    Malorn: Could be Jack Frost.
    Hope: *sarcasm* Suuure.
    Malorn:*wide eyed* Hope look.
    Hope: *looks and sees golden sand around them*
    Malorn: What is it?
    Hope: Sandman?
    Malorn: It couldn’t…but…
    *bag falls in the chimney*
    Hope and Malorn; Santa!!!
    *Santa comes out from the chimney and sees them awake*
    Hope: Whoops.
    Malorn: Uuuhh…hehe…umm.
    Santa Clause: *laughs* Its okay. Just fake sleep *winks*
    Malorn and Hope; *nods amd pretends to sleep*
    Santa: *chuckles and leaves presents and goes up the chimney*
    Hope: *opens one eye* He’s gone.
    Malorn: *opens his eyes* Woah look at the presents!!!
    Hope: Sweet!!! Wait….look outside! *sees Santa’s sleigh*
    Malorn: Come on! *grabs his jacket and runs outside*
    Hope; *grabs her jacket and scarf and follows* Wait for me!!
    Malorn: *runs in the snow and runs into someone* Oww.
    ????: Sorry kid.
    Malorn: Its oka- woah….
    Hope: Malorn wait for m-….J-J-J-Jack Frost?
    Jack: *nods* Shh. I need to head off. Enjoy your snow. Your family deserves it. *leaves*
    Malorn: What in the world?
    Hope: We saw Santa.and Jack Frost!!!!
    Malorn:I know!!!
    Hope: We should head inside. *walks through the snow*
    Malorn: Yeah. *follows*
    Hope: *walks in and sees Sandman* Ah!
    Malorn: What? *seez him too* Woah!!
    Sandman: *smiles and waves*
    Hope and Malorn: *wide eyed and waves back*
    Sandman: *looks at their parents and signals them to be quiet*
    Hope and Malorn: *nods and sits on the couch*
    Sandman; *makes gold sand comes from his hands and blows it softly in their faces*
    Hope and Malorn: *fall immediately asleep*
    Sandman: *smiles and leaves*
    That Morning………
    Malorn: *wakes up and sees the present* It’s Christmas!!!!!!
    Hope: *wakes up immediately* What?
    Brandon: *wakes up* Huh? What’s going on?
    DiDi: *rubs her eyes* Its Christmas.
    Hope: *looking through the presents* They’re so many!!!
    Jay: *wakes up as well* Wow. There is a lot.
    Malorn: *sees a note* Hops look.
    Hope: What? *grabs the other end of the note*
    Note: Dear Hope and Malorn,
    Glad you guys saw us Guardians. Just giving this note to you to say that you two are not allowed to talk about what hapoened last night. Alright? Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your dreams and Have fun.
    Mr.C, Sandy, anf Jack F.
    Hope: Woah…
    Malorn: I know.
    Hope: That’s so cool!!!
    Julie: What’s so cool?
    Hope: Oh…just today. Being Christmas!!
    Cole: Happy you guys are gonna enjoy it.
    Kai: Well aren’t they gonna open presents?
    Hope and Malorn: YAAAY!!!!! *grabs a present each*
    Jay: Gotta love the Holiday’s.
    Nya: I know right.
    Tori: Is it snowing outside???
    Lloyd: Holy moly it is!!!
    KiKi: DiDi. I thought you said it doesng snow here.
    DiDi: And it doesn’t.
    Hope: Its a christmas miracle!!!
    GiGi: Well didn’t you wish for a White Christmas DiDi?
    Zane: I have that recording.
    DiDi: *laughs* Yeah. But I didn’t think I would get it.
    Jay: Well what are we waiting for?
    Lloyd: *opens the door and runs outside* Come outside! Its amazing!!!
    *Everyone runs outside and plays in the snow*
    Malorn: This is the best Christmas EVER!!
    Hope: You said it!!!! *starts a snowball fight*
    The End…
    Well I hope you guys enjoyed my Fast, yet pretty good X-mas story. I did include some Rise of the Guardians in this. Best movie EVER!!!! So hope you enjoyed it. PEACE NINJA!! And may your Christmases be white!! :mrgreen: Unlike mine.

    • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 24, 2012, 10:52 PM

      ^^ LOVE IT!! Nice Guardians reference. 😉

  • ninjagirl December 24, 2012, 11:15 PM

    Woo! Awesome!

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    Amber 😀

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    Merry Christmas ninja! I’m gonna do a Christmas special today! Then get back to my story.

  • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 1:08 PM

    WW4 (F.N) Part.15
    (In Inc.’s fort) Filtiarn: Oh, how touching; NOW PREPARE T-“ Kiyiya hit Filtiarn upside the head. Kiyiya: It’s about time I did that.” Andra hugged Nathan and Nathan gave a weak smile. Nathan: Andra, I l-love-“ Andra: NO, NATHAN; d-do- DON’T DIE!!!” (Outside Inc.’s throne room) Dride: The door won’t budge!” Neil: Use your sword then.” Dride: Oh no, not again; please!” Neil: USE IT!” Dride” ALLRIGHT.” Dride took out the liers Sword. liers Sword: Yes master?” Dride: Open these doors.” liers Sword: Yes sir.” Inc.’s doors opened, as Dride’s arm turned to stone. Dride: AHHHH, stone arm!!!!” Queen INC: SAR! There are here!” Great Sar: Then deal with them my Queen, and prove to your people that you are strong.” Neil: I will avenge my brother, and if I have to I’ll KILL YOU!” Queen INC: So be it!” Queen INC. turned into a bunch of bat and flew over to Neil, were she then turned into a warrior. Queen INC.: HA, how do you like me now!!!?” Neil: Not impressed.” (In Inc.’s fort) Andra: Nathan I-I never told you, how much I loved you. Please, PLEASE, come back to me!” Aulta: Do you love him enough to give him your life?” Andra: YES!” Aulta: Then… I will, and I can help you.” Aulta turned to light. Andra looked at Nathan then were Aulta once was; then at Nathan again. Andra: Nathan?” Andra closed her eyes and cried softly. Nathan whipped a tear off Andra’s cheek. Andra: NATHAN!!!” Nathan: Andra, don’t cry; I love you.” (Inc.’s throne room) Queen INC.’s fingernail turned to ice and she slashed out at Neil. Arely took out a sword. Delvin: No Arely, this is Neil’s fight.” Neil took out his greatsword, but Queen INC. stepped on his foot and nocked Neil to the ground. Queen INC.: NOW YOU DI-“ Queen INC had an arrow sticking out of her chest and she turned to ash; behind the ash pile was Andra and Nathan. Neil: BROTHER!!” Delvin: I thought you died.” Nathan: Well I still stand.”
    (Good side)
    And so all was well unfortunately Queen Adimn’s army had to wait until T.V’s were invented.
    Nathan and Andra married within a year and had two beautiful young daughters and one son.
    Arely spends most of her time training others to use weapons. She is also thinking that Neil will propose to her soon.
    Dride lost his arm during a sword fight with Arely, so he now spends most of his time studying dragons and magical items.
    Kaylie now trains hawks to carry mail, and secretly sneaks away to study magic with Delvin.
    Angela studies poison with Zang-Kal.
    Katrina married Silver later on, after she accidently smacked Silver in the face with her flail.
    Wiz Khalifa now owns a potion shop with Delvin and Didi.
    Audra works as an assistant for Sasuto who now owns a weapon shop.
    Liz carries the now endangered art of magic enforced arrows; she has now taught this art to Jackie and many others including Didi and Wiz Khalifa.
    Kayla trains wardogs with Miguel and Luke. Occasionally she sneaks over to Sasuto to make her own wardog weapons.
    Not much is known about Joseph except that he still lives somewhere out there in the world.

    (Bad side)
    Chalk later died with an Arrow to the knee.
    Nothing is known about Quonn or where she is or may be.
    The Great Sar’s inelegance with Queen INC. is over sense she died. Now he roams free in his true form; a celestial water dragon.

    • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 1:17 PM

      I got the ninjago season 1 DVD 🙂 also I got a wolf shirt and the wolf is FLAMING!!!! I also got a drago=wolf shirt too! Merry Christmas people and enjoy your WW4 ending!!!

      • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 1:20 PM

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        Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! 😛 🙂 😀 :mrgreen:

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    Hey guys! Merry Christmas!! AMAZINGLY AWESOME special DeeDee! And AMAZINGLY AWESOME finale Wolfgirl! I’m gonna work on Part Two of my special but it won’t be up for a while. See ya guys soon!
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO WRITING LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

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        Still Grounded.
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        P.S. AMAZINGLY AWESOME special ninjagirl!

  • ninjagirl December 25, 2012, 1:57 PM

    Cole : Hey Ming-Ling it’s Christmas and you’re my girlfriend so what’s my present?
    Ming-Ling : Oh, your present? It’s something special?
    Cole : Where is it?
    Ming-Ling : It’s, uh, here?
    Cole : Why are you asking everything in questions?
    Ming-Ling : Wait here.
    *Julie’s room*
    Ming-Ling : Girls I need help! I didn’t bought Cole a present!
    Yang : You didn’t give Cole a present?! This is bad!
    Ming-Ling : I know! What kind of girlfriend am I?!
    Julie : *opens mouth*
    Ming-Ling : Don’t say it.
    Kitana : Remember that song you sang for An-Yi last year? He liked it.
    Ming-Ling : Yes! Let’s go!*grabs girls*
    *living room*
    Ming-Ling : Here’s your present Cole!
    Cole : 😀
    Ming-Ling’s version of Christmas song (rock) :
    *Megan plays guitar, Julie plays bass, Yang on drums, Kitana bass*

    What’s a partridge? And what’s a pear tree? Well I don’t know so please don’t ask me but I can bet those are terrible gifts to give

    On the 12th day of Christmas a ninja gave to me 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree

    What’s a partridge? What’s a pear tree? Well I don’t know so don’t even ask me but those are terrible gifts to give
    *song ends*

    Cole : That was awesome!
    Ming-Ling : 😀
    Cole : Now where’s my present?
    Ming-Ling : *drops microphone* I hate Christmas.*walks away*
    Cole : Wait! That’s was my present?! Ming-Ling come back!

    • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 4:16 PM

      😆 FUNNY!!!

  • DeeDee(Purple Ninja of Life) December 25, 2012, 3:09 PM

    Happy Holiday’s Guys!!!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas!! Anyway, I will be posting some stories a little more often cause I’m on Break!!!! 😀 Well PEACE NINJA!!! Have an awesome day!!!

  • ninjagirl December 25, 2012, 5:39 PM

    Stone 1 : *mumbling*
    *spy music plays*
    Nick : *signal ‘move forward’*
    Sally : *cartwheeled to a corner*
    Abby : *tries to do a cartwheel but instead*
    Boom! Boom! Crash! Smash!
    Abby : Whoops!
    Dragon 1 : Hey what are you kids doing here?!
    Nick : *throws rock*
    Dragon 1 : I see stars! *falls*
    Kids : Whew!
    *Kids runs*
    Dragon 2 : Margaret told us to carry this plan this is where it’s all gonna happen.
    Dragon 3 : Where?
    Dragon 2 : The secret location where–
    Kids : *gasps*
    Dragon 2 : Did you hear something?
    *kids hide*
    Sally : (whispers) We need to get those plans.
    Nick : Should we use the trick we used at the orphanage?
    Girls : *smiles*
    Dragon 3 : So first we–
    Sally : Hey lizard losers!
    Dragons : Huh?
    Sally : *puts sand in their eyes*
    Dragons : It Burns! It Burns!
    Abby : *grabs plans*
    Nick : *trips them*
    Dragon 3 : We got beaten by little kids!
    Abby : Put a sock in it!*puts sock in their mouths*
    Dragons : Mell! *”help”*
    *some corner*
    Megan : Where were you kids?!
    Nick : Shhh! We got plans from dragons.
    Megan : *reads plans* This is what there planning to do?
    Sally : Yes, I don’t know we didn’t read them.
    Megan : I know this location. This is where me and Kitana met.*folds paper and puts it in pocket*
    Margaret : Well, well looks like the spider caught the fly.
    Abby : Run!
    Margaret : *throws fire booms*
    Nick : Keep running! Keep running!
    Megan : This way!*run to the left*
    Sally : Dead end!
    Margaret : Come out, come out where ever you are! Found you!
    Margaret : What the?!
    *they were gone*

    Rain forest

    Nick : What are we waiting for? Let’s just dig a hole and hide in it before that messed up Margaret come and finds us.
    Megan : I don’t get it, this is supposed to be the location.
    Nick : *looks around* Maybe you messed up. Ahem. *screaming* (Yelling) SOMEONE GET US OUT OF HERE PRONTO BEFORE WE DIE OF THIRST!!!*breathes heavily* DIE OF SODA!!!*breathes heavily*ENERGY DRINK!!!*breathes heavily*
    *Nick runs into cactus*
    Nick : *screams in pain*
    Sally : Dorky found something.
    Abby : A cactus? Why would a cactus be here?
    Megan : Dragons are D-U-M-B.*slices Cactus with sword*

    • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 7:37 PM

      😆 awsome! 😀

  • The Pinky Ninja December 25, 2012, 6:04 PM

    Here’s the last of my Christmas Special.
    Ninjago Kids!
    Christmas Special Part Two
    After Nick and Sally beat up Skales and the Constrictai General, Nick calls the Bounty.
    Lloyd: This is the Bounty. What do you need?
    Nick: Sally! Tie them up! Sorry about that, we kinda have a problem here. Lloyd: What is it?
    Nick: Sally! Did you tie up the Serpentines good?!
    Sally: Yeah!
    Lloyd: Um, you have Serpentines over there?
    Nick: Uh, yeah-
    Sally: Give me the phone.
    Sally grabs the phone from Nick.
    Sally: Look Lloyd, we have two Serpentine Generals here that tried to kidnap us. Are you gonna come over and help us or not?
    Lloyd: Okay. Where are you?
    Sally told Lloyd where they are and hang up.
    Nick: Come on, let’s get some info from the snakes.
    Sally: You ask and I keep a look out.
    Nick: For what?
    Sally: The Bounty of course. And when you ask questions, make sure Skales doesn’t hypnotize you.
    Nick: Got it.
    Nick asked the Serpentines some questions but nothing came out of their mouths while Sally tells the ninjas that just arrived where the Serpentines were.
    Jay: You did that yourself?
    Sally: No! Go get the Serpentines before something bad happens.
    Kai: Come on guys, let’s get them.
    The ninjas follow Sally up to Nick’s room ready to fight when they see Nick beating them up asking them for answers.
    Sally: Have anger issues lately?
    Nick: What? No, it’s just that they won’t say anything.
    Sally: Where’s our Mom and Dad?!
    Sally raises her fist.
    Nick: Don’t bother. Let’s go. We’ll find them on our own.
    Cole: You guys don’t want our help?
    Nick: No. Sally, let’s go.
    Zane: But-
    Sally and Nick: Ninjago!
    Sally and Nick have black ninja suit on and run away.
    Lloyd: Guys, don’t worry, we’re gonna run into them another day.
    Jay: And how do you know that Oh Wise One?
    Lloyd: Are you even paying attention? They have ninja suits on.
    Jay: Heh, heh.
    The ninjas put the Generals in Jail while Nick and Sally approach one of the Serpentines’ Tomb.
    Nick: Are you sure?
    Sally: Yeah, something told me to come here.
    Nick: Let’s go find Mom and Dad.
    The kids head inside and find Mom and Dad.
    Mom: Kids! Quickly, untie us.
    The kids untie their parents and are about to leave.
    Pythor: How sssweet. OW!
    Nick threw a metal spear without touching it and had it hit Pythor’s head.
    Pythor: My eyes! I can’t see!
    Sally flicked her hand and had sand go in Pythor’s eyes. The kids and parents run back home and find the tree and presents back where they belong.
    Sally: What’s this?
    Sally picks up the note.
    Sally: “Dear kids, we found this outside and gave it back. Merry Christmas! Don’t worry, the snakes are gonna be alright. From, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Lloyd P.S. We’ll meet again.”
    Nick: Forget about it. Let’s open our presents!
    The family open their presents while the ninjas open theirs.
    At the Jail…
    Skales: I told you not to let your guards down!
    Constrictai General: Sorry… Merry Christmas!
    Skales: Bah Humbug!
    The End!
    Hope you enjoyed my special! 😉
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO MISSING IN ACTION LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • ninjagirl December 25, 2012, 6:13 PM

    Awesome pinky!

    • The Pinky Ninja December 25, 2012, 6:33 PM

      You too ninjagirl!
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
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    Awsome stories people! We have tornado warning down were I live 🙁 It’s not a merry Christmas for some 😥
    Oh I got a whole bunch of music! Well, hope everyone had a good time, and a merry Christmas (unlike me 😕 ) My Christmas was Merry and I got almost everything that I wanted; but it dosen’t feel like Christmas here 🙁
    Well Be prepared for more R-a-n-d-o-m Funny and my new stories! Oh, and MY BACK HURTS!!! 😡 😥

  • Wolfgirl December 25, 2012, 7:51 PM

    R-a-n-d-o-m Funny Short. Jay: Duck *touches Zane*” Zane: I’m ot a duck.” Jay: Duck 🙂 *touches Kai*” Kai: Umm?” Jay: Duck 😛 *touches Cole*” Cole: i don’t need to-” Jay: Duck 😀 *touches Nya*” Nya: Umm, what are you doing?” Jay: GOOSE :mrgreen: *Touches Sensei Wu (Who is asleep)” Sensei Wu: (Snoooore)” Jay: 🙁 awww, I thought he would turn into a goose 😥 “

  • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 25, 2012, 8:11 PM

    😆 a goose oh jay quiet a joker

  • ninjagirl December 25, 2012, 8:28 PM

    Wait a go sensei you feel asleep during the game 9_6

  • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 3:58 AM

    Merry Christmas!
    LEGO Ninjago mC fUnNy Episode 1: The wrestling champions

    Replaced By Legends of Chima…
    Nya: Of course not!
    Ninjago : Masters of Spinjitzu are coming back in 2014!!!
    Jay: Yeah,yeah…We heard that a hundred times,Sensei!
    Sensei Wu:Let me continue my story.So,not only season 4 but also hopefully mC fUnNy storylined shorts.
    Kai:Did anyone hear My little Pony new season is this week?
    Lloyd: Umm… DId you say …
    Sensei Wu: Ninja,i just found a wrestling championship advertisement and i would like to taake…pla-
    Kai:Me too!
    Zane: There is a 79% chance the two top derbies will be John Cena vs Jeff Hardy and Undertaker vs Randy Orton(Better, Don’t search up on google if youre not 16+)
    Cole: I’ve got a ticket for Cena’s match!
    Sensei Wu:No,i meant take place,not watch.
    Lloyd: Come on! I’m a big Jeff Hardy’s fan!
    Cole: John Cena is much better!
    Zane: There is a 62% chance Undertaker will win.
    Cole: But in 2006 John Cena beated him and others in less than 11 minutes!
    Sensei Wu: Enough!
    Kai:Don’t talk like the Undertaker (Possibly scariest wrestler ever.)!!!
    Lord Garmadon: The Miz should be in the top derbies!
    Lloyd:(Watching TV) Go,Jeff Hardy!
    Cole:What?It already begun? Why did i bought the tickets!
    Sensei Wu: Roaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!
    TV: We stop the wrestling match for breking news:
    Sensei Wu rocked the house!!!
    Will the ninja survive?
    If yes, will they watch the wrestling match happily?
    To Be Continued…
    Was it funny?

    • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 3:59 AM

      Well,will the ninja survive?

  • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 7:38 AM

    Umm…Wolfgirl…sorry for copying ideas but can i take on WW5 – LEGO vs Megablocks? ( WW3 and 4 not mine) (Mine idea: LEGO vs Megablocks)

    • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 7:40 AM

      (Just in case you accept)

      • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 26, 2012, 11:53 AM

        Actually sasuto i was the one who wanted to start ww3 wolfgirl is the one who was writing the story and she continued with ww4

        • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 12:19 PM

          That means i should ask you! do you let me?

          • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 26, 2012, 3:03 PM

            If youll like have fun 😉

  • The Pinky Ninja December 26, 2012, 10:49 AM

    Hey guys! Good Morning! It’s like 10:50pm, 9:50pm, 8:50pm and 7:50pm. Well, AMAZINGLY AWESOME stories guys! If anyone wants a sneak peek of my next special for New Year, you better email me at thepinkyninja@gmail.com Let me know before December 28 which is two days from now. I’m gonna try to work on it but I have to do errands first. Bye for now! 😉
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO ERRANDS LAND! 😀 😛 😉 🙁 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

    • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 12:16 PM

      the AMAZINGLY AWESOME stories scontain my mC fUnNy episode 1? 😕

      • The Pinky Ninja December 26, 2012, 12:39 PM

        Yeah! AMAZINGLY AWESOME means the best out of the best. That includes you and Wolfgirl!
        Still Grounded.
        TEAM LEO!
        Team Baconknights!
        GONE TO ERRANDS LAND! 😀 😛 😉 🙁 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Wolfgirl December 26, 2012, 12:22 PM

    Um Sasuto, You can take on WW5 but just don’t include Andra, Delvin, or Nathan 😉
    B.T.W I’m for both lego AND megablocks, in fact I have both in my house 😕

  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 26, 2012, 12:25 PM

    I’ve got a late Christmas present for y’all.. The profile of my new story!!! 😀

    • Wolfgirl December 26, 2012, 12:28 PM

      profile 😕 😯 wait a minute! 😎 😀

      • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 26, 2012, 12:40 PM

        CURSE YOU AUTOCORRECT. I meant prologue!!! SORRIES. 😆

  • The Pinky Ninja December 26, 2012, 1:48 PM

    Kayla, I have a question for you. What is your email? I can’t seem to email you anymore. It’s weird cause it says that your email doesn’t exist anymore. Please tell me why!
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!
    GONE TO ERRANDS LAND! 😀 😛 😉 🙁 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • ninjagirl December 26, 2012, 2:55 PM

    Zane : Jay, when wil–
    Jay : *snoring*
    Zane : Jay wake up!
    Jay : I’m up!
    Zane : Don’t fall asleep, please.*turns*
    Jay : Sorry it’s just so–*gone*
    Zane : Jay?*gone too*
    Cole : Kai what–*gone*
    Kai : Cole? Cole! Cole this better not be a joke where you jump out on me.*gone*

    Rain forest

    Drip. Drip. Drip. *drops of water falling*
    Abby : This cavern is all…wet.
    Megan : Rain? Forest? Get a clue?
    Abby : I guess.
    Nick : *wiping sweat* It’s getting hot.
    Sally : I hear….
    Sally : Lava!
    *Megan carrying kids on her back and started running fast before the molten lava could reach them, she stopped at a dead end*
    Megan : *looks up at an opening*
    *Megan creates a tall column and reaches the top in time*
    Nick : That was close.
    Sally : Wait, if it were a meeting in that place why would there be lava to kill us?
    Megan : This whole thing was a trap.
    *Dragons grab them*
    Margaret : That’s right Megan.*knocks them out*

    Ninjago city

    Margaret : You thought you ninja could beat me?! Don’t you know how many times we beat you?! Just give up.
    Kai : No. Heroes don’t give up ever. Even in the hands of our enemies.
    *ACONDA sitting on the highest throne*
    ACONDA : *looks at them angrily*
    Margaret : *looks at him*
    ACONDA : *raises hand*
    Margaret : Well I would love to stay and chat but you have no time left. Ready your arrows! *moves back to where ACONDA was*
    *dragons fire arrows*

    • The Pinky Ninja December 26, 2012, 3:00 PM

      NOOOOO! Why?! I want to know what happens next! By the way, it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! I can’t wait for the next one! 😉
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO MISSING IN ACTION LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:

  • Sasuto December 26, 2012, 3:38 PM

    Well, i need Lego AND Megablocks characters for WW5 (LEGO VS MEGABLOCKS).
    I will need this information in your bios:
    Side (LEGO or Megablocks)
    Theme(any REAL theme of the 2 sides,active or even discounted themes)

    • Ninja girl (ninja of power) December 26, 2012, 4:04 PM

      twin swords
      what ever postion youll like
      shy, smart, fast, strong, loves jokes, sneaky, uses magic powers, and sometimes talks to the enemy like if their my friends(you can add the talk to enemy if you want)

  • The Pinky Ninja December 26, 2012, 5:41 PM

    Guys, you know how you hate it that Ninjago was stopped and Chima is gonna replace it? Well, I’m gonna actually give it a try cause it kinda sounds cool. I just saw the trailer for it. Just had to tell you guys that. 😉 Not doing my sign cause I’m too lazy to do it know. Heh, heh.
    P.S. Chima is about 4 peaceful leaders but something bad happened and they turn their backs against each other. Then they start a battle to be ruler of the land of Chima. That’s what the commercial told me.

  • ninjagirl December 26, 2012, 6:58 PM

    *arrows were pouring down like rain, Kai closed his eyes and prepared for the worst*
    Kai : >.o
    *Kitana grab the arrow that almost hit Kai*
    ACONDA : *looks angrily*
    Margaret : *points forward*
    *the army charges forward, when they started charging she got black leather gloves that her father gave her, it can transform to any weapon she need, it transformed into a laser shooter hitting every dragon in the front*
    ACONDA : *looks at Margaret*
    Margaret : Argh! Sent the Mega!
    *The Mega was a powerful dragon warrior(robot also), 10 ft tall, it swung it’s gigantic sledge hammer*
    ACONDA : *evil smile*
    Ninja : That’s got to hurt!
    *Mega raises hammer but nothing was there*
    Mega : Huh?
    *Kitana holding on to the hammer and grabs her weapon*
    *The Mega was defeated, Kitana went to the center of the army, she kicked one of the dragon’s face then another’s, one of the gloves got a sword the other was the same weapon she used*
    *music stops*
    Clang! Smash! Boom! Crash! Pow! Wack! Smack! Ka-blam!
    Margaret : *makes fists*
    Margaret : SEND THE ALPHA!!!
    *Alpha comes (2× stronger than Mega)*
    Alpha : *tries to crush Kitana*
    *luckily Kitana was quick and moved back*
    Alpha : RRRROOOAAARRR!!! *tries again*
    Kitana : *slides under Alpha*
    *Alpha makes an earth wave, Kitana running towards Alpha she was trying to get to ACONDA. The Alpha swallowed Kitana*
    ACONDA : *his eyes were looking very closely to see if she’s done for*
    *the Alpha was defeated yet again by Kitana*
    *Alpha exploded, Kitana started jumping on the Alpha’s pieces and reached ACONDA finally, she made Kitana fan blades she knew her brother grew stronger than her when she died but that’s not going to let that stop her*
    ACONDA : *grabs his weapon*
    Megan : *gets out of chains* We have no time to waist! We must help Kitana!
    *the ninja rushes*
    *ACONDA and Kitana still fighting*
    ACONDA : Argh!
    *ACONDA makes a scar across Kitana’s arm*
    Kai : No! Kitana stop fighting!
    *Kitana ignores Kai*
    Kai : You’ll die!
    *Margaret stabs her arm*
    Kitana : Ah!*steps back*
    Wham!*ACONDA hits her*
    ACONDA : *pointing weapon*
    Kitana : *gets up*
    Kai : Kitana!
    *Kitana takes out dagger*
    Kitana : *exhales*
    *She grabs ACONDA, ACONDA struggles to get free from her hands, a light was glowing in the middle, she was gone along with the dragons and stones*

    • Wolfgirl December 26, 2012, 7:54 PM

      😕 she comes alive just to die agian! That’s just wrong, OH WAIT she just dissapeared 😕 that’s still weird.

  • Kayla (The Silver Ninja) December 26, 2012, 7:58 PM

    Hey!! 🙂 Well, since y’all wanted it, here’s the INTRO to my new Percy Jackson/Ninjago Crossover!!! 
    Episode 1 Prologue ^^ 
    Several millennia ago, long before time had a name, the Creator of Ninjago, created Ninjago with the help of the 4 Golden Weapons, as you already know. What you DON’T know is the Creator was a son of Athena. (the goddess of wisdom and the arts.) While many years later, being fascinated by Ninjago, its people, and its culture, the gods started to have children there. Very few (out of the very few to start with in the first place) are found and trained by a Sensei. And now, where we start our story, 3 of these very rare but powerful children are to be found. But do remember, dear reader, if you feel something stirring inside whilst reading this work of fiction, something similar as the characters are feeling, X out your computer window RIGHT NOW. For then, you are one of them. And if you are one of them, then it won’t be long until They find out too. And then, well, let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.
    Hope y’all enjoyed!!! 😀 <3 ^^ 
    ~Kayla (:

    • Wolfgirl December 26, 2012, 8:08 PM

      😛 :mrgreen: AWSOME it was Xtra awsome cause a C.S.I song was playing in my head 😛 😀

  • Wolfgirl December 26, 2012, 8:05 PM

    😎 I’m going to start two stories now. Ninjago Adventures ,and the MY story! The adventures are about the Ninja getting into trouble 🙄 like always, and they have to battle a Dark Nochiear (Nock-E-Air) Kimoto Dragon. A giant black/ silver/ red snake. Many dark anieiamas (Anna-me-us). Arris the half dark anieiama human. And of course an assissian named Margret 🙄
    Well did that sound fun to read? It sounded like 😯 awsome to me 😀 . Well I’m off to draw, Goodnight (Mabey)

  • ninjagirl December 27, 2012, 9:11 AM


    ACONDA : Where’s my army? What is this place?
    Kitana : You can find it easy. This what you wanted, to battle me.
    ACONDA : I’m surprised by your words you always were afraid to fight me.
    Kitana : I never had fear. It’s time for me to fight for freedom.
    ACONDA : So let it be. *grabs his weapon*

    Ninjago city

    Kai : Kitana!
    *Kai was too late, all of Ninjago turned normal like as if nothing happened*
    An-Yi : Kitana took her journey to fight her brother. She wanted it to be this way. They have to battle to the death.
    Kai : What?!
    An-Yi : She choose this to save many lives.
    Kai : It’s like-like if she wanted to die! What– Why couldn’t she just live for once instead of suffer what everyone pain is?!
    An-Yi : I tried to even tell her that but fighting her brother is her ultimate suffering.


    *ACONDA and Kitana sliding down chains*
    Clang! Clang! Clang!
    Kitana : *made a scar across ACONDA’s face*
    ACONDA : Argh!
    *knocks her off*
    Crash! Wham!
    Kitana : Ah!
    *ACONDA grabs chain and coils chain around her and pulls her towards him, it back fired. Kitana got her chance to hit ACONDA*
    Kitana : *kicks his face*
    ACONDA : *gets chain and flips her*

    Ninjago city

    Kai : What can we do?
    An-Yi : All we can do is hope and hope she’ll be alright.
    Kai : Hope.
    An-Yi : Yes she knew sometime will have to battle her brother she wanted everyone’s freedom from ACONDA cause she never had freedom.
    Kai. : I never knew.
    An-Yi : Her brother hunted her down every minute for them to finally fight. Her life was miserable until you came you taught her many things. To be honest I was jealous of you Kai. You were a better master, she will have to use all of what she learned to battle ACONDA.
    Kai : An-Yi, you think will she…die again?
    An-Yi : I have faith she will live.


    Slash! *ACONDA’s weapon almost hits Kitana*
    Kitana : *backflips and draws her Kitana fan blades*
    *they both charge at each other*
    ACONDA : *kicks her face 3 times in a row*
    *Kitana knocks ACONDA through a broken down mansion through a window*
    ACONDA : *shakes off pain*
    Kitana : *knocks him through a door*
    ACONDA : *gets sword and goes close to Kitana*
    Kitana : *eyes wide open*
    *Kitana’s weapon hit ACONDA instead*
    *ACONDA going to the edge of the mansion before he fell down he got Kitana’s leg for Kitana to fall down with him*
    Kitana : *hold on to edge of mansion*
    Creeeek! Crash!
    *where Kitana and ACONDA landed*
    ACONDA : *gasps for air, looks at Kitana* Sweet dreams sister. *limping to get to his army*
    The end
    Kitana : *flaming blue eyes*
    …or is it?

    This is my season finally. Probably sounded weird at the end but I hoped you liked it anyways. Wait until next season, things get shocking!

    • Julianne December 27, 2012, 12:14 PM

      Epic season finale! Can’t wait to read what happens in your new season! 😉

      • Wolfgirl December 27, 2012, 2:00 PM

        YAY! That was awsome! 😀

  • ben (blue ninja of invisibility) December 27, 2012, 9:38 AM

    I might not be able to make the Christmas special. I have a new account and it doesn’t have Notepad.

  • Sasuto December 27, 2012, 1:36 PM

    My email is savvasdiakos@hotmail.com
    Just so you’ll know.

  • Wolfgirl December 27, 2012, 2:25 PM

    I get to do a preview, it’s about my new dragons (They don’t talk)
    Spark a blue dragon with sparkiling wings and a sea-blue tail; flew overhead with Jay on her back. Jay: Now steady… and… BACKFLIP!!!” Spark did a half backflip, but ended up flying upside down. Jay: AHH, NOT AGIAN!” Spark twisted her tail and her body followed, she landed next to the other Ninja. Cole: Better luck next time, Jay.” Jay: HEY, she’s getting better!” Nya: Well I think you did great.” Cole: Alright Spike let’s show them what We can do.” Kai: Not so fast, it’s Zane’s turn.” Zane: Alright.” Zane walked over to bliss a light blue dragon with dark blue wings and a blue tail. Bliss took off; she glided close to the ground. Zane: Alright, 3, 2, 1, Now Bliss!” Bliss did a spin around a rock and dived into a canyon. Zane: Now, rember what we practiced.” Bliss evaded upcomming rocks. When she was about to get out of the canyon she accidently hit a roch; sending er into the canyon wall. Ninja: OW!” Kai: That’s got to hurt.” Zane: ow. Well, come on girl; you did good.” Cole: ALRIGHT! It’s our turn!” Spike a brown dragon with dark black wing and a spikey tail growled with pleasure. Cole: OKAY!” Spike took off his tail hiting the ground to send him higher. Spike glided into the same canyon as bliss; but instead of avoiding the rocks spike smashed through them. Cole: He heh, bet that nature!” Cole got wacked in the face by a tree limb. Cole: Ow, okay I guess you can bet that.” Spike did a spin and exited the canyon where he hit his tail on the ground and turned around. Cole: See if you can bet that Kai!” Kai: I’LL SHOW YOU!” Flame a red dragon with orange wings that had yellow tips and a curvy spiked tail, was asleep. Kai: Flame.” Flame opened one eye then yawned. Kai: 😡 had enough sleep?” Kai tried to get on Flame; but Flame moved his wing blocking him. Kai: Flam, please let me ride you.” Flame growled then flew off. Kai: UG, 😡 when am I going to ride that stu-” Kai was hit by a rock and was knocked out.”

    Yep that’s all for today, now I have to draw and write and well, be very cold! 😀

  • ninjagirl December 27, 2012, 4:25 PM

    Awesome preview Wolf! It’s was also F-U-N-N-Y!!!!

    • Wolfgirl December 27, 2012, 5:38 PM

      😉 I try. 😆

  • ninjagirl December 27, 2012, 5:46 PM

    Here’s a sneak peak of my new season! :

    *Margaret got one of her twin swords and slapped Kitana with it*
    Kitana : *wipes blood*
    Margaret : *kicks her stomach*
    Kitana : *coughing*
    Margaret : *360° power hammer*
    Kitana : Argh!
    *Margaret throws her to a column and hold her down with boulders*
    Margaret : Don’t worry when I get out of here I’ll take care of Nick, Sally, and Abby.
    Kitana : *screams angrily, her scream broke the boulders*

    That’s all I could give you this season will start tomorrow. 😉

    • Wolfgirl December 27, 2012, 8:08 PM

      YAY! AWSOME AMAZING, *.* *^* *-* 😉

  • The Pinky Ninja December 27, 2012, 5:55 PM

    Hey guys! I just finished some of my winter homework. AMAZINGLY AWESOME stories guys! And ninjagirl, I can’t wait for your new season! I’m gonna work on my New Year special now. Email me at thepinkyninja@gmail.com if you want a sneak peek of my next special. By the way, Sasuto, I emailed you earlier. See ya guys later!
    Still Grounded.
    Team Baconknights!

  • Wolfgirl December 27, 2012, 8:14 PM

    You know what’s funny; I just Watched to first 2 Ninjago shows and when Samukai and Sensei wu fight Zane is stareing like this 😐 it’s a little weird 😕
    Anyway I guess I’ll be able to post my new story tommorow 😉

  • Ninjoey (the lego block head) December 27, 2012, 9:31 PM

    i’m realy sorry that i haven’t been working on my storys lately… i’ve been busy… please forgive me. Anyway, who wants me to write a story now?

    • The Pinky Ninja December 27, 2012, 9:33 PM

      Me! Didn’t see ya in a while ya know? Just glad you’re back. 😉 Not gonna do my sign now so you can see this post. 😉

  • ninjagirl December 27, 2012, 9:36 PM

    Me too Jo! Glad you’re back! 😉

  • Ninjoey (the lego block head) December 27, 2012, 10:05 PM

    only need one more vote for my story!

    • The Pinky Ninja December 27, 2012, 10:23 PM

      Does my friend Alice count? She goes on TBB too and likes the stories. Oh. My sign is below. See ya Ninjoey, a.k.a. Yeoj. Heh, heh.
      Still Grounded.
      TEAM LEO!
      Team Baconknights!
      GONE TO WRITING AND NETFLIX LAND! 😀 😛 😉 😆 😎 :mrgreen:
      P.S. Starting from “Still Grounded.” to “WATCH PRANKVSPRANK AND BFVSGF! PVPEEPS SAAAN!” , that’s my sign.

      • Ninjoey (the lego block head) December 27, 2012, 10:28 PM

        LOL! why dosen’t your friend make an account and write storys?(just an idea)

        • The Pinky Ninja December 27, 2012, 10:36 PM

          She’s not allowed to make an account. And just to let you know, her name isn’t Alice. Heh, heh. Not gonna do my sign cause I’m too lazy. Heh, heh.

  • Ninjoey (the lego block head) December 27, 2012, 10:40 PM

    sorry, no story today. my mom thinks i need to go to bed. BUMMER!!! sorry.

    • The Pinky Ninja December 27, 2012, 10:44 PM

      Me too. Bye… No sign now.

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